I love to cook. I love baking and do so with my mother often. Between my mother and I we have a large cookbook pile at home and are trying and making different things all the time. Nigella Lawson is my biggest aspiration and with almost her entire book collection, I bake and create a lot of her delicious recipes.

I will be adding recipes and perhaps the odd photo (if it looks good (I’m not a professional photographer)) along with the recipe so you can all have a go at what I share.

I have a lot of old family reciepes from my mother and grandmother which I also want to share with you all, but they might take me a while to test and write up for you all, so bare with me.

I love cooking sweet and savoury and as I am a beginners baker I will be giving you the recipe from books but with tips and trick and hints on how to get it right from my own experience.