Tip Tuesday



Tip Tuesday

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If all else fails, go and have a nap, because at least during that nap, you can’t make things worse.


Tip Tuesday

For this weeks Tip Tuesday I am going to do something a little bit different. This isn’t a writing or reading tip, but instead a cooking tip. You all know how much I like to bake so I’m going to start sharing some of my baking tips with you all.

Cook Books don’t always have it right, they do have mistakes in it, so read the recipe over and over again, and if it doesn’t make sense, listen to your gut because you could be right and the recipe could be wrong.

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Tip Tuesday

This week for Tip Tuesday I am going to head away from writing tips and shift over to cooking tips.

If a recipe calls for an ingredient to be at room temperature, it is usually wise to do as the recipe calls for. For something to come out of the fridge and reach room temperature, it usually takes 30-40 minutes.

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5 Tip for Getting out of a long-term reading slump

Courtesy of Book Riot! this new link has 5 great tips for anyone who has found that they haven’t read in a while and want to get back into the swing of things.


Try reading a favorite old book, see if a favorite author has a new book out, go to a library, pick a day just to read and read, and think about going digital – just some tips the link talks about.

Check it out and let me know if you call yourself a reader but find that you haven’t read in a while.

I do it all the time. If you look at a post of mine called ‘Reading Rest bite’ you will know what I mean.

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Reading Tips

Last week I told you about one of my favorite websites – Book Riot!

This week I am going to share with you an article that was posted to their website by Brenna Clark Gray, this time last year.

The title of the article is ‘40 Tiny Tasks For a Richer Reading Life‘ and attached is a link to the article itself.

I don’t know how I came across this particular article, I think it may have been on my Facebook feed, but because I am an avid reader and I know most of you guys are too, I thought that instead of keeping these tips and tricks to myself, I would share them all with you, in the hopes of making reading funner or easier for you or people you know.

Some of these tips aren’t very realistic and some of them age going to be hard to achieve, but there is one in particular that I thought was interesting: #33. Visit the grave of a dead author you adore. I badly want to do this – travel the world not for anything else but to visit houses and graves of authors I read and authors of course that I know of but haven’t read before. I think it would be nice to do that one day.

#35. Crack a spine. Go on. Do it. – is the funniest because I know my sister would hate this so much.

So go ahead and check this tips and recommendations out and let me know what you think of them and if there are any that you already do or are going to try and do.

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Book Riot and a good tip

There is a website I came across a few years ago when I was studying for university that I still go back and use and love to read all the time. It is called Book Riot. This is there link:


This website is a wonder for people who like to read and want to keep up to date with all things books from all over the world and it is also a great tool for writers. I like to use this website, not only for inspiration for my blog 🙂 but also for my writing.

From things like how to organise your bookshelves according to particular genres and authors and so on to things like what are the best young adult books to read before they turn into movies for a particular year.

I love this website and I think you guys will too. If you don’t already know about it, or do know about it, I would recommend that you all have a peruse on it and feel just how fun and joyful books can make people.

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