25 Jokes Only Book Nerds Will Understand

So it’s been a long few weeks, so I thought I would share with you all a great Buzzfeed article I found about booknerds and jokes:


I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that most of these jokes went straight over my head, but I’m not that versed in many classic books. I hope you have a better go at understanding these jokes.


15 Insanely Creative Bookshelves you need to See

I have, over time, shared a few different links from different websites that have shown you cool and exciting and different ways to display your books at home. Well here is another one and no it is not from Buzzfeed, but instead from BookBub Blog.


Here are 15 new and awesome ideas for you guys to look at and think about trying to do at home. Or if you are like me and really not that great with tools, than sit there envious of the great bookshelves some people have in their houses.

Which one would you guys love to have in your house?


27 Products for People Who are Completely Obsessed with Books

Hi guys,

This week I’ve got a quirky post from Buzzfeed for all of you to read this Wednesday.


The stair decals at number #2 are pretty cool and I would definitely do that if I has stairs in my house. Number #7 with the Deathly Hollow bookends, I’m sure would be a nice gift to give someone who is a big fan of books and Harry Potter. Number #8 with the serving dishes in the shape of books is totally something I would like one day. Number #11 with the pillow cases that are the check out slips from library’s are cool.

Number #15 is my wish present, I’m sure I will get one day. Actually, pretty much all of these objects on this list would be a great gift for me or any book nerd if you think about it *wink wink nugde nudge*


15 Books you were definitely reading in 2007

Hi guys,

I am going to take you to a time gone by for a few minutes are you read this article.

Buzzfeed have gathered a list of 15 books they think everyone was reading in the year 2007. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really remember what I was reading all the way back then, so here is a bit of a refresher for you:


I am going to admit this to all of you. I have only read Eclipse, The Luxe, and Flawless off this list and I’m pretty sure I didn’t read them in 2007.

How many have you read on this list?


11 Beautiful and Actually Doable Ways to Display Your Books

Hi guys,

As you all know, I am a big fan of the article that are posted on Buzzfeed. If you didn’t know that, all you have to do is scroll through my blog for a while and you will see plenty of their links that I have shared with you all.

This week I am sharing a post that is, in my opinion actually useful, well it might be for those who aren’t lazy enough to just leave our books around our bedrooms. Anyway here is the article for all of you to read:


I really like number #4 in this article, with the ladder that is used as a wall bookshelf. And number #5 with the fairy lights, which is pretty much already done by some book bloggers, if you check out bookstagram, you will see many examples of this. Same as the book rainbow at number #9 in the article.

So here are some ideas if you are in the mood of renovating or moving some things around this weekend. Enjoy!


26 Literary Tattoos That Are Borderline Genius

I’m a big fan of Buzzfeed as most of you probably know with all of the articles of theirs that I re-post for all of you to read as well.

Well here is another one. I’m not sure I have posted this article before or something like this one similarly, but I’m posting this one anyway:


Literary tattoos seem soo good to get. Do any of you have any?

I think I might make a list of my own Literary Tattoos I think are cool, what do you think?


25 Amazingly Clever Ways To Display Books In Your Home

Last week I gave you all a link to a website that taught you how to de-clutter your desks and get you ready for work. I’ve got to say, your response to the article was great. Thanks for that.

Well this week for a Friday I thought I would share something with a little bit more work involved with it. So, I will understand if you look at the pictures and stare in awe rather than get out your hammer and head to Bunnings.

Here is a list of 25 clever ways to display books in your home.


If you are anything like me, you have more books than you can remember, more books laying around your room and house than anything else, and absolutely no more space for any more books. BUT YOU STILL GO OUT AND GET NEW ONES. Don’t worry, I’m in exactly the same boat as all of you. And that is why I wanted to share this Buzzfeed Article with all of you.

Some of them are going to ask for money and ask for you to build or mantle something, but ohh don’t they look so pretty and some of them will probably spark an idea for your own house and books.

I think the key thing here to remember is, books are important and no matter where you put them, you will never have enough room.