Book Review – My Life as a Hashtag

My Life as a Hashtag / Gabrielle Williams / Allen & Unwin / 2017 / ISBN 9781760113681 / 279 Pages / Young Adult

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What’s a girl to do when her parents have split up; her mum’s trawling Tinder; and one of her best friends has decided not to invite her to the biggest party of the year, which she then has to watch unfold on everyone else’s social media? Continue reading “Book Review – My Life as a Hashtag”

24 Bookshelves That Will Mildly Arouse Any Book Lover

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Here’s a cool article for all of you to read on this fine Wednesday. It’s all about bookshelf love.

If your bookshelf included in this post?

I recognise a few of them from some Instagram accounts I follow.

Do you follow any of these guys, or do you have a bookshelf at home worthy of being a part of this article?

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My book review for ‘Summer at the Little Wedding Shop’ by Jane Littlefoot is out right now. If you scroll down to the very next blog post you will find it. I hope you enjoy it!

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