15 Slightly Odd Things All Book Lovers Have Done

You know how I try and bring you guys all the latest and coolest things and information about books, well this week I am bringing you a list of 15 things each and every single one of us have done at some point in our booknerd life.

Check this out:


If you look through this list and don’t see anything you have done – What Have You Been Doing!?!

I have done pretty much every single thing listed on this list. I mean how can you not really?

Have you partaken in any of this booknerd mannerisms before?


My Favorite 3 Books of 2016

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year and our TBR piles seem to grow more and more, it seems like the perfect time to start making lists to end this year and start next year off right too. So far, this year I have read 51 books. I finished my Goodreads challenge and hopefully I can finish these last 2 books I have sitting on my table down for the new year. I have read a weird range of books this year, from young adult, to adult fiction, romance, biography, autobiography and even books I never thought I would read I have read this year. It’s been a great bookish year and I hope 2017 is bigger and better not only for me, but also for you and the Australian publishing industry. Continue reading “My Favorite 3 Books of 2016”

Top 5 Adult Fiction Books of 2016…according to me

Although I am a fan of Young Adult books, I also love adult fiction books. So this year I have read a large amount of them in-between my young adult reads and thought I would share with you the top 5 adult fiction books I thought were the best out of those I read. Continue reading “Top 5 Adult Fiction Books of 2016…according to me”

Top 5 Young Adult Books for 2016…according to me

This year has been a great year for books. I have read a large amount of books this year and thought it was time to come out and tell you what I think were the top 5 Young Adult books of 2016, according to me, of course. Continue reading “Top 5 Young Adult Books for 2016…according to me”

Travel loot…

Yesterday my mother and I headed to Brisbane. She worked whilst I explored and shopped. I ended up going to 5 different bookshops in Brisbane in the short amount of time I was there. 

It was hot and sticky but great seeing new bookshops and different books on shelves  

I went to The Mad Hatters Bookshop, QBD, Dymocks, Avid Reader and Bent Books.

I grabbed these two books above and a cute Superman keyring because why the hell not, Superman is cool.

Brisbane, I came, I saw and I conquered. Thanks until next time.

Stick around. . .