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For the next week, even though we didn’t see each other, we were always talking. And the more we talked the more we learnt about each other. There was always something new to learn about one another.

I learnt that his favourite colour is blue and that is favourite book is my favourite book Wuthering Heights but for two completely different reasons. Matt told me that he works construction because when David comes home crying after school because he doesn’t have the newest and latest toy or book or clothing, he wants to go out and buy them for him, because he doesn’t want him to have a difficult time at school. He works hard for his brother and mother and would do anything for them, and I can’t say that that doesn’t make my heart beat a little faster.

Then one night Matt dropped a bigger bomb, telling me that when he was younger he dreamt that one day that he would build his own house and fill it completely with children of his own. I hadn’t asked him about it and we weren’t even talking about it, he just said that he wanted me to know. I didn’t know what to say when he told me. It meant a lot to me that he felt so comfortable telling me such personal things so early in our relationship.

On Friday night, I waited for Matt to text me to tell me that he had finished work. But the text never came. I didn’t want to worry, thinking maybe he had picked up another shift or that he was at home busy with David. So I helped Mum make dinner and then watched some television with Lily after as Mum went back to work in her office. I kept my phone close to me just in case Matt rang or texted.

I got lost in the show Lily and I were watching and didn’t realise the time when I heard a knock on the front door. Lily and I looked at each other wondering who the hell it could be. As Lily doesn’t like to answer the door, especially at night, I grabbed my phone and headed to the door. I saw that it was well after eight as I unlocked the door. It was dark out and I was slightly scared about who could be on the other side of the door, so I opened it slowly making sure that the fly screen was still locked. But then I saw the silhouette of the person leaning on their side on the wall of the house and realised that it was Matt.

Matt! Oh my god what has happened? What are you doing here?

“Matt” I asked unlocking the fly screen already knowing the answer.

“Anna who is it?” I could hear Lily ask from the lounge room.

I knew something was wrong before I even opened the door because there was no way that Matt would be here under any other circumstances. I couldn’t see his face as he had a hood over his head.

“Matt what’s wrong?” I asked gently pulling the hood off.

He didn’t move, it looked like he couldn’t even move and now seeing his face I could see why not.

“Matt what has happened? Can you move?” I asked as I walked around to his side to see how badly hurt he is.

He could barely walk or talk but I heard the whimpered no that came out of him. I needed to get him inside, safe, but there was no way that I was going to be able to move him by myself.


I could hear her coming towards me and Matt and the only thing I could think about was the fact that this was how my family was going to find out about Matt and me.

“What’s wrong?” Lily asked as she got to the door but couldn’t see us yet.

“I need you to help me bring Matt inside, I can’t carry him by myself. Can you help me or not?” I insisted as she just stood there looking at me as I pulled Matt’s arm around my shoulder.

She looked at me again and then walked around me to get to the other side of Matt where she lifted him off his side and placed his arm around her neck. We slowly got inside and as soon as we cleared the front door and hallway I yelled for Mum on the top of my lungs. I don’t know what she was doing but she came as soon as I yelled. She stopped where she was when she saw the three of us, unsure of what was happening. I couldn’t blame her it’s not like Lily or I had ever been in such as situation.

“Can you pull out a chair?” I said as we got closer to her.

She grabbed a dining room chair and pulled it into the open lounge room area and Lily and I placed Matt down carefully, trying not to hurt him anymore than he already was. With the light on I could see just how bruised and battered Matt really was and see just how much pain he must have been.

“Matt who did this to you?” I asked crouching down in front of him.

“Anna who is this?” Mum asked without letting Matt answer my question first.

“This is my boyfriend Matt and I know I haven’t told you about him yet and I was going to soon. Can you guys help him?” I said looking into Matt’s eyes because if I looked at Mum or Lily I would have seen reactions I didn’t want to see.

“Your boyfriend? Since when?” Mum was shocked.

“I will explain it to you later, can you guys help him or not?” I said getting angry that Matt was still sitting there in pain whilst they were interrogating me.

“I’ll go get my things” Lily finally said leaving to go to her room.

“And I’ll get some clean cloth and water and shut the front door I suppose” Mum wasn’t happy but I didn’t really care at this given moment.

“Everything is going to be okay. I promise. Mum and Lily are great at what they do and I won’t let anything bad happen to you”

Nothing bad can happen to Matt. I only just found him, you can’t take him away from me this soon. I won’t let you.

Lily came back with her work bag and her stethoscope and Mum came with a bowl of water and clean cloths. Lily got to work inspecting Matt to see what was wrong with him and what needed to be fixed and looked at. Matt had one eye that was almost swollen completely shut with bruises and cuts all over his face and neck. God only knows that else what under his clothing and inside if he was that bad on the outside already.

Lily put on her pair of gloves as she asked Matt a whole bunch of questions, not always getting a loud enough response and having to ask again. I watched closely as she listened to his chest and then felt it, feeling that he had two broken ribs. It took her a while but she sat there and cleaned and dressed all of Matt’s wounds from head to toe before sitting back in front of him and pulled off her gloves with a look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” worry was building within me.

“I’m trying to work out if we should bring Matt to the hospital or if he can go in the morning” she finally said just staring at Matt.

Oh god, this is bad. Matt was hurt and he wasn’t okay, not by a long shot.

“What should we do?” I asked walking over to stand next to Matt.

“I’m going to go and call my friend and see what they say because at the moment I don’t know everything and I can’t see everything that might be happening inside and if I miss just one thing, it could cause complications. Give me a minute” Lily walked off towards her bedroom.

I sat in the seat Lily had been sitting in moments ago in front of Matt and carefully took his hand in mine. I was so scared for him and I didn’t know what to do to make any of this better.

“No hospitals” Matt said softly.

“Okay” I replied not knowing why Matt didn’t want to go to a hospital and gently kissed his hand to try and comfort him.

I could feel Mum staring at me after I kissed Matt’s hand. I would have kissed him on the lips if they weren’t covered in blood and he was in so much pain. I was glad that Mum and Lily knew about me and Matt. It was such a relief, even though it wasn’t under the most ideal circumstances. It was good that I didn’t have to keep lying to my family about Matt. Mum came back with a glass of cold water for Matt.

“Everything is going to be fine Matt” Mum said as she placed the glass of water on the table next to Matt before walking over and kissing the top of my head.

Is this her way of telling me that she is okay with me and Matt, that she approves? I hope so.

“Matt is there anyone that will be worrying that you’re not home at this time of night? A parent who needs to know what has happened?” Mum was obviously worried too.

Oh crap! David. How did I forget about him, he must be freaking out that Matt isn’t home.

“Do you want me to call David and let him know what is happening?” I asked Matt realising that his mother needed to know too.

“Call him off my phone but let me speak” Matt said squeezing my hand softly before nudging his head to the left telling me his phone was in his pocket.

I let go of Matt’s hand and stood up to get his phone, hoping that it hadn’t been destroyed in whatever had happened to him. As I slid my hand in his pocket Matt shifted slightly to let me grab it, wincing as he moved.

“Sorry” I whispered hoping that he wasn’t in more pain because of me.

I opened his phone, but it was password protected and I had no idea what his pin would be. I looked up at him for some guidance.

“Storm” was all he said.

It took me a minute to work out what the date was when we met, when the storm was before punching the numbers in.

Oh his phone pin is that day that we meet. Cute!

I smiled slightly as I looked up at him and he smiled in return even though his right eye was now completely swollen shut. I headed straight for his phone book and of course David and I were up the top of the list and pressed dial on David’s number.

“It’s ringing” I stood there holding the phone next to Matt’s ear waiting for David to pick up.

Finally David picked up and quickly started asking Matt questions before Matt even had the chance to say hello. I could hear everything David was saying to Matt and what Matt was trying to tell David. Then I heard a women’s voice on the other end and knew it had to be his mother, because she wasn’t yelling but she was angry at him. Matt kept talking to them and then grabbed my hand. He looked at me and I knew what his mother had just asked so I knew what he wanted to know.

“Mum is it okay if Matt stays here for the next few days until he is feeling better” I asked quietly as Matt was still on the phone.

“If Lily says he doesn’t have to go to the hospital tonight, he can stay the weekend. Let me go get something for him” she said but I couldn’t tell if she really wanted him here or if she just agreed because I asked her.

I watched Mum walk away before looking back at Matt who was asking his mother to put David back on the phone.

“I won’t be home for a few days buddy, so Mum is going to take care of you. Listen to her and nothing bad will happen. Have fun at your soccer game and I will take you to school Monday morning okay? You can sleep in my room if you want. I’ll see you soon, love you David” Matt finished and let me hang up the phone.

“Thank you” Matt said as I closed his phone and he took my hand in his.

I smiled at him and knew that everything was going to be okay, that I wasn’t going to let anything happen to him. Moments later Mum and Lily came back to the lounge room with towels, blankets, a spare tooth brush and a set of Dad’s old pyjamas.

“So?” I asked needing to know what had to happen next.

“I am going to have to do a full body exam to rule out if you need to go to hospital or not. So we need to move you onto a flat surface” Lily replied.

Before I knew it, I was speaking without realising what I was saying out loud.

“Let’s take him to my room, my bed is big enough and he can sleep there without having to move again” I never usually speak without thinking, but for some reason I did and the looks that came from Mum and Lily were beyond hilarious.

“Look Mum, there is nothing happening between me and Matt. We have only been together for two weeks. All we do is kiss and talk and not much else, so nothing is going to happen if we stay in my room together for a night or two. Nothing is going to happen especially if Matt is hurt. I’m still the same girl, I haven’t changed overnight, you can trust me and Matt” I had to add because I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to get away with what I had said without backing myself up.

“I wasn’t going to say anything Anna, I know exactly who you are. I just would have like a little bit more time to sit with the idea of you and Matt before sticking you in a room together is all. I just need to process all of this and so will your father” Mum replied.

“I was going to tell you, I was just waiting for the right time”

“Okay Anna, we get it, you and Matt are together, so if you’re happy we are happy too. Now can we move Matt onto your bed so I can look after him or are we just going to stand around talking about our feelings all night?” Lily interrupted before I got to say anything else.

At least she isn’t opposed to the idea of Matt and I.

Matt had been sitting there as we spoke and hadn’t moved or spoken the whole time, but as soon as Lily and I went to help him stand up, he groaned in pain. He was in so much pain, but we had to move him to my room so that he could be more comfortable in the long run. Lily and I slowly took our time so we weren’t hurting Matt as Mum went ahead and got my room ready. By the time we got to my room, Mum had moved all of my bed pillows, moved what was on my bed to my table and put Matt’s things and what he would need on my bedside table. We were finally able to sit him down on the side of my bed. I moved out of Lily’s way so that she could take Matt’s top off. As much as I wanted to be the one to strip him, I didn’t want to hurt him and I knew Lily would be able to do it without hurting him. As his top came off, there was a large bruise starting to develop on his side. I couldn’t look at Matt in so much pain when Lily listened to Matt’s chest again. I turned away from what she was doing so I wouldn’t have to see him and waited until I she said that she was done to turn around again. But I didn’t wait for her to finish, I turned around as soon as I heard Matt yell at the top of his lung.

You’re not supposed to hurt him, you’re supposed to be helping him Lily.

“I’m sorry. I’m just trying to work out whether it is a bruise or if you are internally bleeding” she said as she continued touching Matt’s bruise that was increasing growing and getting darker.

After a few minutes of umming and thinking Lily was sure enough that it was just a bruise and that Matt wasn’t bleeding.

“We need to see if this bruise grows bigger or changes in any way tonight. So you won’t be able to sleep with a top on” Lily said as she grabbed a marker off my table and outlined the entire bruise with it.

I think we can work with that. No don’t think like that Anna, Matt is hurt, and this isn’t the time to think like that.

“What else do we need to worry about?” I needed to know what I was looking out for if I was going to be watching him all night.

“From what I can tell, you have a broken rib under that bruise, which will have to be checked by a doctor at some point to make sure that it is healing properly. I can’t rule out if you have a concussion or not because I don’t have the right tools and because you yourself don’t remember how many times you have been hit or have hit your head on something. So you won’t be able to go to sleep until at least one o’clock in the morning and if he does fall asleep before then Anna, come and get me straight away” Lily said checking her watch “Two Panadol’s now and in the morning will get you through until I examine you again” she said standing up.

“Is that it?”

“Yep, if anything changes just come and get me. Try and get as comfortable as you can and don’t move if you don’t have to, we don’t want that rib breaking anything else. Now go get a tall glass of water and two Panadols and sit tight for a long night” Lily replied heading for the bedroom door.

“Thanks for everything Lily”

“It’s what I’m here for” she laughed as she left.

I looked at Matt before heading to the kitchen for his water and Panadol. When I got back, Mum was moving pillows under Matt’s head to make him comfortable.

“Is that comfortable?” she asked as I handed Matt the Panadols and water.

“Yes, thank you” he replied throwing them both back.

I took the empty glass and followed Mum to the door.

“If you need anything you know where I will be” she said kissing me good night before leaving.

I closed the bedroom door and walked over to my table to leave the empty glass before walking over to the bed.




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And they did. Everyone except for Michael hugged me and Matt and by the end of all of the hugs I wanted to go home, exhausted from telling them all the same thing, that no one could say anything about any of this to anyone that wasn’t standing with us right now. I then introduced Matt to everyone so he could know their names.

“Matt this is Michael, Phoebe’s boyfriend” I said, hoping deep down inside that the two of them would get along and this would work out for everyone.

“Hi” Matt said shaking Michael’s hand.

“Hey mate, welcome to nuttiest group of girls you could ever meet” Michael replied with a large smile.

I laughed knowing that Michael was one hundred percent right about what he had just told Matt.

“It’s okay, I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Let’s go inside and buy our tickets” I said taking Matt’s hand into mine.

Everyone followed as we headed inside. They already had our tickets so they didn’t have to wait in line with Matt and me. As I turned around to see where they all were, they were all gone, Michael and Phoebe were the only ones waiting for us.

Where did they all go?

“They went in to get seats” Phoebe said yelling from the back of the room as though she had read my mind and had heard what I was thinking.

Matt and I stood in the long line filled with other couples and teenagers and for once I wasn’t jealous of the girls who were holding their boyfriends hand because I was standing there holding my boyfriend hand as well.

“They all liked you by the way”

“Did they?” Matt asked looking down at me.

I nodded my head because of course they liked him, what wasn’t there to like. Matt kissed the top of my head gently in return.

Then it was our turn to buy tickets. I asked the girl behind the counter for the tickets to the movie that had been decided on outside before we came in and as I went to get my wallet Matt stopped me.

“I’ve got this” he said smoothly like he had a handle on everything.

I watched as he handle himself and took the tickets from the girl once she printed them and I could see the satisfaction in his eyes of what he had just done for me and him.

As we walked back over to Phoebe and Michael, I could see Phoebe smiling at me and I didn’t know why.

“Phoebe stop smiling, you’re freaking me out” I said when we reached them.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy for you guys. I’m so happy for you Anna” Phoebe said pulling me in for another quick embrace.

“Okay Phoebe. If you don’t let go we will miss the beginning of the movie” I heard Michael say from next to me as I tried to pull myself away from her.

I could see Phoebes face drop into a frown as soon as he said it and I knew something was off.

“Is everything okay between you and Michael?” I asked Phoebe as we walked into the cinema we were allocated to.

“Yeah, he’s just in one of his moods. I refused to have sex with him before we came here tonight so now he is pissed” she replied.

Matt let go of my hand as she spoke.

“I can’t believe that he still does that to you and thinks it’s going to work” I had to ask knowing that this has been going on for a while.

“Yeah, I guess he is set in his ways now. Does it work between the two of you?” Phoebe asked putting her arm around my shoulder.

What? Excuse me.

I couldn’t believe what Phoebe had said, that she would even think like that and worse say it so loudly in front of Matt.

“Sorry, it’s just that Michael and I had sex the second day I knew him, and you said that you guys have known each other for a week, so for all I could know you guys could have done it a hundred times already”

She went there didn’t she? Of course she did, she’s Phoebe, no filter at all.

“I can’t believe that you just said that first of all and second of all it’s not really any of your business if Matt and I are having sex, even though you know I would have told you anyway” it had to be said, I had to put her in line, not just for herself but also for Matt who had now distanced himself from the two of us.

Matt and I hadn’t even talked about sex and I am definitely not ready to talk about it with him yet let alone have it with him right now.

When we finally reached the door to the cinema room, I could sense Matt behind me. Phoebe walked in with Michael without us.

“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to?” I heard Matt say as he slipped his arms under my arms around my stomach.

His warm embrace was comforting, I gave his arms a quick squeeze.

“I’m sorry if you heard what Phoebe and I were talking about”

“Don’t be. I said I would never pressure you, so don’t let your friends tell you otherwise” Matt said turning me around to face him “Can I kiss you now seeing as everyone here knows about us?”

I smiled softly to say yes, embarrassed that he still thought he had to ask me.

We took our seats next to Phoebe and Michael as the ads started. There are many certain things I like to partake in before and during a movie. I usually go to the movies before the movie starts, I always have come sort of snack and bottle of water in my bag and I hate talking through movies. I don’t get the point of spending money to see a movie and then talk all the way through it, if you’re going to do that you may as well just stay home.

As the ads rolled on and on Phoebe decided to start asking questions, questions she obviously knew she had the wrong answers to.

“So, I’m guessing you two didn’t meet at a university gathering then?” was her first question and I had no choice but to answer her.

“No we didn’t. Do you remember that storm on Tuesday? Well I had to go to the shops and Matt served me. I was freaking out about the storm as usual and Matt followed me to my car to make sure I was okay. He gave me his number and well, here we are today” I quickly ran through before the curtains covering half of the screen pulled open and the lights completely turned off, signalling the beginning of the movie.

The movie started and everything was perfect. It wasn’t a movie that I particularly wanted to see, but I tried to follow it as best as I could. The arm rests can be moved between the seats, and moments into the beginning of the movie Matt pulled it up and I leaned against his chest, with my hand on his leg and his on top of mine. It was everything I ever thought going to the movies with a boy would be like and more. I was comfortable, we were comfortable.

The movie was near the end when I felt something vibrate. I knew it wasn’t my phone because it doesn’t vibrate that loudly and it was obvious that no one else could feel it. I looked at Matt as I sat up properly and he pulled his phone out.

“I have to get this, it’s David. I’ll be right back” he said getting up and almost running out of the cinema.

I wanted to follow Matt out and see what was wrong but Phoebe told me to wait for him to come back. But not being out there with him was hard.

It had to have only been a few minutes, but felt like forever when Matt returned, sitting back in his seat right next to me.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, David’s not a massive fan of storms either and wanted to know how long I was going to be, but he’s okay” Matt replied tucking his hand over mine.

“Are you sure because if you want to leave we can go right now?” I offered knowing that storms can be scary and frightening for young kids.

“He should be fine, but do you think we can skip dinner?”

“Not even a question, I can take you home as soon as the movie is finished” I replied leaning up to give him a quick kiss.

Matt kissed the top of my head and we got back to watching the end of the movie. As the lights faded on and the silence grew from the screen all that could be heard was the rustling of people getting their things to leave and the rain pouring onto the roof, forcefully. We headed out of the cinema together and I could hear them all talking about where they wanted to go for dinner.

“Hey guys, I and Matt have to go. His brother needs him so we are going to head off” I said as we stepped outside under the large canopy that was sheltering us from the rain.

“Next time though Anna?” quiet Lexie asked.

“Of course, next time we can meet up we will go out for a big dinner together, I promise” I said hugging everyone to say good bye.

They all understood and I love all of my friends for that and I couldn’t wait to meet up with them for a proper dinner, we haven’t had one in a while.

“Phoebe do you still need a ride?” the chill in the air was definitely noticeable now.

“Only if it’s okay still? It’s just that Michael has to get home and finish off an assignment that is due tomorrow, I don’t want to impose” there was never a time when Phoebe didn’t like to impose.

“I can still take you home, we just have to go right now” I pointed out hoping she would realise that now meant right now.

There was a final goodbye and then the three of us walked back to the car. We weren’t going to be covered all the way to the car so as soon as we stepped out from under the canopy we had to run. But that didn’t really do anything. The rain was coming down hard and fast and by the time we got to the car and got in, the three of us were all wet.

“Far out I am cold” I shivered turning the car on to start heating it up and then flicked the heat on so then we could heat up.

It was dark and raining and as the car started to warm up, I put my lights on and pulled my seatbelt on. It wasn’t the first time I had driven in such bad weather but it was the first time that I was in a car with Matt and Phoebe at the same time, something I never really thought was going to happen.

“Are you guys warming up?” I asked as we left the shopping centre car park.

“Yep” Matt replied verbally as he placed his hand on my leg and Phoebe nodded to me in the mirror.

For a brief moment Phoebe and I were looking at each other in the rear view mirror and just smiled. I knew she was happy for me and I was happy that she was happy.

“Am I taking you to your Mum or Dad’s place Phoebe?” I asked needing to know which way I had to head.

“To Dad’s please” she replied nicely leaning forward out of her seat.

At least it is closer to Matt’s house too.

“So Matt, what do you do other than make this one smile from ear to ear?” Phoebe asked out of the blue as I drove her home.

Phoebe, seriously.

I shot her a look in the mirror knowing she would look.

“Other than make this one smile, I work 2 jobs, study and look after my mother and brother” Matt graciously replied.

“So you guys don’t spend each day making out with each other?” she had to add.

“Phoebe, really?”

“Okay I’m sorry, it’s your business and you’ll tell me when you’re ready. I’m just so happy for you” she finished as I pulled into her street.

The rain was easing as I pulled into her driveway making it easier for me to see her head inside, safe.

“Well tonight was interesting. We will have to do it again sometime. Anna, talk to you soon and Matt it was really nice meeting you tonight”

“It was nice meeting you to Phoebe” Matt said as she unbuckled and I pulled up the break.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow” I called out as she opened the door.

I waited until Phoebe was inside before I pulled out of her drive way and headed for Matt house. Matt was quiet.

“Are you okay?” I asked at a set of lights.

“I am now that it is just the two of us”

I know what you mean.

“I know Phoebe is a lot to handle but you’ll get used to her. It just takes some time. Are you really working two jobs and studying?” I was worried that he hadn’t mentioned any of this to me yet.

“Well there is my job at the supermarket, where we met and I work construction sometimes. I am studying architecture part time at university too”

Really? How does he have time to be here with me then?

“Why haven’t you told me any of this?”

“Because I would rather spend my time kissing you and have fun with you, rather than tell you all the boring bits” he replied moving in his seat to face me as I continued to drive.

“I love kissing you too, but it’s important that I know all about you, I want to know everything about you, every little detail there is to know, good and bad, everything that makes you, you” I said finally pulling into his driveway.

We were sitting there as the rain grew harder staring at each other. There was so much we didn’t know about each other and yet so much that we already did, but this felt different, I could feel it in my soul.

I wanted to say something, but all I could get in was his name before he cut me off with a kiss.

“We’re okay. I still love you and I am not hiding things from you, I’m just taking my time telling you. And I will tell you everything, just not right now. I promise” he said taking my head in his hands before kissing me again.

“Let me know when you get home and drive really safe, for me” he said with a quick kiss and then was gone.

I watched as he sprinted to the front door and wanted to follow him, but I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, not now after all of that. It was really late by the time I got home and for once Mum had listened to me and wasn’t waiting up for me like she usually is. I got ready for bed and sat there a moment thinking before I texted Matt.

OUTGOING SMS: In bed in one piece. I’m so glad you have met my friends and for a great night. Is David okay?

INCOMING SMS: I like picturing you in bed. You’re going to have to meet some of my friends some time now. I had a great night too. Love you. Good night.

Goodnight handsome.


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Thursday went by fast even though I didn’t talk to Matt a lot. He let me know his address and what time I should pick him up, but he was tired from work and needed sleep. I had butterflies all night thinking about everything that could happen and might go down on Friday night. Mum came into my room as I got ready to leave.

“Do you have enough money for tonight? Make sure that you bring a jacket with you” she said before heading back out.

INCOMING SMS: Hey do you think I can get a lift home tonight? Phoebe

OUTGOING SMS: Sure, I have to bring Matt home too.


OUTGOING SMS: The guy I met last week. You said that he could come remember?

INCOMING SMS: Yep, right, you didn’t tell me his name is all. See you soon.

Phoebe, always planning things at the last minute.

I left home as soon as I was ready and headed to Matt’s house. He didn’t live far, but I didn’t want to be late. I parked in his driveway after I saw that his car was parked there. I was beside myself nervous and had to look in the rear view mirror once more before I left to make sure that I looked okay. I grabbed my phone and the car keys and got out. As I walked towards the front door, the butterflies within were fluttering furiously. I stood in front of the front door for a few minutes, took a deep breath and then knocked.

There was no response. I gave it a few moments and then knocked again. This time I could hear shoes clobbering throughout the house behind the front door. The door finally opened and there was Matt.

“Sorry I had the radio on and didn’t hear the door. Come in” Matt said as he opened the door completely for me.

I walked in and thanked him and as just as he closed the door he grabbed my hip and brought me closer to him.

“Where are you going?” he asked looking down to me as his eyes examined my face before bringing his lips to mine.

I put my arms around his neck and found myself intoxicated by his perfume. He was the perfect scent of sweet and salty. Perfect for me.

“Hi” he said once he finished kissing me.


“You look amazing” Matt took my hand and led me up the stairs, not knowing where this was going.


Matt pushed open a slightly ajar door and I saw a little boy sitting on his bed. I presumed that it was David, his brother. But that wasn’t all that I saw. I saw Matt, everywhere. I hadn’t known Matt for long, but from everything I already knew about him, I knew that everything in this room was Matt’s and it all meant something to him. The hand draw pictures tacked onto the wall above his table. The books sitting haphazardly all over cupboards and bedside tables. Everything screamed Matt and I loved it.

“David this is Anna, the girl I was tell you about last night, remember?” Matt asked as we walked in.

“Hi” a soft whisper escaped his lips, gently.

“Hello David, it is so nice to meet you. Your brother here has told me so much about you. It’s great to finally meet you in the flesh”

But he didn’t respond, he just stood there colouring in the book page that was sitting on his lap.

“He’s not a big talker, he just has to get used to you first is all. David do you want to stay in here tonight?” Matt asked crouching down on his knees to get on his level.

There was a slight nod that I could see.

“Well then you know the rules. Television off by eight thirty at the latest and if you get hungry you can look for my hidden food, but don’t eat all of it because you might get sick and you don’t want that now do you. Mum will be downstairs all night, but if something is wrong call me first and I will be home as fast as I can. You can leave the light on if you want okay? Now Anna and I have to get going now but we will be back soon okay?” Matt told David before kissing the top of his shaggy brown hair.

“I can call you if I need you?” David whimpered.

“Of course buddy. Now I’ll lock the doors downstairs so there is nothing to be scared about because Mum is right downstairs. I’ll see you soon buddy”

How cute!

With a quick smile we walked out and closed the door along with us.

“I just have to say bye to Mum” Matt said taking my hand.

We walked down the stairs and followed the hallway to the end of the house to another door. Matt didn’t open the door, he just talked through it, telling his mother that he was leaving and that if anything happened that his phone will be on. But no one replied from the other side. I wondered what the story was, but I was in no position to ask such personal questions, not yet anyway.

It wasn’t cold just yet, but it was going to turn into one of those nights, so Matt grabbed his jacket before walking back to the car. I waited for him with the heat on because my feet were cold. I had never been in this position before. I had never driven a guy around, let alone my boyfriend. Hell a lot of things have happened during this week that have never happened to me before. It was great experiencing all of these normal things for once. Lily has a rule anyway, no one except for me and her are to drive the car, so Matt wasn’t going to be able to drive it anyway.

I watched Matt as he walked back to the car and couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you smiling about?” he asked as he got in and closed the door.

“Nothing, I’m just happy” I replied pulling my seatbelt over my shoulder.

“Happy looks good on you” Matt’s lips were on mine before I even had the chance to think.

Before I knew it we were sitting there in Lily’s car making out. The car was running and the heat that I had turned on was now adding the heat we were creating ourselves. I could feel sweat gathering on my forehead as we continued.

“Wait” I said pulling myself away from Matt “We should go or we will be late and the late time I was late to meet my friends I didn’t stop hearing about it for six months” the heat was too much to handle, I had to open a window.

Matt didn’t say anything but I could see him giggling to himself as I gently patted the sweat on my forehead away.

“Why are you laughing?” I had to ask.

“Because most girls would cancel their plans and make their boyfriends take them to their bedrooms. You instead insist that we leave” he replied running his hand through his hair.

“Well sorry that I’m not like every other girl. I promised Phoebe that I wouldn’t be late and I’m not like everyone else, I am my own person and I hope that that isn’t a problem for you” I flicked the heat off and turned the car lights on and put my seatbelt on properly.

“I like that you are your own person and I wouldn’t stop you from being yourself. Does Phoebe know about us?”

“No she doesn’t, so no hand holding or kissing. Will you be able to manage that?” it sounded more condescending than I intended.

“Mm, let me think” Matt said leaning over and kissed my cheek again.

“I’m serious Matt, they all think that I am bringing a friend who I met last week who was looking for someone to show them around. No funny business”

“Okay no kissing, no hand holding” he said and poked my leg.

I grabbed his finger and didn’t let go for a while.

“That hurt” I said a few minutes and let go.

“Sorry” Matt replied sheepishly and rubbed my leg.

I placed my hand back on the wheel and continued to drive towards the cinemas. Matt’s hand was on my leg and it didn’t move.

His hand is on my leg, just like in all those movies that I have watched.

At the last red light before we entered the cinema complex I quickly looked at Matt’s hand that was still on my leg and smiled. He saw me smile and rubbed my leg. As I drove into the parking station I could see the girls waiting outside the cinema doors.

“That’s them” I pointed out as I drove past them slowly before heading off to find a spot for the car.

I parked the car as soon as I could find a spot and felt the butterflies grow again as I turned the engine off.

“Okay so you have to remember”

Matt cut me off before I could tell him what I needed to tell him. He knew what he had to say and how he had to act and why we were here. It was reassuring to know that Matt had been listening to me and that he wasn’t going to screw this up. There was too much on the line for this to not work.

“Now shut up and kiss me before we get out of the car” Matt said taking off his seatbelt and leaning over to me.

We kissed for a few minutes before I knew we had to stop or we would get caught. I grabbed my jacket and put it on as it was now cold enough for it.

Thanks for the tip Mum.

Matt put his jacket it on as well and before I knew it I grabbed my bag and locked the car and we were heading towards the doors. I wanted to take his hand in mine, I could feel the energy that was pulsating between the two of us and we weren’t even touching. It was strong. Matt must have felt it as well because he took my hand in his.


“They can’t see us” he tried to tell me and squeezed my hand.

We were almost near the girls and I could see Phoebe. She saw us and then I realised that we were still holding hands.


As soon as I knew Phoebe had seen us holding hands, I dropped Matt’s hand and could see the smile creep over her face. She started running towards us very enthusiastically.

“That’s Phoebe” I said to Matt before she could reach us to warn him, although I knew that that wasn’t going to do anything.

“Anna” she yelled getting closer.

“Phoebe” I yelled back but not as loud as she had as she jumped onto me.

“How long?” she asked whispering into my ear without letting go of me.

Dammit she is good.

“Almost a week” I whispered back.

I knew that the charade was over, that there was no way that what Matt and I had planned on happening was going to happen now, now that Phoebe knows. Phoebe finally let go and looked at Matt.

“Phoebe this is Matt, Matt this is the illustrious Phoebe” I said once she finally stepped away from me.

“Hi Matt” Phoebe said and pulled him into a hug.

Why does she have to hug everyone?

I could see the shock and confusion written on his face, wondering why my friend was hugging him when they had only just met.

“Sorry” I said without volume.

“Matt, you break her heart I will break your dick so fast that you won’t even realise” Phoebe said when she let go of Matt.

Matt looked at me for help but all I could do was say sorry again.

“You don’t have to worry about that, I will never break her heart” he said and took my hand in his again.

“Argh look at the two of you. You’re so cute. The girls are going to flip when they see you guys holding hands” Phoebe said taping my cheeks.

“I think that your squeal before may have already told them” I said nodding towards them.

They were all looking at me, at us and I could see that they were already talking about us.

“Phoebe no one out of this group can know about us yet, we haven’t told out families yet, so nothing online please” I had to tell her as we started walking back to the group because I knew that she would go and say something.

“My lips are sealed” she replied walking next to me.

I looked at Matt and he looked freaked out, out of control, like he didn’t want to be here with me anymore. I knew that this was just the beginning of the night.

“They are all probably going to hug you now” I said to let him know before they pounced and squeezed his hand gently.

“Okay” he was nervous and I could hear it in his voice.

I’m guessing that Matt doesn’t like to be hugged much.


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One my way to the ferry dock I was quiet. Usually I would be singing and dancing and making a total fool of myself, but not today. Today I was just driving and although I had the music on I wasn’t paying attention to it. I wasn’t angry because when I am I don’t drive like this. No today I was at peace with the world and myself. I was at peace with myself, with the idea of Matt and everything else. For the last few hours I had been over thinking the situation with Matt because it wasn’t like anything I had ever read or watched or known, but it was real and it was happening and now that I am on board with it, everything is going to be fine.

I was happy just sitting there waiting for Lily to come to the car, when it usually annoys me having to wait for her. I was happy that everything was okay and most of all I was happy that I finally had a boyfriend.

As soon as I tell anyone about this they are going to think I am lying. No one is ever going to believe that I have a boyfriend, that someone loves me.

Lily was right on time and in her usual foul mood when she got into the car. I really hate it when I have to pick up Lily and she is in one of her moods, it makes me get into one of my moods and I really don’t want that right now, all I want to do is think about Matt and be happy.

“How did you go on your test?” I asked trying to break the silence, knowing how stressed she was about the maths exam she had today.

“Yeah it was alright” was all she said.

Fine don’t talk to me then.

We stayed in silence all the way home which wasn’t really pleasant but I didn’t know what to do. Every time I tried to start a conversation she didn’t say anything.  As I parked the car in the drive way I heard my phone start ringing.

“Do you want me to get that?” Lily asked.

“NO! I’ve got it” I yelled grabbing my bag.

I waited for Lily to get out of the car before I pressed answer.

“Hi” I said after seeing it was Matt who was calling.

I was already miles away when Lily knocked on the window.

“The house keys?” she asked as I opened the window.

“Oh sorry” I replied grabbing them and giving to her.

“Who are you talking to?”

“Oh, it’s just a friend. Leave the door open I’ll lock it when I come in” I replied as I started to close the window again.

She shook her head disapproving and walked off to the door.

“Sorry about that. That was Lily”

“Ah, yes the infamous Lily. Hey I just picked up David and was thinking about what you were saying before about how we are supposed to tell our friends and family. Well I was thinking why don’t we go out on Friday night to the movies or something and you can bring your friends?”

“That sounds awfully like a date”

“It would be a date but your friends would be there and then that way when we tell our families we can say that we met through friends”

Smart idea. Why couldn’t I have come up with that?

“Okay let me see what I can do. So I just say that I am bringing a friend along and then once we are there I tell them that we are together?”

“Yep, hey I got to go David just walked into my room”

“Yeah me too Lily is staring at me from the lounge room windows and she knows how to read lips” I replied grabbing my bag and took the keys out of the ignition.

“Okay well I’m not going to say those three words you know I like saying, but I’ll talk to you later”

“I’ll let you know what my friends say. Oh and if you want to tell David you can. It’s up to you. I’ll see you later” I said hanging up.

Yeah this is going to be exciting. I hope.

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” Lily asked again when I walked past the lounge room to get to my room.

Crap. Why can’t she just mind her own business?

“Oh a friend, we meet at the university get together I went to last week. We are doing the same course” I replied having to think fast.

Wow those lying skills are getting so much better.

She didn’t reply to my response because she didn’t actually care, she just wanted to annoy me and ask me an annoying question, which in this situation is good, because until I have to really truly have to tell her about Matt I won’t.

I went to my room and before I sat on my bed day dreaming about Matt, I decided to get back to my university work that I had started this morning seeing as I had nothing else to do.

Do you think he will tell David about us? How old is David? What’s David like?

I had heaps of questions that I wanted to ask Matt but I didn’t want to call him, I didn’t want to be the girlfriend who always calls.

An hour later I was finished with what had I really had to get done. I was tossing and turning as to whether or not I should start other work or if I should just chill and watch a movie.

Crap I didn’t text Phoebe.

OUTGOING SMS: Hey Phoebe, what were you thinking about doing this weekend?

Moments later I got a message back from Phoebe.

She mustn’t be in class if she is replying so fast.

INCOMING SMS: Hey I was just thinking about that. Not sure, but I can’t go out and get trashed after work on Saturday as I have a family wedding on Sunday, plus I’m a little low on money at the moment.

OUTGOING SMS: Okay, well why don’t we invite everyone and go and see a movie or something on Friday night? We could grab a bite to eat before or after the movie or whatever.

INCOMING SMS: There is meant to be a storm on Friday night.

OUTGOING SMS: That’s okay; if we are in the movies I won’t hear it. Do you want to round up the troop or shall I?

INCOMING SMS: Okay Friday night, meet at 6pm and go from there?

OUTGOING SMS: Yeah sounds good. There are a few different movies starting from 6:30 and 7:00pm onwards so whatever everyone wants to see.

INCOMING SMS: Okay well I’m on the bus home from university now so I’ll let everyone know and get back to you. If there not it it’ll just be me and you.

OUTGOING SMS: Okay sounds good. Talk to you later.

Phoebe and I have been friends for eight years. We started high school together and finished together. We have gone through so much, individually and together that I wouldn’t know what to do if she wasn’t around. She helped me when I didn’t want to go to university anymore and suggested I do it online. She almost hit Daniel for me when I told him he was leaving with Alex on our formal night. But they aren’t the reasons as to why I love her. I love her because she understands me and we just click.

When Phoebe first got with Michael, her boyfriend of three years now, I told her that one day they will be married when everyone else told her she deserves better. And Michael did propose and of course Phoebe freaked out and came running to me. But we worked it out and so did they and now they have promised each other that in exactly five years from a certain date which I can no longer remember, if they are still happy and in love they would get married.

She is going to be so thrilled when I tell her about Matt. She’ll probably think I am making it up until she meets him, but I know she will be happy for me, because she knows how much of a romantic I am and how much it will mean to me.

INCOMING SMS: Hey, so everyone but Mia is in, she has to work or something. So I’ll see you Friday at 6pm, don’t be late.

OUTGOING SMS: Phoebe, are you kidding me? When was the last time I was ever late to anything?

INCOMING SMS: Yeah your right, I’ll try and not be late.

OUTGOING SMS: Good. Hey is it okay if I bring along someone I meet last week at the university meet up thing I went to?

Oh God. Why did you just do that Anna? She is going to interrogate you now.

INCOMING SMS: Sure, anyone special?

She’s started.

OUTGOING SMS: No, just a guy doing the same course as me. He is new to the area and he asked me if I could show him around.

INCOMING SMS: Sure, bring him along, no harm for us and maybe we can set him up with someone.


OUTGOING SMS: I think he said he was seeing someone or it was complicated or something. I’ll see you Friday, night Phoebe.

I had to get out of the conversation before I gave myself away.

INCOMING SMS: Wait. What aren’t you telling me?

That didn’t work.

OUTGOING SMS: Umm, nothing. I have to go Phoebe. I have to make dinner. I’ll see you Friday.

If she replies I’m just not going to reply. Solid plan, but it will probably work.

I took my phone with me and started working on dinner. I hated making dinner every night, but at least it gave me something to do other than think about Matt. Mum and Dad were both home early from work, so we sat down and had dinner as a family.

“What did you get up to today Anna?” My mother asked whilst taking a sip of water.

“Umm not much, I caught up on all my university work, picked up Lily and then started an assignment”

Thank god I know how to lie.

“Mum, ask Anna who she was talking to in the car this afternoon when we got home from the ferry” Lily said looking at me.

I am going to kill you!

“Who were you talking to?”

Think fast; just say what you said this afternoon to Lily.

“Oh it was just a guy I met at that university meet up thing I went to last week. He had a question about one of the assignments we have to do”

That was close.

“Is he doing the same course as you?”

Let it go Dad.

“Yes we are both doing the same course. Lily do you need the car on Friday night?” I asked hoping to change subjects.

“No I don’t think so why?”

“I’m going to the movies with the girls. We are meeting at 6pm and going from there. Is that okay?” I asked directing my question to Mum and Dad.

“Sounds like fun. How’s Phoebe?” Mum replied.

“Yeah she’s good; she was telling me that the travelling to university is getting tiring”

“She goes to the city doesn’t she? That’s only 40 minutes if there is no traffic”

Thank you for telling me something I already know mother.

Dinner was good and once the kitchen was cleaned Mum put a movie on. I hadn’t seen it so I stayed in the lounge room to watch it, so did Dad and Lily. Half an hour into the movie my phone went off.

INCOMING SMS: Hi, how did phase one of operation explain us to the families go?

I smiled when I read that it was Matt who was texting me. Lily saw the smile and looked at me funny. I ignored her and replied.

OUTGOING SMS: Hmmm, not so good. I talked my friend Phoebe into going to the movies on Friday night, but then I put my foot in it asked if I could bring someone along, you being that someone.

INCOMING SMS: Hey that’s okay it just means she is expecting someone else to be there.

OUTGOING SMS: Yeah but I sort of told her that I was bring someone who I meet last week at a university gathering thing and that they were new to the area and was hoping to meet some new people and you also happen to be in a complicated relationship.

Twenty minutes went by before he replied.

INCOMING SMS: Sorry I was putting David to bed. I can work with that and then we can eventually tell them the truth.

OUTGOING SMS: That’s okay. So you’re willing to be a guy I met at a university get together and is doing the same course as me and is also in a complicated relationship who is looking for a tour guide?

INCOMING SMS: If it means to be with you, then yes absolutely.

My prince charming.

OUTGOING SMS: I can’t wait for you to meet my friends.

INCOMING SMS: I can’t wait either. I need to check on David and call it a night. I have work tomorrow and Friday morning, so I’ll see you Friday night?

Don’t be clingy now, it won’t kill you if you don’t see him for a day or two.

OUTGOING SMS: Its okay, it gives me sometime to concentrate on my university work. I have asked my sister for the car on Friday night because I might have to bring a friend or two home. Do you want me to pick you up?

INCOMING SMS: Ture, I was going to come and pick you up, but if your parents are home they might ask questions.

OUTGOING SMS: That’s okay, I’ll pick you up then.

INCOMING SMS: Sounds good. I have to go but know that I will be thinking about you every minute I am not with you. I love you. Good night.

OUTGOING SMS: I love you too.


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“When did you move here?” I asked curious.

“When I was ten, Mum and Dad moved us to London because Dad got a better job offer. Then when I was fifteen they got divorced and Mum took me and David and moved us to Australia. It’s been almost seven years now” Matt replied taking my hand that was on my lap.

Oh no he’s from a broken home.

I didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t know what the appropriate answer or comeback was to your boyfriend telling you that his parents got a divorce. I squeezed his hand to let him know that I was there for him if he wanted to talk.

He kept his hand in mine the entire way to the restaurant. It didn’t take long to get there and once we were there I knew exactly where he was taking me. Matt parked the car in front of the restaurant and told me to wait in the car. As I waited for Matt to walk around to my side of the car to open the door, I stared out to the restaurant and I wondered how many times I had been past the restaurant wishing to go in.

How many times have I wanted to go here and now I am finally here, with a guy of all things. With Matt.

“Matthew, it’s so good to see you. How have you been my boy? And who is this lovely lady you have brought with you?” a man with a strong English accent said as the restaurant door closed behind us.

“Mr Core this is Anna. Anna this is Mr Core he owns the restaurant” Matt said after shaking his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Anna. You must be one special girl if Matthew is bringing you here” Mr Core said showing us to a table by the window.

Doesn’t Matt bring anyone else here? Am I the first girl he has brought here?

Mr. Core left us with a menu each and a bottle of cold water, giving us time to pick what we wanted to eat.

“Do you come here often?” I asked as I opened my menu.

“Umm yeah I do actually. When we first moved to Sydney, Mum wasn’t really around and I didn’t really know how to cook so I used to bring David here hoping that we could have something to eat with the little money we had and pretend that everything was okay at home. Eventually we started coming here whenever we had run out of food at home and didn’t have money to get more. Mr. Core and I became good friends, he is like a father to me and David and made sure we ate every day and then I started to work here when I was allowed to and started paying him back for all the meals he supplied us. Without Mr. Core and his wife we couldn’t have gotten through the first few years we were here. But now I can come here and pay for my food and know that Mr. Core is still here for me” Matt replied putting his menu down and looking me straight in the eyes.

Oh Matt.

“Anyway, do you know what you are going to order?” Matt asked trying to change the subject.

I took his hand and looked at him.

“Please no pity” he said looking back at me.

“Matt I’m not looking at you with pity; I am simply looking at you thinking why on earth I am only meeting you now” I said with a smile.


“Matt I want to know everything there is to know about you good or bad. So don’t hold back on me now” I replied taking my hand away from his, glancing at the menu one more time and putting it back on the table.

“Do you know how much I love you right now?” Matt said leaning across the table and kissed me.

Not as much as I love you.

A waitress came to our table a few minutes later and took our order. I learnt that Matt is exactly like me and orders burgers where ever he goes and agrees that there is no such thing as a bad time for a burger. Another common denominator between us.

As we waited for our meal I watched the waves crashing and completely zoned out.

“You do that a lot don’t you?” Matt asked snapping me back to reality.

“Huh? What? Sorry”

“It’s okay, the view takes some time getting used to; trust me David would stare out the window for hours when he was a baby” Matt replied taking my hand in his.

Our meals arrived just as after Matt finished his sentence. He said thank you to the girl who he obviously knows.

“The food looks amazing” I said looking at the burger that had been placed in front of me.

“It tastes even better” Matt said picking up half of his burger.

I watched him take a bite of his burger.

My god he makes eating sexy too.

I could have sat there for hours watching him eat, but I didn’t want to waste the amazing smelling burger that was sitting in front of me. I lifted half my burger up from the plate and took a bite out of it.

“Mm that is good” I said swallowing my food.

Matt laughed at me and I could feel the sauce running down my chin.

“I’m sorry” I laughed “I’m not being very lady like” I said picking up my napkin and wiping my mouth.

He laughed at me again and picked up his napkin.

“Here” Matt said wiping my chin again, clean.

“You missed a bit”

“I always make a mess of myself whenever I eat a burger. But I love them too much to stop eating them”

“Hey you don’t have to explain yourself to me. The mess makes you look cute” He replied before taking another bite of his burger.

My mess makes me look cute. Did he write the book of romance?

We continued to eat our meal as we talked. The burger was amazing, the chips were even better and the company was to die for. Matt finished his food moment before I did.

“I understand why you keep coming here now and bring everyone with you”

“Actually, you are the only other person I have brought here other than Mum and David” Matt said after taking a sip of water.

“This place means too much to me. I didn’t want to ruin it by bring girls here that didn’t mean anything to me”

I sat back in my seat and just looked at him. I knew it wasn’t the right time or place to ask him about past relationships even though he has just mentioned other girls. We didn’t talk for a few minutes, we reviled in the silence.

“I presume you enjoyed your meal” Mr. Core asked coming to the table.

“Absolutely. That was the best burger I have ever eaten. Thank you so much” I replied with a smile on my face.

“Anna you can come back here whenever you want. Matthew I like this girl. Would you like to see the dessert menu?” Mr. Core asked picking up the last fork on the table.

“Um, actually I thought we could go home and have dessert?” Matt said looking at me.

“Sure, if you want”

No dessert? What do you have planned Matt?

“Can I please have the bill Mr. Core?” Matt asked looking at him after breaking his stare from me.

“No, today is on the house” He replied tapping him on the cheek like he was his own son.


As I got up from the table I noticed Matt had already disappeared. He was at the door talking to Mr. Core. The look on their faces told me that they had gone through so much together. If I hadn’t known better I could have sworn that they were father and son.

As we walked to the car hand in hand after they finished talking and I wondered what was going to happen next, after all Matt did go to the effort of denying me dessert so we could go home.

Maybe he has a surprise at home for me?

Once we were in the car I checked my phone.

“Is everything okay?” Matt asked as he noticed me staring at my phone.

“Yeah, what’s the time?”

“It is almost two o’clock. Why?”

“Lily is catching the earlier ferry. She docks at three” I replied putting my phone away and putting my seatbelt on.

“That’s okay I need to pick up David at three. So we can go back to your house for a little bit and then we’ll both leave at two-thirty to pick them up” he replied putting the car in gear.

Sounds like a plan.

“Well aren’t you a man with a plan?”

“I am but that wasn’t the plan I had come up with, but thirty minutes of making out with you might just be enough for now” he replied as we drove away from the restaurant.

We sat in silence as Matt drove us back to my house. It wasn’t an awkward silence, it was a nice peaceful silence, and we didn’t need to feel the air with noise, sitting in silence was nice.

Suddenly as Matt continued to drive something came over me, a feeling that wasn’t going to go away until I asked Matt how he was feeling. It felt like the right time to talk about our relationship now that we’ve gone on what I presume to be our first date.

“Hey Matt?”

“Yes Anna” Matt replied turning a corner.

“Do you think this is weird?”

“What’s weird?”

Now that I have started I can’t turn back.

“The situation we are in. We met yesterday morning and we have already told each other that we love one another” Matt was pulling over “but we don’t know each other and I am not trying to sound ungrateful because believe you me I have never been this happy, but don’t you think that we are moving too fast and that we will burn out to early?” I asked nervously knowing I wasn’t going to settle until I knew his response.

Matt had completely pulled the car over and had parked it. I turned to face him as turned in his seat to face me. He took my hands in his and looked at me.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked.

“Yes of course I do. But what has that got to do with anything?”

“Do you believe in fate and destiny?” he asked another question.

“Yes to some extent I suppose I do”

“Anna I think that it was fate that brought you to my counter yesterday morning, and I believe that it was written in our destiny to meet each other yesterday. My mother used to say to me that love is only worth it if you love them from the moment you meet them. Anna I love you and I want to get to know you and I know we missed the whole awkward courting part but we can go back and do all of that if you want or we can keep going forward. I think we could be great together”

“I think you’re great Matt” I started.


“I’m scared that this is not real, I’m scared that after all this time waiting to be with someone my mind is playing some sick joke on me and has made you up. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s how I feel”

“Does this feel real?” Matt asked and then kissed me.

Of course this is real. If it wasn’t would you have just felt like that from one kiss? You know this is really Anna.

“Yes” I said leaning my forehead against his.

My eyes started to tear up and I could feel a tear escape. Matt placed his hands on my cheeks and pulled back.

“If you think that this is a mistake or we are going to fast we can slow down. We can walk away for a few days and then start as friends, hang out, go to movies the whole courtship” Matt said staring into my eyes.

“Can you drive me home?” I didn’t reply to his suggestion because I wanted to talk to him in private but as soon as I said it both his hands and smile dropped.

He started the car and drove off. We didn’t speak the whole way back to my house. Once we got home and Matt parked in the driveway I looked at him.

He’s sad. What have I just done? I’ve ruined this.

“Can you please come inside with me?” I asked hoping that he would.

He opened the door and jumped out. I opened the front door and walked in. I took his hand and walked him inside. I took off my shoes and jacket and sat on my bed. I patted for him to sit down and he took off his shoes. Slowly he walked over to the bed and sat right next to me. Yesterday we had the blanket just over our legs; today however I wanted the blanket over our heads, to bring us closer.

We sat cross legged facing each other with the blanket above our heads.

“Matt I didn’t say any of that to hurt you”

“This feels like déjà vu” he replied.

“That’s because I didn’t want to say what I want to say in public and I wanted to make sure you were actually listening to me when I spoke” I said taking his hand in mine.

“If you could would you take back saying I love you to me yesterday?” I asked.


“Why not?”

“Why do you want to know this for?” he replied getting angry.

“Indulge me please”

“I said I love you yesterday because that is how I felt and I wanted to be open and honest with you from the start, so I said it”

“I only ask because I wanted to hear you say that you love me again” I said taking his hands.

“Matt I don’t want to take it slow, I don’t want to be just friends or do the whole courtship thing. I actually want to be at the point where you don’t have to ask permission to walk inside my house or room or ask me if you can kiss me. I want us to be at the point where we can say and do anything we want and be one hundred percent comfortable with each other”

“I want all of that too, but why did you freak out in the car?”

“Because I am an idiot and it is what I do, freak out and because for the longest of time and especially after the whole Daniel thing I haven’t really learnt how to trust my feelings and other people especially guys. I love you Matt and as crazy as it sounds if you asked me to marry you right now I would probably say yes”

Please don’t ask me, please don’t ask me. Why did you just say that Anna?

He looked at me like he had had an idea and I had to stop him just in case he was going to ask.

“Please don’t ask me because I don’t think I have the strength to say no to you” I quickly said before he opened his mouth.

“I had thought about it, but maybe I’ll wait a few more days” he said with a kiss.

I laughed to show him that we were okay and that I hoped everything would go back to normal.

Don’t kid yourself kid, you just said you would marry him out loud.

“Just one more thing before I ask if we are okay. What am I supposed to do about my friends and family?”

“We’ll take it one day at a time and if that doesn’t work we can always say that we meant online” Matt said with a laugh before he kissed me again.

“Hey that’s not funny” I said pushing him away.

Yes it was.

“Yes it was” we said at the same time.

We kissed again and again and again eventually I was on my back and Matt was on top of me.

“Sorry for freaking out before” I said caressing his cheek.

“Sorry for not finding you earlier”

I love you.

We keep kissing until all of a sudden something beeped.

“What was that?” I asked as Matt pulled away.

“My watch, so I don’t forget to pick up David” he said turning off the beeping

“I guess that means we must stop and go our separate ways”

“I suppose one more kiss won’t hurt anyone”

What was supposed to be one more kiss was five minutes and now we were both late.

“Okay now we have to go”

“Yeah before Lily rings” I said putting my shoes on again.

I locked the front door behind us and stopped at my car.

“I don’t want to go” I said leaning on the car and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Neither do I but David will be waiting for me” Matt said with a kiss.

“You and David must be really close”

“We are. For the longest time it was just me and him and a mother that was never around. He’s my best friend and I’m his. He’s going to love you when he meets you”


“Absolutely, but if I don’t leave to pick him up he’s not going to be happy”

“Go on than get out of here. Lily should be docking soon anyway” I said pushing off the car and opening the door.

“Can I text you later tonight?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way” I said with a kiss and he was off to his car.

I waited for Matt to reverse out of the drive way before I moved the car. He beeped and was off.

Dude, he just left calm down. He said he is going to text later and he will. Just go and pick up Lily. Everything is going to be okay.


*Storm, the story continues. Find more of this story under Extracts.

Morning eventually broke and the sun shoon through the window above my bed and straight into my picture of the Eiffel Tower.


He was my last thought last night and the first thing that popped into my mind this morning. I started to think about everything we could do together like going out to dinner or to the movies, hang out, talk about weird things for hours on end, meeting the family and so on. I was getting a head of myself but it felt good to be able to look forward to something other than the airing of a television show. I was lying there just thinking about everything when I heard my father. My father works all the time with his demanding job as a public defender. When he comes home sometimes he can be in a foul mood, which is understandable after what he has to deal with at work, but it doesn’t help when he has a drink or two. It’s not that I don’t love him, it’s just that his moods and his habits drive me insane and if he puts me in a bad mood than I am in a bad mood for the rest of the day. So to get rid of this conundrum, I limit my time with him. Like this morning, I know he is going to work so I usually stay in my room until he goes, or I walk out of my room just before he opens the front door. A technique I had perfected by the age of fifteen.

“When are you going to stop doing that?” Mum asked as Dad shut the front door and I walked into the lounge room to find her on her second coffee of the day.

“Do what? I replied trying to deflect the question, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Wait for your father to leave before you come out of your room”

“I can’t really see myself not doing it” I replied walking towards the kitchen.

Mum had already started her busy day by taking Lily to the ferry wharf so she can go to university. She doesn’t usually start work until ten o’clock on a Wednesday and finishes late.

Lily is only at university for a few hours today so I won’t have the house to myself all day. I had plenty to do but didn’t want to do any of it.  My mind was focused on Matt. I wanted to know what he was doing, what he was wearing, what he was thinking and how he was feeling.

Should I text him? Will he think I am desperate if I do? What am I supposed to do?

After Mum left to go to work, I got stuck into my university work that I needed done by yesterday. It had only been fifty minutes and I was already bored from studying. I needed a distraction. I spun around on my chair trying to come up with something that I could do.

I’m so bored. Where can I go to not be bored?

With little money and friends busy at university or work during the week, leaving us with only the weekend to catch-up on, I had nothing to do and nowhere to go with anyone. I was running out of options when my phone started ringing.


Thank you God, I was about to go crazy.

It was Matt and this was going to be our very first telephone conversation.

“Hi” I answered the phone trying not to give away how happy I was to finally be talking to him again.

“Hi, how did you sleep last night?” he asked.

“It was the best sleep I have had in a very long time”

“That is good to hear. I didn’t reply to your message, because I figured that you would have gone to sleep as soon as you pressed ‘send’ on your last one. What are your plans for today?” he asked.

Play it cool Anna. Don’t just say that you’re not busy. Let him do some of the hard work.

“Well Mum and Dad are working late again tonight and I have to pick up Lily from the ferry wharf this afternoon. I had planned to do some studying but I’m already bored of it, how about you?”

Oh yeah, that is totally keeping it cool.

“Other than picking up my brother from school at three I am free. Do you want to do something?”

Absolutely, of course I do you idiot.

“I’m guessing you’re trying to work out what to say without saying a straight out yes?” Matt asked when I didn’t reply immediately.

He knows me so well already.

“I was trying but nothing was coming to me”

“I’ll come by your house soon and we can work out what to do from there”

“Sounds great, I’ll see you soon” I replied and then hung up with a face full of smile.

Yes I did it, he’s coming over and soon I will be able to kiss his beautiful lips again.

A few minutes passed and I still had the phone in my hand as though I was waiting for it to ring again. I woke up out of my day dreaming and turned around and faced my laptop. I had a list of things to do post-it noted on the side of my computer and the longer I looked at the list the faster I was able to make up excuses not to do anything on them.

Knowing that Matt said soon I decided to pick something on the list and do it so I could take my mind off him and the butterflies that had turned into the size of moths in my stomach.

Just as I started to concentrate on my first task I heard a knock on the front door.


I looked at the computer clock only to see that it had been twenty minutes since Matt had called. I slowly walked to the door and opened it. Behind the fly screen stood Matt who had a smile that went from ear to ear. I unlocked the fly screen and Matt took the handle to open it. I smiled.

No picnic basket?

I stepped back so that he would have room to get through the door. As he stepped inside and shut the door behind him he did not take his eyes off me for one second. We didn’t speak nor move; we just stood there in front of the door staring at each other before Matt leaned forward and grabbed me to bring me in for a kiss.

“Hi” Matt said when he removed his lips from mine.

“Hi” I replied dreamily.

He went to kiss me again but I put my hand over his mouth first. It’s not that I didn’t want to kiss him; I just didn’t want to do it at my front door.

“As much as I absolutely love kissing you, I would rather not do it in front of my neighbours. Let’s go to my room”

I took his hand and walked him to my room with a bit of force but only to speed him up so we could kiss more.

“Everything looks so different with that blind open” Matt said as I sat on my chair and he sat on my bed.

“It’s amazing what some sun can do after a storm” I replied turning back around to face Matt after quickly saving the work I had done on my laptop.

“What are you doing over there? I can’t kiss you if you are all the way over there” Matt said pulling my chair until it was between his legs.

He put his hands on the sides of my face and kissed me, but pulled back after one kiss.

What are you doing? You don’t need my permission to kiss me.

“Who are you?” Matt asked staring into my eyes and then proceeded to kiss me.

Who am I, more like who are you and where have you been all my life?

We kissed and continued to kiss for a few minutes until I pulled away from Matt as my back stiffened.

“Why did you just do that?”

“My back hurts” I replied quietly placing my hand on my lower back to sit me up properly.

“Here I know a way of making it better” Matt said patting on the spot next to him.

I moved to sit next to him but found that Matt had other plans. He started to kiss me and eventually we were horizontal and slightly intertwined.

“Better?” he asked brushing my hair behind my ear as I lay under him with my legs knotted in his.

“Much” I replied with a smile.

We kissed and kissed and I swear we were doing it for hours.

“Holy crap what’s the time?” I pulled away, confused and panicked.

“It’s midday. Why what’s wrong?” Matt replied after looking at his watch.

Holy crap what was that? How did I just lose all sense of time?

I didn’t reply because I didn’t know what to say.

“Did you just get lost in your first proper make out session?” Matt said sitting up on his elbow.

“Oh my god I did, didn’t I? I’m such a loser. I’m so embarrassed” I replied pulling Matts’ top down to cover my face.

“No don’t be embarrassed. It’s cute. I’ve never seen it happen to anyone. Anna it’s okay it just meant that for a few minutes you weren’t thinking and just feeling happy, in the moment.”

“Yeah, or does it mean I am a freak?” I said tucking myself into his chest again.

“Anna you are not a freak. Kissing is new to you, your body and mind is enjoying it. Don’t over analyse it, some people including myself would love to experience what you just experienced”

“Really, it’s never happened to you?” I asked coming out from his chest.

“I would love to say that it has but that would be a lie and honestly no one has ever meant that much to me that their kisses made me get lost in the moment” Matt said with another kiss.

We kissed for a few more minutes but this time I didn’t get lost. This time I was right there thinking about Matt. The kisses got intense and hotter and then suddenly Matt pulled away and jumped off the bed.

“Matt?” I asked as he ran out the bedroom door.

“Please give me a minute” he replied from what sounded like the lounge room.

No way! No way! Did that really just happen to me? Do I really have that effect on him, already?

“Are you okay?” I shouted.

“Yep, I just need a minute to cool down” he replied shyly from the other room.

Don’t laugh at Matt, don’t laugh, and don’t laugh. It is perfectly normal for this to happen to guys. You should take it as a compliment, really. Good work Anna.

After a few minutes Matt walked back into the room and sat on the bed next to me. I took his hand and just held it.

“Do you want to go and have some lunch?” I asked looking at his face which seemed to be in a state of sad and embarrassed.

He leant in and kissed me.

“Thank you”

“For what?” I asked.

“For changing subject and I know the perfect spot”

Matt didn’t tell me where we were going to be going so I quickly went to the bathroom and checked to see that what I was wearing was good enough to wear in public. When I came out refreshed, I caught Matt staring at me.

Could he get any cuter?

“The back door Anna?” Matt said after I collected my bag and we headed to the front door.

“What about it?” I asked confused as to why he was talking about the back door.

“Are you going to close it?” he pointed out to it as I stood there open.

Idiot, how could you forget the back door?

“Oh crap. See what you do to me” I said giving him my bag and walking to the back door to shut it.

After closing and locking the back door, we headed to Matt’s car, where Matt opened the passenger door for me. It was cute and rustic as he was and although it looked rough around the edges, it looked like it was being well looked after and well used by Matt.

“Thank you” I said as he helped me in and closed the door for me.

My first car ride with a guy, other than a friends’ boyfriend of course.

As Matt walked over to his side of the car, I couldn’t help think about what the neighbours might be thinking about if they were watching. But to be honest I didn’t really care. It’s not like they have never seen two people kiss before or hold hand. I know they have never seen me do any of that, but it wasn’t like it was never going to happen.

“So where are we going?” I asked once Matt had started the car.

“You’re going to love it. I have been going to this place since I moved here and the food is amazing” Matt replied driving out of the driveway and down the street.


*The story continues…(Look under ‘Extracts‘ for more from this story)

I started clearing my room of all the emergency things I had brought into it. I blow out the candles and folded the blankets I had on the carpet. I put everything back where they belong, but kept the blanket we had used on the bed.

It was well past four when I had finished cleaning my room but Mum or Lily weren’t meant to be home for another two hours. I decided that I needed to clear my head and the best way to do that was in a cold shower. I hesitantly jumped into the shower but couldn’t get Matt’s face and voice out of my mind. I had hoped that a cold shower would cool me down and help me clear my thoughts about Matt, but it didn’t work. There was nothing in the world that was going to make me clear my thought, empty my mind, not today, probably not ever. I knew as soon as he said those three little words that my life was going to change forever, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to be able to feel such emotions like I have today ever in my life. I had dreamt about it forever, but in real life it doesn’t feel anything like it. I knew it was a risk, a risk I was willing to take for myself because I knew I was going to regret it if I didn’t follow my heart.

I wasn’t able to forget about Matt but I was able to work out what I was going to cook for dinner. As I got dressed in my bedroom I saw my phone on my bedside table and remembered that Matt had done something to it. I hurried to get it and open it and see what he had done. But I couldn’t find anything. There were no pictures, no messages, no Facebook status, or Twitter updates or even an email.

What did he do to my phone?

I was getting frustrated not being able to find what Matt had done knowing that he indeed had done something, so I put it down and went to fix my hair. As I stood there towel drying my hair it came to me that the only place I hadn’t looked was in my calendar.

What is he going to do in my calendar? Check to see when I’m free? News update – I’m always free!

I grabbed my phone and started looking in my calendar.

Finally, I found it.

CALENDAR ENTRY FOR 9:30AM TODAY: Talked to a superhot check out guy who followed me to my car and then proceeded to give me his number.

CALENDAR ENTRY FOR 12PM TODAY: Stalker, also known as Matt kissed me and told me that he loved me.

He marked it on my calendar? Seriously? Could this guy get any cuter?

I read them over and over again, making sure that my eyes and brain weren’t deceiving me. I fell back onto my bed as I kept reading them over and over again with a massive smile on my face.

I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to say thank you or something else, anything else that would let me hear his angelic voice again, but he told me he would call me when he was free at home.

Calm down Anna; don’t freak him out with being the clingy girl that can’t spend time away from him.

I laid there on my bed for a while just replying the events of today over and over in my mind, hypnotised by Matt and his message.

INCOMING SMS: Just left work, on my way home. See you soon, Mum.

Mum’s coming home, back to reality.

OUTGOING SMS: About to start dinner. Dad is working late. Love Anna.

I could have stayed on my bed all night if I didn’t have to cook dinner, but I couldn’t, it was part of the deal for me to stay home and study. Good thing I’m a pretty good cook. So I grabbed my phone, put it in my pocket and headed to the kitchen with my IPod. I placed ABBA on loud, to drown out the rain and started cooking.

Dinner was almost done when Mum got home. I grabbed what I needed to set the table and went and fixed it as the pasta finished cooking. I checked my phone as I walked out of the kitchen for the second time with more things to put on the table.

“Who are you waiting a call from?” Mum asked sneaking up on me.

“Oh no one I was just checking the time” I replied putting my phone back in my pocket.

The pasta finished cooking, the table was set and Mum had finished whatever work she needed to do. Lily walked through the front door as I placed the pasta on the table.

“Good timing” I called out as she locked the door behind her.

Dad called again saying that he had to finish the rest of the shift he has started. There was still nothing from Matt.

The rest of the night was just like every other night, dinner went on without Dad and Lily talked our ears off about work. All was the same, except that tonight I was waiting for a message, a call, anything from Matt. It had only been a few hours since I last heard his voice or saw his face, but it felt like an eternity. As I sat in front of the television watching whatever Lily wanted to watch, I was getting fidgety and impatient. I was trying to work out if there was something that I could say to start the conversation or get his attention.

I’m going crazy. Please text me Matt.

It was getting close to ten o’clock which in my terms is pretty early, but when you are waiting for someone to message you it literary feels like forever, when I decided to go to bed. I lay their trying to relax listening to the clock ticking. Tick tick tick tick. And eventually I fell asleep.


Finally a message.

It was well past eleven o’clock when the message came through. I had already had thirty minutes of sleep. I must have been more tired than I had thought. I guess meeting a guy and falling in love in one day can really drain a person.

Eventually I rolled over and grabbed my phone. Opening my eyes slowly, knowing the light from the phone would blind me, I took my time to read the message.

INCOMING SMS: Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I thought about calling, but it’s late. Dinner took longer than usual and it threw out my plans. Matt.

Interesting. As much as I want to keep talking I want to sleep.

OUTGOING MESSAGE: Is everything okay? Sleep is good company when you are waiting for something. Anna.

I held onto the phone and dozed back off to sleep. For the first time in a long time I went to sleep with a smile. It was also the first time in a long that I wish that I could fast forward through the night and get to the next day.

INCOMING SMS: Oh I’m sorry were you sleeping? I didn’t mean to wake you up. I just wanted to say good night and make sure you didn’t go crazy waiting for me to text you. Matt.

Me go crazy? Ha-ha like that was going to happen.

OUTGOING SMS: I was sleeping but happy to be woken by you. Thank you for an amazing day and putting it into my calendar. Good night. Anna.

As soon as I pressed ‘send’ I fell back asleep.


*More from Storm (tell me what you think of it)

“Anna” Matt whispered as he placed a hand on my back gently.

“Sorry I just need a moment” I replied noticing a tear fall onto my cheek.

“Come here” Matt said taking my hand off the handle and pulling me into a hug.

As soon as his arms wrapped around me, I broke down. Tears were coming out of me faster than I thought possible. We stood there for what felt like forever, until my tears dried up.

“I’m sorry, I’m such a mess” I said pulling out of Matt’s hug and rubbing my eyes trying to dry them, knowing that I was making them redder.

“Hey you’re not a mess, you’re hurt, there is a difference” Matt replied pulling my chin up to look at him.

All I could do was smile at him. He took my hand and walked me back to my room. I sat on the edge of my bed next to Matt and didn’t say anything.

“I should go home, give you some time alone” Matt said suddenly.

“No, I don’t want you to go, unless you want to go” I replied looking up at him.

“I just don’t want to out stay my welcome” he replied.

“You’re not, stay. I know you heard everything I said to Daniel and I am glad that you didn’t hit him before he left, although it felt nice having someone look out for me. Everything I said to him was true. If he had come a year ago or even yesterday, I probably could have forgiven him, but he broke my heart and ever since he did, I have been picking up the pieces so that when I finally met someone who liked me as much as I liked them, I would be ready” I said taking Matt’s hands in mine.

“Matt you have to know what he said isn’t true. He doesn’t know how much I loved him and that love vanished as soon as he left with Alex. I have no future with him, I want to have a future with you, that is, if you still like me” I finished moving closer to him.

“This morning when you came to my counter you were like nothing I had ever seen before. I needed to get to know you, so I followed you to your car. When I was speaking with you at your car and gave you my number I only did that because there was something inside me that told me to, that if I didn’t, I was going to miss out on an opportunity of a life time. Then you were open and honest and told me things I never thought I would know about you and I knew immediately I had to be with you, now until forever. I love you Anna and I want to be with you” Matt replied, looking me straight into my eye before pulling me in for a kiss.

Love. He loves me. I never thought that I would ever hear someone say that to me.

“Say something” Matt said as we pulled out of the kiss.

“Say it again” I asked.

“I love you”

I closed my eyes as he said it, soaking up the words, the emotions, the feelings that were running through me.


“I love you Anna and I want to be with you from now until I die” he said whispering as he pulled me onto his lap, so my legs were in the middle of his and my arms were around his neck.

I leaned in and kissed him and he kissed me back.

“You don’t have to say anything. I just wanted to let you know how I was feeling and be completely honest with you. I don’t want you to say anything you’re not ready to say” he said as he tucked a piece of lose hair behind my ear.

“I was never one to falter to peer pressure”

“That is good to know” he replied.

“Can you say it one more time for me though?” I asked wanting to hear him say it again as I figured out my feelings.

“I’ll say it whenever you want me to. I love you”

“I love you too” I replied with a growing smile on my face.

I do, well I think what I am feeling is love. It has to be love, what else can it be that I am feeling right now?

Matt grabbed my head and pulled it in for a kiss, not letting go for a minute.

“Say it again” he said pulling his lips from mine.

“I love you” I said smiling.

“I love that smile of yours” Matt said running his thumb across my lips.

I smiled again not able to hide how I was feeling. I was happy over the moon, delirious.

“So are we boyfriend and girlfriend then?” I asked shyly.

“If you want to be, as I don’t really tell people I love them unless I want to be with them. I want to be with you, do you want to be with me?”

More than anything in the world.

“I only have one condition”

“And what would that be?” Matt asked.

“Don’t break my heart” I replied knowing if I was going to do this I had to do it openly and honestly.

“Never” Matt said before pulling me in for a kiss.

We kissed and didn’t stop. We were connecting on more than one level and it felt so good. After a few minutes we both got up and walked to the top of my bed where my pillows are. Matt sat down with his back against the headboard and pulled me onto his lap. I was straddling him. He was looking at me once I was comfortable, but he wasn’t staring; it was as though he was staring straight into my soul. I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against his. I could feel Matt’s eyes close and for a brief moment, we were in sync, total and completely in sync with one another. As I moved away from him, I felt the heat from Matt’s lips and knew that he was going to kiss me.

We kissed for a while until I felt Matt shift under me. I started worrying about my weight and how much pain he would be in under me. I’m not the skinniest girl out there, but my curves can make me self-conscious and doubt everything I do sometimes.

“Am I hurting you?” I asked pulling my lips away from Matt’s.

“Yes, because your lips aren’t on mine” he replied without opening his eyes.

I lightly slapped him across the shoulder hoping that he would get how serious I was.

“Is me sitting on you like this hurting your legs?” I asked.

“No but if your uncomfortable we can move” he replied running his hands up and down my legs.

“Stop it Matt. I’m being serious. I don’t want to squash you. I don’t want to hurt you’ I said moving off Matt and lying down next to him.

“Don’t look at me like that” I said as Matt stared at me.

“I’m not looking at you like anything. I just don’t want you to be like all those other girls who don’t like the way they look and hate themselves” Matt said as he lay down next to me perched on his elbow.

“Are you serious? Of course I am like those girls. Have you actually looked at me, I’m hideous” I replied crossing my arms across my chest.

I could hear him sigh.

What if I have just ruined this? What if that is the point, that he likes big girls? Or that his friends dared him to go out with a fat girl?

The bed moved and it wasn’t me, it was Matt. He moved and came right up behind me and placed his arms around me and intertwined his legs between mine.

Is this my first spoon?

“If I said that you are the most beautiful looking girl I have ever seen, you’re not going to believe me. If I say that you look perfect, you’re probably going to hit me again. So this is what I am going to say: you are beautiful, smart, caring and have a beautiful smile and your heart is as big as the ocean. I have never cared for what a person looks like on the outside, for me it’s what is on the inside that counts. I like everything I see and have gotten to know about you and I cannot wait to get to see and know more about you. It helps that you have soul capturing eyes” Matt said from behind me.

I rolled over with blushed cheeks so that we were facing each other.

“Do you mean that?” I asked looking straight at him.

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it”

Perfection – if I had to describe Matt in one word. Perfect.

I moved closer to Matt. Everything was touching: our legs, and hands. My head was leaning against his chest and I could hear his heart beating.

“I didn’t think that it was possible to ever be this happy. You’re the reason I’m this happy” I said looking up at him.

“I’m happy that you’re happy. I love you” he replied kissing my forehead.

We were just lying there for a while, listening to rain come and go. I was listening to Matt’s heart beat and smiled as it calmed. I was completely blissed out, happy when I heard my phone ring.

“Seriously? Can you reach over and pass that to me?” I asked know it was sitting on my bed side table that was behind my back.

I’m going to kill you, whoever you are, interrupting my happiness.

It was Dad. He wanted to make sure that I was okay now that the power had gone out. I tried to get him off the phone as fast as I could so I could get back to my blissed out state being with Matt. I hung up hoping that no one else would call and interrupt me and my time with Matt. I handed my phone back to Matt and he placed it on my bedside table.

“My dad likes to worry when he feels like it” I said turning onto my side, propping myself up onto my elbow.

“My mother is the same” Matt added.

“Great, so we both come from screwed up families. We finally have something in common”

“Oh I’m sure we have a lot more in common, we’ve just been busy getting to know each other in other ways. We can work all that boring stuff out later” Matt replied.

“Sounds good” I replied before Matt started to kiss me again.

I could hear the thunder ease as we made out and the rain get louder. I was so comfortable and didn’t want to move. We were close, but as close as we were lying next to each other there was still so much I didn’t know about Matt. The curiosity inside me wanted to find out more about Matt, but the new and improved me just wanted to stay there on her bed making out with my very first boyfriend.

“I can hear your heart beating” I said as my ear lay against his chest.

Matt brushed my hair behind my ear and then kissed the top of my head.

I moved to face Matt so we were face to face. Although we had only done it once, being tucked under Matt’s chin made me feel so safe and comfortable, and listening to his heart beating made me want to kiss him again. I cupped my hand around his cheek and smiled. It was just last night when I dreamt about lying down with a guy, in my bed, in love. And to be honest dreaming about it and doing it are two completely different things.

“Stop staring at me” Matt said placing his hand over my eyes.

“I’m not staring, I’m curious” I replied taking his hand slowly off my eyes.

“Okay, what do you want to know?” Matt said moving to leaning on his elbow.

“When is your birthday?” I asked and just as I finished my phone beeped.

Why does this keep happening?

“I’m sorry” I said leaning over Matt to grab my phone.

INCOMING MESSAGE: Hey did you get my cupcake? Lily.


Just breathe Anna.

“Is everything okay?” Matt asked.

“Yeah it was my sister, Lily. She asked me to buy her a cupcake whilst I was at the shops this morning and wanted to know if I had gotten it. She is a pain in my arse” I replied.

Lily, my older sister, is studying to become a nurse. She is the most annoying sister and thinks because I study from home she has the right to annoy me every time she is at university. We aren’t that far apart in birthdays and she is there when I need her, but she can be very annoying sometimes.

“Sorry, you’d have to meet her to understand. Anyway you didn’t answer my question, when is your birthday?” I asked sitting up on my elbow.

“The 11th of December 1992. How about you?” Matt finally replied.

“You’re a year and two months older than me. I’m October 6th 1993” I said with a smile.

“That’s going to be easy to remember” Matt replied with a growing smile.

“You better not forget it. Wait that sounds like a threat, I mean if you forget it then whatever. What I mean this is new and you might not be good with remembering birthdays or you might be. You know what I’m going to shut up now” I said curling into a ball.

“Hey no it’s cool. I get what you’re saying. I mean guys have a bad reputation of forgetting important things like the person they love birthday. Let’s just say I’m not perfect” Matt replied trying to pry my hands away from my face.

“That’s what you think” I said under my breath.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. I didn’t say anything” I said coming out of my protective curl.

I just said that you might not think that you are perfect, but in my eyes you are the closest thing that will ever come to perfection.

I saw Matt sneak a peek at his watch.

Oh no please don’t leave.

“Do you have to go?” I asked sheepishly.

Matt smiled and then looked at his watch again.

“I do but not right now. I have about half an hour before I do have to go. I’m sorry, I would love to stay for as long as I can, but I have to cook dinner for my brother after school. My mother won’t, so I have to”

“Hey don’t apologise, you do what you have to do. It’s not like I am keeping you prisoner, except I did think about it. Half an hour is a long time” I said sitting up crossing my legs.

“Trust me I would rather stay and get to know you better and I promise that we will get to know each other. You have my number, you can call me or text me whenever you want to and I don’t live that far away from here. It has been so great getting you knows you Anna and I am never going to forget today. And I know I rushed and told you that I loved you and I didn’t mean to scare you, but I don’t want to waste time with you. I love you” Matt said sitting up taking my hands in his and staring me straight in the eyes as he spoke.

“I don’t want to waste time with you too” I replied pulling his work shirt towards me and kissing him.

“Wait, stop. Let me pack this up first” Matt said pulling away from my kiss.

I helped him pack everything into his basket and watched as his pulled his leather jacket on and fished his car keys out of his pocket.

“Are you going?” I asked leaning against the small wall in front of my bedroom door.

“Not just yet there are two things I need to do first. Firstly I need your phone” Matt asked putting his keys back into his pocket.

“Okay, why?” I asked walking to my bedside table and unlocking my phone.

I handed Matt my phone and watched as he played with it. I had no idea what he was doing to it. Then all of a sudden he locked it and placed it back where it was.

“And the second thing?” I curiously asked.

Matt smiled and the pulled me to him. He is a head taller than me and he has to look down at me and I have to look up at him.

“And for the second thing, I am going to kiss you until your head spins” he said taking my face in his hands and then placing his lips on mine.

My head had been spinning all day and as we stood there in my bedroom kissing, my head spun even more. We kissed and kissed and with every kiss I fell more in love with Matt. The spark was undeniably strong, something I never thought I would ever find.

I felt Matt’s leg vibrate before I heard it ring. I was sitting on his lap and had to get off for Matt to get to it.

“Hi David, I’ll be home as soon as I can be. If you stop doing your homework and take the chicken out and set our plates, dinner will be made in no time. I’ll be right home” Matt said answering his phone.

“I have to go” he said sliding his phone back into his pocket.

“So I heard. Go, you’ve already packed your things” I said as I handed him his jacket and keys.

“Okay, I’m sorry I have to go so fast. I really wanted to stay and keep kissing you” Matt said pulling his jacket on and grabbing the packed basket from the ground.

“I would really love for you to say and keep kissing me too” I said smiling at him, knowing it wasn’t fair.

“Don’t smile at me like that because I might just stay” Matt said grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to him.

He pulled me right in and kissed me again and again. Matt walked backwards bringing me with him to the front door. I was impressed that he didn’t walk into anything and stopped when we reached the door.

“I have to go” he said pulling away from me.

“Go before I make you my prisoner” I replied unlocking the door and the gate.

I walked out with Matt noticing that he had parked behind my car. It is under the carport and no one really parks under here except for Mum and Lily. It is weird seeing someone else’s car under here. But I’m glad I don’t have to get wet now. I watched from behind as Matt unlocked his car, put the basket on the passenger seat and got in. He opened the window as he turned the car on.

“Two quick questions: one, not to sound desperate, annoying, and clingy but should I text you or would you rather me call you? And two, I’m not dreaming right, this is real?” I asked leaning against his window sill.

“I’ll text you once I have finished at home or call, I don’t know yet. And this is totally real, but just in case it isn’t don’t let anyone pinch you and I won’t let anyone pinch me. I’ll talk to you later” Matt said giving me a quick kiss before driving out of the drive way.

I slowly walked back to the front door and waved as Matt drove down the street. As I locked the front door, I found myself unable to move, wondering.

Someone give me a sign that this is real and not a trick my lonely mind has played on me.

Pulling myself away from the front door, I went back to my room and as I stepped into the pitch black room, the lights flicked on.

Great timing there lights. Maybe that’s a sign telling me this is real and meant to be?


*More from Storm…

A moment later I pulled away, I didn’t want to, but I had to.

“I’m sorry” I said looking down away from Matt.

“For what?”

“I don’t know what I am doing. I have been wishing to be kissed since I can remember, but now that I am finally doing it, I have no idea what I am doing and if what I am doing is right. I’m sorry”

“How did that feel?” Matt asked after kissing me again.

“Good. I could feel it in my toes” I replied with a shy smile on my face, embarrassed.

“Then you are doing it just right”

“Okay” I replied with a smile.

I think I am in love with this perfect Scottish man called Matt, who just told me he would never rush me into doing anything I don’t want to do.

“Do you have any other questions?” Matt asked looking at me.

“Of course I have more questions but I would rather kiss you”

Matt replied pulling me in for a kiss. I sat there craning my neck as we continued to kiss.


Are you serious? Who the hell can that be?

“Are you expecting someone?” Matt asked pulling away also hearing the knock at the front door too.

“I’m not excepting anyone” I replied slowly getting off Matt’s lap.

“Maybe it is one of your neighbours checking in on you” Matt said as I pulled myself together.

I was cursing in my mind the whole way to the front door. I wanted to throw something at the person who was interrupting my very first make out session. I wanted them gone. I unlocked the front door hastily and my heart sank.

What the hell are you doing here?

Standing on the other side of the gate was the last person on earth I wanted to see. We haven’t spoken to each other for over a year and I had intended on keeping it that way. There was nothing left for us to say to each other. No now, not every. When you leave your date at her formal with another girl for all to see, you’re not supposed to just rock up at their house unannounced and for no good reason.

“Daniel what are you doing here?” I asked with my hand on the gate handle, the only thing keeping us apart.

“I remembered how much you hate thunderstorms, so I thought I would come and check in on you. Do you mind if I come in, I’m soaking wet?” that smile I fell in love with creeped up onto his face.

“Let me get you a towel” I replied unlocking the gate and opening it.

Why is he here? What does he want? Where is Alex? Does Alex know he is here?

“Thanks” he said as I handed him a towel as he dripped onto my clean floor.

I stood there nervously without speaking as he dried himself off. I thought about Matt and what he was doing in my room all by himself. I kept looking into my room to see what he was doing, but knowing he was on my bed, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see him from where I was standing.

“Am I interrupting something?” Daniel asked as I kept looking into my room.

“Yeah sort of. Where is Alex today?” I asked as I stepped in front of my bedroom door not wanting Daniel to look in.

“I don’t know. I’ve interrupted you, I’ll leave. Sorry”

“No don’t be stupid it’s pouring outside, you’ll get sick if you get wet. Stay”

No don’t stay, go I don’t want you here, leave before Matt makes you leave.

“Hey who’s this?” Matt said walking up behind me.

“Matt this is Daniel, the guy I was telling you about before. Daniel this is Matt”

“Her boyfriend” Matt added as I finished the sentence.

Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?

“Oh umm I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. How long have you guys been together?” Daniel asked after taking his hand back from an unreturned hand shake.

“Long enough” Matt returned sternly.

“Right, I should go” Daniel said holding the wet towel out to me.

“No let me get you something to eat or drink first, it’s warmer in here than it is out there” I replied taking the towel and dumping it in the wash basket.

“Water would be great” he replied.

Matt just called us boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a boyfriend.

“So how do you and Anna know each other?” I heard Daniel ask as I walked to the kitchen.

They were in the middle of something and Matt was about to speak when I walked back in.

“We haven’t really gotten around to telling people quiet yet. Here you go” I said interrupting before Matt could say anything else, handing Daniel a glass of water.

I sat on the arm of the couch Matt was sitting on and watched as Daniel took a sip of water.

“So Daniel how is university going?” I asked before either one of them could say something stupid.

“I have exams in a couple of weeks and then after that I only have one more semester to go. Time really has flown by, I can’t believe I am about to finish my degree” he replied without even asking how my studying is going.

Typical Daniel only ever thinks about himself and never talks about anyone but himself.

“And how’s Alex?” I curiously asked.

“I don’t know. I imagine pretty bad. We broke up two days ago” Daniel replied placing the empty glass onto the coffee table.


“Sorry that’s my phone. I have to get that” Matt said before racing to my bedroom.

“I’m sorry to hear that” I said replying to Daniel.

“I’m not. The night I left the formal with Alex was the biggest mistake of my life and staying with her all of this time has made me realise just how much I screwed up. Anna I’m sorry for the way I treated you. I never meant to hurt you and I am sorry that I did. But I’m here now and I want us to have a go at this” Daniel said walking over to me.


“Anna say something please” Daniel said taking my hand in his.

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do. I could no longer hear Matt talking on his phone; he was definitely waiting to see what I was going to say to Daniel.

“Daniel you have to know what I am about to say isn’t supposed to hurt you, but I am going to say it. I have waited too long and well now seems like the perfect time to say it” I said letting go of his hand.

“The night of the formal when you hugged me goodbye in front of all of my friends, you took my heart with you, but you didn’t know that because I was too scared to tell you. I thought that that night was going to be the beginning of us, but you had other plans. Then you broke my heart when you put it on Facebook that you and Alex were together. But you didn’t just break it in half so that one day I could love again; you broke it into a million tiny pieces. I am not the same girl I was when I walked into my formal holding your hand. That girl is long gone and dead, she has worked her arse off to put her heart back together” I continued standing up pushing Daniel away from me.


“No I haven’t finished. For the last year and a half I have worked so hard so that one day I can fall in love with someone that loves me back, not like you. If you had of came to my front door a year ago or even a month ago I would have considered forgiving you, but no not now, not ever. I have loved you more than you could ever know and that love is never going to go away, but it is time that someone loves me. I am worthy of that. I deserve that and I think I have found that now. After everything you have put me through, you and I can never be together. You need to leave” I finished walking towards the front door.

Daniel didn’t say anything, no one was saying anything. It was quiet. Then lightning struck causing me to jump. Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and before I knew it his lips were on top of mine.

“NO!” I yelled pushing him as hard as I could.

NO, no, no way. You can’t do that to me. No not after all of this time, not after I finally got over you and my want to kiss you. No.

“Anna, please” Daniel said trying to hold my hand again.

“You need to leave” was all I could say.

“Not until you forgive me”

You want my forgiveness, I don’t think so.

“No I can’t, not now. Please go” I said looking towards the front door which I was standing in front of.


“Hey, Anna said leave. Go before I make you go” Matt said loudly coming to stand next to me.

“And who the hell are you to tell me what to do?” Daniel said getting cross.

“The guy that is going to treat Anna better than you ever could, now go unless you want a broken nose” Matt replied opening the gate and almost throwing Daniel out.

Matt closed the gate with Daniel on the other side, standing in the rain. It was cold and wet and even though I didn’t want him to get sick, I didn’t want him in my house. I just wanted him gone.

“Matt was it? She is never going to love you as much as she loved me” Daniel said making me grab the door and slamming it shut.

I stood there for a moment keeping my hand on the door handle as though I couldn’t move it. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do or say or think.

Why is this happening to me?

Storm (continues)

*More from my story Storm. If you haven’t read the beginning you will find the first two post under ‘Extract’s . The first post and the second post.

“I think I need some water” I said retracting my hand and standing up.

“You have water right here” I heard Matt say but it was too late I was already heading to the kitchen.

I knew I had water in my room; I had everything I could possibly need during a storm. I needed a moment to think, to make sense of what was happening. None of it made sense. Nowhere in any of the books have I read does it ever talk about seeing each other and falling in love immediately. It’s never happened for my friends, why would it happen to me? I opened the fridge door as a bolt of lightning struck and I cringed. Closing the door I saw Matt standing at the kitchen door.

“Oh my god you scared me” I said grabbing my heart, metaphorically.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to see that you are okay and ask you something” Matt replied as I walked towards me and then around him to leave the kitchen.

“You say sorry a lot and what is your question?”

“It’s a habit I have. Well my question is: who is your favourite princess?” Matt said grabbing my hand to stop me from walking away.

“How do you know I like princesses?” I asked.

“It might be dark in your room, but your walls are pink, you have a picture of the Eiffel tower on your wall, your nails are painted pink and you selection of books mainly include romance novels. I could guess but I would rather you tell me” Matt replied letting go of my hand.

“You’re observant aren’t you and as embarrassing as this is for me to tell you, for some weird reason I know you won’t laugh or judge me. Cinderella” I said then walked away from Matt and headed to my room.

Why would he want to know that? How can putting things that are in my room together and think that I like princess? I mean I do, I love royals and have always wanted to be one, but I am not stupid enough to think I could ever be one.

“Why did you want to know?” I asked placing the bottle I had taken out of the fridge and putting it on my bedside table.

Matt was right behind me when I turned around. It was the closest I have ever been next to a man, any closer and you think inappropriate things if you saw us. Neither of us said anything or even moved, we just stood in front of each other and I could feel my heart beat racing.

“I have always wanted to be someone’s Prince Charming. Let me be your Prince Charming.” he said placing both of his hand on the side of my face, running his thumbs up and down my cheeks.

I don’t know what came over me, but all of a sudden calm washed over me, my stomach settled and my heart said yes.

“You can be my Prince Charming if you let me be your Cinderella” I replied placing my hand attentively on his hips.

Our height difference was noticeable, but workable. He is a head taller than me and as he looked down into my eyes, I could see him for everything he was. And just as I went to smile, our face grew closer and then suddenly we were kissing.


“Matt” I said gasping for air.

“Anna” Matt replied leaning his forehead against mine.

“That was electrifying” I said catching my breath.

As soon as I finished my sentence the lights turned off.

“Maybe too electrifying” Matt said pulling away and I could see him smile.

“I hate blackouts” I almost yelled as I went to turn the light switch back on to see it was really out.

“I have some candles over there, could you light them? I need to check the fuse box” I said pulling a lighter out of my pocket.

“Let me come with you” Matt replied taking the lighter out of my hand.

“No it will only take me a second, the box is right there behind my room, I’ll be right back” I said grabbing a jacket off one of my hooks and heading out.

Of course it was still raining as I headed outside, so I grabbed dad’s boots that were outside the front door and slid them on. I didn’t want to get electrocuted. I quickly opened the fuse and flicked up the switch that my parents had taught me to use. But nothing happened. Usually the house alarm should sound, but there was nothing. I did it one more time and still nothing happened.

“Dammit” I yelled, slamming the fuse box door shut.

“Anna, are you okay?” I heard Matt yell out from my room.

“Yeah” I called back but not as loud as I must have though because as I got to the front door Matt was standing there.

“Don’t do that to me” Matt said as he let me into the house.

“Sorry I thought you could hear me” I replied locking the door.

“Next time let me go out” he said closing his hand around mine.

I nodded and then walked back to my room with Matt still holding my hand.

“I don’t think I have ever had so many candles lit in my room at once” I said standing next to my bed looking at all the flickering candles.

“Well I didn’t want you to be scared of the storm or the black out or me, so I lit them all” Matt said standing next to me.

“I’m scared of the thunder and black out but I’m not scared of you, not anymore anyway” I replied sitting on my bed.

“Really, because you weren’t scared to tell me how you were feeling” Matt said, sitting down next to me.

“That is what you think. I felt like I was about to vomit when you walked through the door. My stomach only settled moments before you kissed me” I shyly replied as I fidgeted with my fingers.

“If I kiss you again will you stop being nervous?” Matt asked gripping his hands over mine.

I stopped fidgeting but I was still nervous, I still was nervous about speaking to Matt.

“I tend to over think things, my mind likes to race and I like to play out things in my mind and most of the time things never happen the way I want them to and I also ramble now too” I replied facing Matt.

“I’m going to kiss you now” Matt said letting go of my hands and placing his hand behind my head pulling me in closer to him.

And he did, he kissed me. It was electrifying. It was perfection. It was everything I thought being kissed would be like. I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t want to keep thinking. I just wanted to kiss this very good looking stranger who is sitting on my bed.

“Better?” Matt asked pulling away only slightly so I could feel him breathing on me still.

I shook my head no.

“What can I do to make it better?”

“Tell me about yourself” I replied and Matt completely pulled away.

“Okay well what do you want to know?” Matt asked.

Everything and anything: I want to know all about you, you beautiful stranger.

“Where are you from? Because that slight accent tells me that you are not from Australia” I said standing up and moving to sit at the top of my bed, leaning against my bed head.

“Well my father is Irish and my mother is English. I however was born in Scotland, whilst they were there on their honeymoon” Matt replied turning to face me but not moving from the end of the bed, but swiveled to face me.

Really, wow.

“I know what you’re thinking and yes it was a rushed wedding, but I’ve been told that they were in love when they did get married” Matt continued.

“I wasn’t thinking that. I was thinking about the fact that I have always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. So they’re not together anymore?” I asked leaning forward.

Matt shook his head no.

“I didn’t mean to bring this up. I just wanted to get to know you” I said stretching out for his hand.

“No it’s okay. My parents’ breaking up is the reason I am here, well in Australia anyway and well now here” Matt replied, squeezing my hand a little bit.

A broken house, oh no not a broken household.

“How about you?” Matt asked.

“My sister Lily and I were both born here in Australia, but my mum and dad were both born in Italy”

“An Italian girl, nice” Matt smiled.

Matt let go of my hand and walked around to sit down next to me at the top of my bed. He took my right hand in his left hand and linked his fingers through mine.

“You seem tense. What’s wrong?”

“How do you know I seem tense? You haven’t know me long, well actually all you know about me is that I am scared of thunderstorms, blackouts and have never been in love before” I replied staring at our fingers interlocked.

“I know a little bit more than that. I know that you shop for your family and that you need to feel safe so you close your house up during a storm; I know you want to go to Paris one day because of your picture that you probably stare at every day. And I know that you grew up wanting to fall in love with a knight in shining armor and that you would settle for a Prince Charming”

“Maybe you do know me”

“Maybe I can be your Prince Charming?” Matt said turning to face me.

“I have one condition” I said turning to face him too.

“Name it” he said getting closer to me.

“Don’t break my heart” I whispered.

“Never” Matt whispered back then threw his lips to onto mine.

Is there such thing as love at first sight? Have I just fallen in love with this perfect stranger?

Storm (continues)

*This continues straight on from the last extract I added last week…

It was a short ride home driving through the rain with an uneasy thunderstorm above too. I rushed to get all the bags inside not wanting to get wet even though the car was parked undercover. I closed all the blinds and doors then started to put the shopping away.

It was only me today. My mother and father are at work until late and my sister is at university. It was still early in the day and it seemed like it was going to be a long day. Once I had unpacked all the food and made sure that older sister Lily could see her cupcake when she opened the fridge, I retreated to my room, bringing with me water, food, candles, lighters and blankets. I grabbed my IPod and placed it into my speakers. I tried to find a happy song, music that would drown out the crackling and sizzling of the thunderstorm that still hadn’t stopped. ABBA will do. I turned it up loud and grabbed my laptop bringing it onto my bed. I had some university work to do and as my computer came to life I wondered if I should text Matt.

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I said out loud to myself.

He could be a killer, a total psychopath, a stalker, a rapist. Don’t be stupid you don’t even know him, don’t text him.

OUTGOING MESSAGE: Matt, it is Anna. Thanks for your help today. I got home in one piece.

I stared at my phone for what felt like forever, not waiting for a reply, but wondering what on earth I had just done. I wanted to throw my phone at a wall breaking it so it could get rid of the message, but I knew that that wouldn’t work. So I slide the phone under my pillow trying to hide it from myself, but moments later it went off.

INCOMING MESSAGE: You’re welcome. I’m sorry about being so forward. I don’t know what came over me; I can get carried away sometimes. Like I said you’re welcome to use this number, but I will understand if you don’t want to.


I smiled at the confusing message. I don’t know why I was smiling, it was the only thing I knew to do and it felt right. I read the message a few times just to make sure that I had read it properly. I didn’t know what to do or say or reply.

Maybe I should call Mia?

But I knew that she was in class and I didn’t want to disturb her. I put the phone down and got my university work up on the screen and started to do research for the class I was doing. The harder I tried to distract myself, the harder it was to work. There was no denying that the pull to speak to him was strong, but my self-doubt was getting in the way.

“Just reply to him” I continued to talk to myself.

OUTGOING MESSAGE: Like I said I don’t have a great track record with guys. I didn’t mean to be rude; I just have this thing about thunderstorms and needed to get home.

Anna, one breath at a time, one step at a time, just breathe.

INCOMING MESSAGE: You weren’t rude, just eager to leave. I get it. I finish work in 20 minutes, would you like some company until this storm is finished?

As in like see each other again, like you coming over here, to my house? Is this normal? Am I allowed to do this? What is the right this to do in this situation? If I was a normal girl I would know.

I sat there for minutes thinking before I acted. I know that no one is going to be home until late this afternoon and with this storm they might even be later.

OUTGOING MESSAGE: Just answer me this one question: are you any of the following: a killer, stalker, rapist or psychopath?

And as I sent the message I thought about the fact that if he is indeed one of the above he wouldn’t tell me, would he?

What have I done?

INCOMING MESSAGE: None of the above. I’m just a guy who wants to get to know the girl who walked up to his counter this morning.

Is this really happening or am I dreaming?

Without thinking because if I kept thinking I would screw this up, I gave him my address attentively knowing that this could go one of two ways: either super bad or awesomely good.

What is the worst that could happen?

I continued with my research, although my thoughts kept going back to Matt and the fact that he was on his way to my house. A little bit later just as the rain picked up again there was a faint knock on the door. I don’t know how I heard it with the music so loud, but I jumped off the bed, turned the music off and headed to the front door.

Crap, I didn’t even look in the mirror. What if my hair is all over the place or my face is, I don’t know. Oh well what he saw at the shop is what he is going to get now.

I unlocked the main door and saw him standing on the other side of the gate in his green uniform and now wet brown hair and piercing brown eyes. He was standing there with a smile on his face and a basket in his hands.

“Hi” was all I could say.

“Hi to you too” he replied.

“Sorry, come in. Let me get you a towel” I said unlocking the gate and letting him in.

I walked to the linen cupboard that is outside my bedroom and grabbed a towel.

“Here let me take this” I said as I passed him the towel and took the basket from him.

He replied with a smile as he took the towel and placed it over his head and started to dry it.

“You really don’t like thunderstorms do you?”

“What makes you think that?” I asked walking towards my room, hoping he would follow.

“Your house is the only one that is completely closed in the street”

“Oh right. Yeah I don’t like thunderstorms, so I try to block out the noise by closing everything. I feel safer too. What’s in the basket?” I replied taking the towel from Matt.

“Well I thought that we could have a picnic. I didn’t think you would want to go out for lunch in the storm so I brought lunch to you” Matt replied as I came back from the bathroom where I put the wet towel.

I smiled not knowing what to say to that. I have never had someone bring me lunch so this was a first to me and I didn’t know how to react.

“Hey if you don’t want me here I can leave, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in your own house or in your room” Matt said as I stepped onto the blanket I had on my bedroom floor.

“No it’s not that I don’t want you to leave, it that this is really unusual for me. I’m not used to this sort of thing. I don’t really spend a lot of time with men, let alone have one in my room”

“Hey it’s cool, we can go as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable. I’m in no rush here” Matt replied as he moved to sit cross legged on one side of the blanket and started taking things out of the basket.

How fast or slow are we supposed to go? What is normal in this sort of situation?

I sat down opposite him as he continued to empty the basket.

“You didn’t have to bring all of this” I said as he lifted the lid of a packet of fresh strawberries covered in chocolate.

“I know, but my mother taught me to never go to a person’s house empty handed and what is better than chocolate covered strawberries?” Matt replied offering me one with a smile on his face.

“I haven’t had chocolate covered strawberries in so long. Thanks” I said taking one out of the tray.

I sat there watching as Matt made himself a sandwich with the stuff he had brought with him.

What are we doing? Is this weird?

“I’m just going to say this, put it out there because if I don’t, I think I might go crazy and I want to be honest with you” I said after finishing my strawberry.

“Okay, what is it?”

“I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never been in love or been kissed. I have a problem trusting people and find it hard to break down my walls that protect me” I said hurriedly.

“Okay. I’ve never had a serious girlfriend or been in love. I have kissed a few people and I hope one day you will be able to trust me and won’t need those walls again. I don’t think I have ever met someone like you Anna. Where have you been all my life?” Matt said putting the sandwich on a napkin.

“In this room wishing to meet someone like you, I’m sorry I can be really forward sometimes I have noticed recently, I don’t mean to” I replied.

“Don’t be, I like it, I like you” Matt said before picking up his sandwich and taking a bite of it.

“I didn’t tell you all of that to make you feel bad for me. Trust me it’s not like I haven’t been trying, I just seem to be in this habit of picking guys who just want to be friends with me and nothing more” I replied taking another chocolate strawberry from the box.

“Well I would love to get to know you more. Actually I would love to know more about you because I am starting to really like you and I don’t know about you, but life is too short and I will not deny myself the simple satisfaction of kissing the most beautiful girl in the world”

“And where might she be?” I asked genuinely wanting to know who he was talking about.

“The girl who is making eating chocolate covered strawberries the sexiest thing I have ever seen in this world” Matt said making me blush.

He wants to kiss me? Like he seriously wants to kiss me? What if I do it wrong, what if I make a mess out of myself?


“Just breathe, I’m not going to kiss you right now, but I definitely will before I leave” he said eating the rest of his sandwich.

Oh yay. I get to sit here and stew about the fact I might not know what I am supposed to be doing when kissing a guy.

We sat there for a moment in silence, Matt was eating his sandwich and I just couldn’t even think. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t know what any of this meant.

How am I supposed to eat if my whole stomach has just turned upside down in anticipation and joy?

“I know what you are thinking and I am thinking it too, so let’s just start and get the boring bit over and done with” Matt said wiping his mouth clean.

“Your boring bit might be my exciting bit, so you’re going to have to elaborate” I replied.

“I was talking about getting to know each other but if you have something else in mind that you would rather do, than please be my guest, tell me”

“Okay well this might not be the most inappropriate question to ask you right now but, why did you follow me to my car?” I asked.

He smiled and then looked away, around my room before coming back and looking straight at me.

“When I looked up from my counter this morning and saw you, my heart exploded. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing and my mind was racing. I could see how scared you looked and I could see that you were lonely. I didn’t want to see you leave; I needed to get to know who you are. I wanted to get into your car and drive off into the sunset with you. I have never wanted anything more in my life but to fall in love and as scared as I am to say it, I think I am”

What? Who said anything about falling in love?


“I know, I’m sorry, when I open my heart it likes to all pour out at once. I didn’t say all that to scare you, I just wanted to put everything out on the table, like you did. But I am serious, I want to get to know you, I want to love you and be with you and I totally get it if you don’t” Matt finished taking my hand in his.

As soon as my hand touched his I felt a zap, and so did Matt. I couldn’t help but smile and neither could he.

Stick around…

Storm – the beginning

This is the beginning of a story I have been working on for a while. I have called it ‘Storm’ from the beginning and I think I might stick with it because of what happens in the story. Let me know what you think about it, what you like and don’t like. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, all feedback will be constructive feedback for me to learn from. I hope you like it and there is more to come which I will be adding from time to time.


“Are you okay?” I heard someone say around me, but unsure who said it.

I was in a supermarket so there were plenty of people around all of who were busy buying food, trying to get away from the miserable weather that was outside.

“Are you okay?” they said again but this time I saw the man behind the counter speak as I watched him work for a minute.

“Yeah I’m okay, I’m not a fan of thunderstorms” I replied grabbing my wallet out of my handbag as he continued to scan and pack my groceries.

“Do you have to drive far in the storm?” he asked without looking away from me.

Why is the man behind the checkout counter asking me how far I have to drive in the thunderstorm?

“No not really” I placed the last few packed bags into the trolley.

“My mother used to tell me to imagine thunderstorms as parties in the sky, you know loud music and strobe lights and all that. It helped me”

“Thanks” I said trying to be nice to him even though I had be given that advice all my life.

He smiled at me, not one of those innocent smiles; it was one of those smiles that meant something. I smiled back at him and then left. I couldn’t stop thinking about him as I walked away.

Why did he say that? Why did he tell me about his mother? Why did he smile at me? A man that good looking does not smile at a girl like me. They never have and they never will.

His brown wavy hair flopping in front of his eyes slightly made him sexy and secretive and those dark brown eyes only made him easier on the eyes.

Just stop thinking about him, there is no way there could be anything between you and him, you probably will never see him again. God he is good looking.

I could have stared at him all day from a far, but I had a few things I had to do. I quickly went to the cupcake shop a few shops away and then headed to the car park. I had parked undercover because of the rain and was thankful for making that decision now as the rain was harder than before. I searched through my bag for my car key and just as I was about to pull them out, there was a loud crackle of thunder above my head. I recoiled into my own skin again, scared being out in the storm, by myself.

“Crap!” my keys dropped to the ground.

I bent down to grab my keys and as I stood up there he was, the man from the counter.

“Oh my god you scared the hell out of me” I said putting my hand over my heart knowing it was beating fast, trying to calm it.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to make sure that you got to your car okay” he said standing on the other side of my full trolley.

“Thanks, but I’m okay. You should go back to work before you get into trouble” I said opening my boot.

“I’m on my lunch break. Here let me help you” he said walking around to come over to where I was standing and grabbed a bag out of the trolley.

“You really don’t need to do that. I’m used to doing it by myself”

Why is he standing here talking to me? Why is he helping me? Did he really follow me to my car? Do I need to call the police? Why is there a thunderstorm happening right now?

“Thanks” I said closing the boot after we finished emptying the trolley, filling the boot completely.

Then something I didn’t see coming happened. I was about to grab the trolley handle to return it to the trolley bay when the man from the counter put his hand on top of mine and took the trolley from me.

Okay this is weird. Why is this happening to me? What is happening to me? Is he flirting with me? Am I flirting with him too? Is this normal?

I walked to my car door and just as I was about to close the door he reappeared. He looked at me and then closed the door. I turned the car on not knowing why he was still standing around. Not being used to talking to men was making me nervous about the situation.

“Thanks for your help, but I have to go. Sorry I didn’t get your name” I said as I opened my window.

“It’s Matt and the pleasure is mine”

I smiled before blurting out my own name not sure if he wanted to know it “Anna” I said before pulling my seatbelt on breaking his eye contact.

“Well Anna I am going to give you my number. Use it if you want, you don’t have to, but I would love to know that you get home in one piece” Matt said pulling a piece of paper out of his back pocket and pen from the pocket on his chest.

“Oh you don’t have to do that. I mean that isn’t necessary”

Oh my god Anna what are you doing? A guy wants to give you his number and you just told him that that wasn’t necessary, are you stupid? Take the number and use it.

“You haven’t done this much before have you?” Matt said folding the paper in half and leaning onto the open window sill and holding the paper out at me.

I swallowed the build-up of saliva in my mouth nervously “Done what?” I asked.

“Flirt with guys that are nice to you or exchange numbers with someone”

“Well the last time I liked a guy, I took him to my year 12 formal, where he left with another girl and then a week later made their relationship Facebook official. So no, I don’t regularly flirt with nice guys and exchange numbers with them” I replied after a small laugh and then stared at him.

“Well not all guys are tools. Let me know that you get home safely” Matt said with a small smile before standing back up and watched as I reversed out of the car spot.

I couldn’t help but smile the whole ride home.


Stick around…