Book Review – The Witch’s Tears

The Witch’s Tears / Katharine and Elizabeth Corr / Publisher / 2017 / ISBN / 408 Pages / Young Adult


Book Blurb –

Can true love’s kiss break your heart…?

It’s not easy being a teenage witch. Just ask Merry. She’s drowning in textbooks and rules set by the coven, drowning in heartbreak after the loss of Jake. But Merry is not the only one whose fairy tale is over.

Big brother Leo is falling apart and everything Merry does seems to push him further to the brink. And everything that happens to Leo makes her ache for revenge. So, when strangers offering friendship show them a different path, they’d be mad not to take it…

Some rules were made to be broken, right?

My Thoughts –

The Witch’s Tears by sisters Katharine and Elizabeth Corr is another spectacular book written by the two. This is the second book in their series. A must read should be The Witch’s Kiss, the first book in the series and the beginning of the story. You can read my review for the first book right here.

The second book of the series, picks up right where the first one finishes and carries on the rollercoaster of a story that is The Witch’s Tears. The second book follows Merry and her brother Leo searching for normalcy whilst trying to grieve for the people they loved who were lost in the first book. But nothing goes to plan or how Merry wants them to when a spade of witch’s deaths reach close to Merrys’ door. Without knowing how to control her uncontrollable powers whilst being on the wrong side of her new covens list of demands, Merry has no idea what to do or who to turn to in her time of need. Her brother Leo is no longer her confidant, struggling with his lover’s death, their relationship isn’t what it used to be and neither of them knows how to ask for help when they need it the most. With her mother and grandmother out of commission, Merry is stuck with the help of an un-trustable wizard whom she doesn’t know if she can talk to her problems about, let alone trust and move on with him.

I am going to admit that I kind of struggled with the first few chapters of this book. It has been a long while since I read the first book, probably even almost a year, so trying to remember everyone and everything that happened in the first story is hard. I think a little paragraph giving a quick reminder of what happened in the first book would have been helpful, but none the less as you get further along in the story, the better it gets. And then the unthinkable happens. It finishes, it stops, and by Christ I hope there is another book to follow.

The writing is spectacular and just as good as the first book. The story is well written and well-paced and never misses a beat. It is intense, mysterious and never lets its guard down about who the bad person could be. It is spot on and a must read.

If you like adventure, fantasy and a bit of heartbreak all in one, then this is the book for you.

I give this book 4.8 out of 5 Booky Stars!

You can grab a copy of this book from links on the right-hand side of this blog.

Stick around…



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