17 Clever Gifts Every Writer Will Want to Own

I’m not sure if I have posted this on here yet, but if I have then too bad. I love this post from Buzzfeed and I want everything on the list.

Have a look:


I want the bed side table notepad that lights up. The stickers, jar or prompts and even the cards.

Who doesn’t want anything on this if you are a writer. This is like birthday and Christmas present heaven for writers.

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15 Ways to Defeat Writers Block as told by published Authors

Buzzfeed has a link that my sister sent me at a really good time. I have been suffering an awful bout of writers block for the last few weeks for a number of reasons, reasons I won’t name because feels might get hurt. This link is great because if it happens to published authors than it is normal for me, right?

Anyway, here is the link:


There are some really good quote from writers, many that I have never heard of before, that are true and I don’t think they are helpful, but more reassuring that this happens to everyone.

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Sunflowers and Sunshine

I grow sunflowers. I don’t know why, but I do. At some point in the later part of last year I started growing things. First it was parsley, then basil, garlic, of course hundreds of weeds, but now I have sunflowers too. I don’t like playing in gardens, I hate getting dirty from the dirt, but for some reason puttering around the front garden right outside my bedroom window does something to me. I feel relaxed, I have a sore back at the end of it, but I’m relaxed too.

I had one sunflower that grew pretty fast, but then died even faster right in front of my eyes. It was a short sunflower, not the large kind you typically find in movies filling big sweeping plains of land. But it was my sunflower and I loved it to bits.


Now I have five new sunflowers all about to burst open. We have been getting this great amount of drizzling rain and just the right amount of sun at the moment that has been great to my sunflowers, they are growing like gangbusters and they look like they are about to open at any given moment. These ones are the large tall sunflowers, the ones you see in movies, and they are tall. I suspect them to be taller than myself, which isn’t a lot, I know, but they are tall and they swing greatly in the wind. Watching them from my bedroom window as I write, even as I write this, they are swaying to the wind. My father has just placed wooden sticks against them to help them stay straight, I’m scared that the extreme winds we are having at the moment is going to ruin them. I don’t want anything to happen to them other than grow. I worry about them, which is a little bit weird but that is who I am.

They are hypnotizing, they are peaceful, and they are serenity. Watching them gives me piece of mind, but is also encourages me, because when I look at them, they remind me of my potential and what I can achieve. They say writers should have hobbies other than reading, well I can’t always watch television even though I try to, so I guess gardening isn’t such a bad hobby to have.

When these five sunflowers burst open, I’ll take a photo and show you all.

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Sibling Rivalry

My sister and I have always been close, we were born close together and we even shared a room until we were teenagers, so we are as close as sisters can get. She is my big sister, even though sometimes I feel like I am more mature than she is and have to act like the big sister when that is her job.

But no matter how close we are or seem to be, there always seems to be one thing that sets us apart, attention for our mother.

My mother is a great mother, caring, loving, supportive and even though parents say that they don’t have favourites, it is very clear who my mother’s favourite is, and it is not me. She tries to play it cool and treat us the same, but there are some days where it is very clear whom she prefers over the other.

At the moment it is definitely not me.

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. My sister is not at home at the moment. She is doing university required placement two hours away from home for five weeks. My mother is over compensating in buying things for me and for her because of this and acts as though she is half a world away from her even though she is a 2 hour drive from her.


  1. Because my sister never has to go to the doctors, unlike me. I have three specialists that I have to see every 3 to 6 months that cost a lot of money and medication prescribed by them that cost more money, that always somehow affects my mother, as though she is the one being poked and prodded with personal and private questions from doctors all the time. And I have to see these doctors during my sister’s absence.

I can see it very clearly how different my mother treats the two of us, but my sister doesn’t. It has happened all my life, but now I am old enough to see it and it hurts.

I know she isn’t doing it on purpose, well I hope that she isn’t doing it on purpose because I work my arse off to make her happy by doing everything around the house whilst my sister literally does nothing around the house, and yet I am the one treated like crap.

Being treated like second best, like second rate sucks, it hurts from anyone who treats you like that, but it’s even worse when it comes from your own family.

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