27 Products for People Who are Completely Obsessed with Books

Hi guys,

This week I’ve got a quirky post from Buzzfeed for all of you to read this Wednesday.


The stair decals at number #2 are pretty cool and I would definitely do that if I has stairs in my house. Number #7 with the Deathly Hollow bookends, I’m sure would be a nice gift to give someone who is a big fan of books and Harry Potter. Number #8 with the serving dishes in the shape of books is totally something I would like one day. Number #11 with the pillow cases that are the check out slips from library’s are cool.

Number #15 is my wish present, I’m sure I will get one day. Actually, pretty much all of these objects on this list would be a great gift for me or any book nerd if you think about it *wink wink nugde nudge*



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