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If you are looking for me to help your writing then read this:

Editors are generally home bodies, and I am definitely a home body, so working from home, doing what I love to do, writing and editing would be amazing. To do so, I am making a page to let everyone know what I can do for them. I am an editor, I am a writer, I can do both of them generally quiet well.


Copy editing – grammar, spelling, sentence, language, style, syntax, typography, page layout errors. Copy editing allows me to read through and check a document for all line sentence issues such as spelling mistakes or grammar issues and a few other intricate details.

Proofreading – final check of document includes: checking against originals and drafts, making sure changes are right, title page creation, forwards and dedications. Proofreading comes last before the document hits the printers, so it would be my job to make sure that all mistakes are picked up and are fixed and there is nothing wrong with the manuscript or let the author know what I have picked up and still needs to be fixed.


As an editor it is hard to give an exact on how much my services will cost due to unknowns such as page length, detail of work needed and how long it is going to take me. It would be after an initial look though and quote that I will be able to tell you how much you are looking at.

My starting price is $22 per hour.

If you would like to know more or contact me for more information about my services or fees, please do so as a comment down below or get in contact through my Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest or Instagram page.



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