Book Launch for ‘The Impossible Story of Olive in Love’

Last week during a freakish Sydney storm, I headed to a local brewery to celebrate the launch of Tonya Alexandra’s The Impossible Story of Olive in Love. I was given a copy of this book at the beginning of the year from the publishers Harlequin Teen and if you follow my blog or tweets than you will know exactly how much I love this book. You can find my book review for this book right here.

Snacks and Beer!

It is an amazing book and I couldn’t wait to meet the brilliant mind behind the story. It was a dark and gloomy night, but inside it was the perfect backdrop to a magnificent event. With lots of the authors family and friends and colleagues, you got the sense of the amazing creative minds she has known all her life and how thy influenced the author.

The Author and her sister

I got to meet some amazing people during the event. Both the author and her publicists and a few other book bloggers too. With homemade snacks and sandwiches and locally brewed beers on tap for all to enjoy, the night was filled with literary talks, catch ups and good old fashioned Irish music.

If you have read the book than you will know that Olive is invisible, so to bring Olive to the party, the author Tonya created an unforgettable moment when during her thank you speech she was interrupted. Her mother then headed through the crowd and introduced everyone to Olive. Tonya and her character Olive had a wonderfully funny chat. It was a sight to be seen.

Tonya and Olive having a chat

Book launches are wonderful places to meet likeminded people and talk a lot about book, but it is also where you can get a copy of the book being launch and even get it signed by the author themselves.

Table full of wonderful books ready to be sold

With a signed book, a pale ale in me, I called it a night and went home with bright ideas and book to re-read.

My signed copy


You can get a copy of The Impossible Story of Olive in Love in all good book stores or from any of the links on the right-hand side of my page.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book, it will change your world.




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