End of 2017

Well folks we have survived another year

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. Thank you for reading my Book Reviews. Thank you for your comments and thoughts throughout the year. Thank you for liking my wacky Tip Tuesdays and Wednesday posts. And seriously THANK YOU for following me!

I hope you have enjoyed the work I have put out there this 2017. I will continue to read books and will share reviews whenever I can in 2018, but I won’t be back as rigorous as I have been all 2017. I will be here and there, but I will be back soon.

Happy New Year!

Good Luck!

Thank you!



Book Review – Undercover Princess

Undercover Princess / Connie Glynn / Penguin Books / 2017 / 9780141387567 / 374 Pages / Young Adult

Undercover Princess : The Rosewood Chronicles - Connie Glynn
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Book Blurb – Continue reading “Book Review – Undercover Princess”

21 Things Book Lovers Feel Slightly Guilty About

Hello my fellow readers, hope you are all well.

We are right at the end of another year, so I thought I would share an article I have come across from my favorite site – Buzzfeed. Now I am not sharing this to make you feel guilty BUT to let you know that you shouldn’t feel guilty about any of the things mentioned in this article:


Hell, 2018 is right around the corner and I am no longer going to feel guilty about any of the things I do on this list. Who is with me?


17 Art Prints Of Books For People Who Wear Their Book-Loving Hearts On Their Sleeves (And Their Walls)


I have a great article for you all this Wednesday from the good people of Bustle. It is about books and wall art all in the one article. Check it out:


How great are these pieces? Do you have any cool bookish art?


43 Books That Will Legit Change Your Outlook On Life

Hey hi,

I have another article from Buzzfeed books for all of you this week. This time it is about life changing books:


Have any books changed your life?


Book Review Picture – Merry Christmas Baby


This morning I published my book review for Marie Cole’s Merry Christmas Baby ebook which I was given to by NetGallery. If you scroll down to the very next blog post you will find it. I hope you like it. Enjoy!