Book Review – Summer at the Little Wedding Shop

Summer at the Little Wedding Shop / Jane Littlefoot / HarperImpulse / 2017 / ISBN 9780008197117 / 340 Pages / Chick Lit

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My Thoughts –

You know when you come across a random book and have no idea what it is about and when you get stuck into reading it, it is everything you could ask from and more? Well this is how I feel about Summer at the Little Wedding Shop. I have never heard of Jane Littlefoot but I am so glad that I have now as I will be tracking down everything she has ever written to read all her writing.

The story follows a girl, Lily, who, after a failed marriage is moving back to her home town to take a job offer that if a once in a life time opportunity. Along with her closest friends, Lily becomes a wedding stylist all whilst planting and growing flowers for her mother’s upcoming wedding. Along for the ride, other than her whimsically busy friends, is Kip and Fred, two very different men fighting it out for Lily’s heart. With several ups and downs to keep the story going, the story is essentially about Lily grieving her father’s untimely death, learning how to be the person she always wanted to be and breaking down barriers with people. All whilst sipping on a lot of alcohol and eating lots of cake.

“Because when a bride finds her perfect dress, for a few seconds of her life, none of the rest matters. All that’s important is her. And how happy she is” loc 3143.

So, this is kind of your typical chick lit kind of novel. As an eBook ARC, I loved it. I want to read the first three books by the author which go with the story, but have been told it doesn’t really matter to have read them or not. This is the kind of book or eBook you take away with you on a trip away, or a weekend away with the girls or whoever. You will read through it fast, even though there is a lot of it. It is simple, to the point, doesn’t mess around, only with your emotions.

With a clean flow from the start to the end of the story, you will fall in love with Lily and her crazy set of friends no doubt. The characters and all their relationships don’t feel wrong and in your face. It is the kind of romance novel that will make you swoon and cheer on the characters rather than be jealous of them. Don’t knock chick lit until you have tried it. And if you don’t usually read chick lit, then try this one, it might just change your mind.

If you like weddings, bridal shops, girls who have no idea what they are doing with their life, then this is the book for you.

**I was given a copy of this book from NetGallery through HarperImpulse in exchange for an open and honest opinion. All opinions expressed in the review above are mine and mine only**

I give this book 4.3 out of 5 Booky Stars!

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