19 Creative and Cleaver Gifts for Writers

I love presents, but a lot of people think it is hard to find a good present for a writer, but its not really. Usually a nice looking notebook or even a reading book will do. But if you know a write and are looking to buy them a present for their birthday or Christmas or just because you are such a good friend, then have a look at this link:

19 Creative and Clever Gifts for Writers

This link has a number of different cool and unique gift all writers no matter the age or experience would like.

Talking from experience, I know if you gave me any of these gifts I would love it and you forever.

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On asking authors to sign my books with their favorite word

I don’t think this article needs any explanations or anything. I love Book Riot because they have some of the coolest post and articles by so many different people. Have a look at this amazing one.

On Asking Authors To Sign My Books With Their Favorite Word

How smart, clever, creative and inspiration is this article. To think I let authors write what ever they want. I think I am going to start doing this when I get books signed, because what is more personable and unforgettable than an author signing a copy of their own book with a quote of their favorite word too. That is of course if they want to participate.

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