Movie Review: The Edge of Seventeen


Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig / Released January 5, 2017 / Rated M / Length 1hour and 44 minutes / Comedy / Drama /

‘High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend, Krista, starts dating her older brother’ – IMDb

I waited until this movie came out on DVD to watch it, why? I have NO idea. I love this movie, it is so good. It is so relatable and I think every teenager should have to watch it at school.

The story follows seventeen-year-old Nadine (Hailee Steinfield)who is going through life without her father after a terrible accident, stuck with a mother who is too strung out to ever care about her and a brother to self-centred to think about her. When her mother decides to go away with her then boyfriend, Nadine and her best friend Krista call dibs on the house, rendering her gorgeous brother nowhere to go. The girls drink and party, until her brother Darien comes home with his friends and annoy her for being there. This is when things get interesting, as Nadine is stuck throwing up her alcohol, Krista and the brother clean up the mess and consequently, sleep together.


This is what makes the movie, Nadine’s reaction to finding out her best friend slept with her brother. This is the movie and what the movie is about, the reaction and consequences and the downhill spiral Nadine goes through because of it.

But the movie is about more than Nadine losing a friend, it is about her mental health and how it affects all aspects of her life. There are a few dangerous things she puts herself through to feel something and a few unnecessary things to make her feel better. The downfall of her relationship with her family and especially her mother which is a very toxic relationship. The movie balances itself out with all the hurt suffered by Nadine, her mother and her brother due to the loss of their father.

What I love about this movie is how so right now it is and how relatable it is. I think any girl or boy that watches this movie will be able to sit there and note things that happen in the movie that have also happened to them or wanted to happen and haven’t.

It’s almost like a modern day Sixteen Candles in the 21st century twist and turns. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout this movie. I even cried. My heart literally ached during some bits of the movie and most of all I felt so bad for Nadine and the situation she was going through.


I don’t want to spoil the movie, but I could have continued watching it for hours, it wasn’t long enough. I could have watched more and more of Nadine because I think she is a brilliant character with great sarcastic remarks to hide her hurting and the premise of herself live out strongly. The heartwarming relationship Nadine creates with her history teacher, the friendship she strangely creates whilst everything is falling apart all around her are just some of the things that happen in this movie.

If you are looking for a heart-warming and heartbreaking movie about a girl struggling with the aftermath of her father’s death and the loss of her best friend, then this is the movie for you. It will definitely make you laugh but it will also tug on your heart strings to.

Check it out this weekend.

I give it 5 movie stars out of 5!



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