July 2017 Wrap Up

July, what can I say about this month. It has been cold. It has been full of new and exciting adventures. It has been hard. It has been busy. It has been good to me. I haven’t had a lot of time to read this month, but I have still gotten some done. I have also had a hard time finding something good to read. Lots of books have been put down this month. Hello reading slump. Anyway, it’s been a hell of a month and you can see all the exciting posts I have written this month on the blog, at your own pleasure whenever you like. Continue reading “July 2017 Wrap Up”

Currently Reading –

So with a new job under my belt reading has kind of fallen to the wayside for the moment. 

But I am still reading and at the moment I am trying to read and finish before the end of this month ‘Storming The Castle’ by Arianna Hart. Its an ebook. I love it. It romantic, funny, cute and really reader friendly.

What are you guys reading at the moment?


June 2017 Wrap Up

June, what a bloody cold month it has been. I really don’t like the freezing weather, and you probably know that if you follow my Twitter feed. So, this month, regarding reading of course, has been a great reading month. A lot of great new books have come out and I have wanted to buy them all, but alas, my bank account won’t let me. Oh well, I will get them all one day. I read some enjoyable books this month, including one on my Kindle, which is uber great. But the biggest news of the month has to be, I GOT A NEW BOOKSHELF. I have been cramming books under my bed, all through my old bookshelf and everywhere I can possibly think. So, I went out to Officeworks and got myself a second bookshelf. Yep that right folk, I have TWO bookshelves in my bedroom now, call the presses. I could have so easily filled the two of them up by adding all of the books from under my bed to them, but I decided against it, and now have all of my favourite books out on my pretty new black and white shelves. Now I have more room for a lot more books. Hell Yeah! Continue reading “June 2017 Wrap Up”

Currently Reading –

At the moment I am reading ‘My Life as a hashtag’ by Gabrielle Williams. 

This Young Adult book published by Allen & Unwin is all about doing something online that you regret doing as soon as you are unable to ever get rid of it. Add in a divorce, some bullying and boy trouble and you have a cracker of a read.

What are you guts reading at the moment?


May 2017 Wrap Up

May has been an impressive reading month for me. I have read 6 books this month and I am pretty sure that is the most I have read in one month. How good is that? This month I put myself on a book buying ban and didn’t buy any books. Except of course the books I brought at Lifeline Book Fair I went to. This month I also dipped my toes into the eBook world and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the whole thing and fell in love with the first book I got to read on my new Kindle that I got. So, eBooks are a new thing for me and I hope I get to find more eBooks to love with time. This month also saw the wonder Sydney Writers Festival come back to life once again. A week of writers and authors inspiring and encourage us to read and write more. I attended alongside my mother, sister and close friend of mine, the All-Day YA events that took place on Saturday at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta. What a day that was indeed. Stay tuned for an exciting recap of the day and pictures of the events and new books coming our way. Anyway, enough about me. Continue reading “May 2017 Wrap Up”

Currently Reading 

I started this book last night and I am loving it. I am already over 50 pages in. Everyone says that they love it so I hope it is good until the end.

Have you read ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon?

Have you seen the movie?

What are you reading at the moment?