25 Gifts For the Die-Hard Outlander Fan

Hey hi,

Are you a fan of Outlander? Go on admit it, you know you are.

Well I have found some gifts that you might like to buy for yourself (you know you deserve it) or for someone you know who is a fan from based of the awesome show.

Check out this link:

25 Gifts For the Die-Hard ‘Outlander’ Fan

If I could I would buy everything on this list, wouldn’t you?



17 Books You Should Read If You Love Fairy Tales


Are you a book lover? Are you a fan of fairytales? Do you love fairytale rewrites?

Then here are some books you might want to get your hands on:


I know that I want some of these books on the list.

Which books do you want?

Have you read any of these books? Are they good?


36 Disney Products That’ll Totally Make Your Day


I have a great article for your Wednesday. If you are a fan of Disney than you are going to want to stick around as the article I have to share with you all this week is going to make you drool and take out your wallet.

Here it is:


So what are you going to buy?


24 Things All Young Adult Fans Are Sick of Hearing

Hello fellow reader,

Here is a Buzzfeed all you Young Adult book lovers are either going to love or hate:


Number 3 – “Aren’t you a little old to be reading that?” and Number 17 “You Read Too Much” are the worst things to be said to readers full stop.

Let me know what you think.


9 Dystopian Novels to Read While You Wait for the Next Episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale

Hey guys,

I hope your Wednesday is going well.

Well here is something to read to make it a bit more interesting for you all:


Even though I am yet to read or watch The Handmaid’s Tale (I’m old school and waiting for the DVD to come out to watch it), I really want to read some of the books on this list from Penguin Teen Australia.

I have already read Matched by Allie Condie and loved it. The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey was amazing and the movie wasn’t too bad either.

Let me know what you think.


11 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Looking For Alibrandi’

Hey guys,

“Looking for Alibrandi’ is kind of a big deal Young Adult book we have either read, watched on DVD or want to read.

But do you know everything about the famous book – check out this article from Buzzfeed that talks about the infamous book:


So what do you think?

Let me know.


The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter

Hello dear followers,

I wanted to share with all of you an article I found a while ago, but have only gotten around to reading it properly. And I am only sharing it now, because even though I have had the book on my shelf for a while, I think I am going to try and read it now.

The book is of course ‘The Black Witch’ by Laurie Forest. And here is the article.


You have a read and let me know what you think. Let me know if you have read the book or don’t want to read the book.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know people.


19 Magical Bookshops Every Book Lover Must Visit

Hello fellow readers,

Thanks for stopping by today. I have a new and exciting article that I have found from Buzzfeed that I think you are all going to love. It is about book shops around the world, magical and intriguing bookshops from around the world.

I love a good bookshop so here is the link, check it out here:


OMG! What a great list of bookshops!

Which ones do you want to go to? Have you visited any? If so are they just as great in real life?


What are morning pages? How one new habit changed my life.

Hey guys,

You know I like to share articles I find that I think are interesting and are of some value.

Well here is an article I found, written by a blog called Little Morning Fox. It is about morning pages, which I also do every morning too, so it is great to read about other people doing it and how they do it too.

Check it out here:


So what do you think?

Do you do morning pages? Are you thinking of doing morning pages now?


10 Mistakes I Made as a Debut Novelist

Hello fellow readers,

Last week I shared with all of a you an article from a writer from Lit Reactor about the right things to do when a debut author.

This week, I am going to share with all of you another article, from the same author, but this time it is about the mistakes she made as a debut author.

Check it out here:


It’s a pretty interesting list if you ask me, and I know that some of you are budding writers, so I hope this can help in some way.


10 Things I Did Right As a Debut Novelist

Hi Booknerdigans,

It’s Wednesday morning and I am getting stuck straight into this morning with an article written by Susan Defreitas about things she did right, according to her, as a debut novelist.

Check out the list here:


Here she lists 10 different things she did that she thinks has helped her since launching her book. It’s a pretty great list and I know some of you are buding authors, so maybe this article will help you in some way.



52 Stunning Tattoos Inspired By Books You’ll Want To Get Immediately

Hello booknerdigns,

It’s Wednesday morning and there is an article that came up on my Facebook feed that I wanted to share with all of you. It’s about tattoo, yes yes I know what you are all thinking, but these are bookish tattoo, and if you are like me, you have scrolled for hours on Instagram looking at bookish tattoos trying to work out which ones would be perfect for you.

So here is a list plus pictures thanks to Buzzfeed that you are all going to love:


How awesome are these?

Which one/s do you guys want because I know I want something like number #17. And there is even one tattoo inspired by Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Mist and Fury and it looks pretty great.

I love a book inspired tattoo.



Hey booknerdigan,

If some of you haven’t already worked out that I am Australia, than I think this article that I want to share with you all on this fine Wednesday will prove to you all that I am.

Here are according to Book Riot, the 100 Must-Read Australian Books:


So of the 100 books listed, I have only read 3 of them and they include:

  • The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas
  • The Secret Recipe for Second Chances by J.D. Barret
  • Selby’s Secret by Duncan Ball

I have however, heard or watched about 80% of the rest of the list.

Have you read any of these ‘Austrlian’ books?



Hey booknerdigan,

I have a new and interesting article I want to share with you all on his fine Wednesday. It’s all about using all of those unused notebooks we all buy, collect and hoard, never to be used.

So here are a few new ideas you could try out:


I do some of these mentioned ideas, such as morning pages and I love it.

Do you do any of these with your note books?


24 Bookshelves That Will Mildly Arouse Any Book Lover

Hey booknerdigans,

Here’s a cool article for all of you to read on this fine Wednesday. It’s all about bookshelf love.


If your bookshelf included in this post?

I recognise a few of them from some Instagram accounts I follow.

Do you follow any of these guys, or do you have a bookshelf at home worthy of being a part of this article?

Remember, you can follow me on Instagram to see my bookshelves and more here at @girlwithapen93. Follow me.