Best Young Adult Books of 2016 according to Readings

The year is almost over and the countdowns have begun. Everything from music, to television shows, episodes, movies, news events and the like. So have the top whatever for books have started to come out.

Here is a list of the top 10 Young Adult books for 2016 according to Readings:

The list contains:

  1. The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon
  2. Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley
  3. The Call by Peadar O Guilin
  4. My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier
  5. The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis
  6. The Boundless Sublime by Lili Wilkinson
  7. The Road to Winter by Mark Smith
  8. This Savage Song by V.E. Schewab
  9. Everything is Changed by Mova Weetman
  10. Gemina: The Illuminae Files_02 by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I have only read three books on this list, you can see which books they are by checking out my 2016 Reading List page which is just right above here.

Which books have you read that have made the list?

Do you agree with the list above?

Which books would you have put on this list?

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23 Awesome Mugs only Book Nerd will Appreciate

If you call yourself a book nerd, and admit it, you do, even if it just at home, we all do it, than you are going to want to read this list to add things to your Christmas list of things for people you know to buy for you.

It’s from Buzzfeed of course, but it is worth checking out, because it is awesome:

I want all of them. I don’t know where I would put them, but I know I want them all, or even most of them, or would be greatful for even just one of them for Christmas really.

Which one’s do you want and you know you secretly think they are cool, you book nerd you.

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15 Insanely Useful Diagrams For Book Lovers

Buzzfeed, where would I be without you. They have such fun and quirky articles that I love and love sharing with you all. Here is another one, I thought you would all like to see.

Don’t tell me you don’t love it?

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23 YA books that, without A doubt, you’ll want to read this fall

So earlier this week, a post from Buzzfeed made the rounds with a list of the top 23 Young Adult books to read this fall, or as I like to call it, Spring.

Some of you have already seen the list, some of you might not have, well I am going to post it here for you all to either look at it again, or see it for the first time. If you are a YA fanatic like myself, than you will probably look at this list a few times to get every book title written down, so you don’t miss out on any of them.

I specifically can’t wait for Girls Like Me by Lola St. Vil, The Odds Of Lightning by Jocelyn Davis, Going Geek by Charlotte Huang, Something In Between by Melissa De La Cruz, The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon, The Graces Laure Eve.

What are you guys excited for?

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17 Things That Will Take Your Reading To The Next Level

There are some pretty cool gadgets out there for a bibliophile. A lot of them work, a lot of them don’t and I have a couple of them. Well look no further if you are a reader or know a reader and want to buy something for yourself or the person you know to level up your reading skills. I think you guys will like these gadgets.

Personally, the pillowwedge is awesome, a bookshelf secret door is pretty cool too.

And if anyone finds a personal library it anywhere, let me know because I really do want one.

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19 Creative and Cleaver Gifts for Writers

I love presents, but a lot of people think it is hard to find a good present for a writer, but its not really. Usually a nice looking notebook or even a reading book will do. But if you know a write and are looking to buy them a present for their birthday or Christmas or just because you are such a good friend, then have a look at this link:

19 Creative and Clever Gifts for Writers

This link has a number of different cool and unique gift all writers no matter the age or experience would like.

Talking from experience, I know if you gave me any of these gifts I would love it and you forever.

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19 Hilarious Jokes All Book Nerds Will Appreciate

I love a good joke just like the next person. But I love book jokes even more really.

So here is a list thanks to Buzzfeed Books that compile 19 funny book jokes anyone who reads will love:

I love these and I am guessing you guys will too!

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6 Simple Ways to Win a Book Lovers Heart

I am a book lover, always have been, always will be. I love books, I love anything that has to do with book and that even means articles about books and those who love books too.

I found this great article on my Facebook the other day and I knew I had to share it with all of my book loving friends too.

This great article is so so so true and I wish that one day someone will love me enough to do this for me.

Anyone can buy me a book rather than a drink any day. And books instead of flowers is a bit of a stretch as I love them both, so why not splurge and give me both.

Am I right guys?

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17 Clever Gifts Every Writer Will Want to Own

I’m not sure if I have posted this on here yet, but if I have then too bad. I love this post from Buzzfeed and I want everything on the list.

Have a look:

I want the bed side table notepad that lights up. The stickers, jar or prompts and even the cards.

Who doesn’t want anything on this if you are a writer. This is like birthday and Christmas present heaven for writers.

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15 Things Book Nerds Are Guilty of Doing During Summer

I love Buzzfeed. They write very true articles about a lot of things that are relevant in my life. Here is a great link I found from Buzzfeed based on Book Nerds (yes you are one if you like reading books, don’t be shy, we are all nerds here):

Try and tell me that you are not guilty of at least one or two things that are mentioned on this list.

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23 Struggles Only Book Nerd Will Understand

Attention, Attention, all book nerd look this way!!!

This Buzzfeed article is for you:

Check it out, read it, look at it in disbelief that they could know you so well without actually knowing you.

I am every single one of these emotions and actions listed in this article, are you?

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18 Confessions Only True Book Lovers Will Understand

Buzzfeed Books is one of my favorite website as you would know if you follow my blog.They have funny, witty, and hilariously true post about everything books.

Here is another winner:

I must admit that I must confess that I think all of these confessions also.

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15 Slightly odd things all book lover do

I’m a book lover, you probably are one too so I think you will be able to find one or more things on this list that you do.

If you are not a book lover but know someone that is, you have probably caught someone in the act of doing something mentioned on this list.

Have a look;

I will confess, I have done pretty much every single one of the things listed on this article from Buzzfeed.

My favorite one though is, who am I kidding I love them all and I am all of them.

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15 Sweet Kid Lit-Inspired Cakes

Well you all know how much I love Book Riot and here is just another example of why. Check out this awesome link I just found:

15 Sweet Kid Lit-Inspired Cakes

Now those are cool kids birthday cakes if I do say so myself.

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