Book Review – Hannah’s Gift

Hannah’s Gift – Lessons from a Life Fully Lived / Maria Housden / Bantam Book / 2003 / ISBN 9780553381221 / 222 Pages / Biography


Book Blurb –

In a lyrical narrative, both moving and unforgettable, Maria Housden shares the transformative lesion in living she received from her three-year-old daughter Hannah, who brought courage, honesty, and even laughter to her struggle with cancer. A remarkable story, remarkably told, Hannah’s Gift will bring comfort to anyone touched by loss, and renewed faith in the power of love.

My Thoughts –

My best friend sent me this book for Christmas. But it’s no ordinary book, it is her favourite book and I’m pretty sure it is the best darn book I have read in a long time. This book is pretty hard to describe. It’s kind of like a biography, it’s kind of a religious book, but it is also kind of like a self-help book. The brilliant combination of all three genres are tied in so well in this book, it is a delight to read. I read it in two days. I honestly could not put it down and it is not the kind of book I buy all the time. I honestly opened my eyes to the world and the hurt that some people go through in this world.

The story is about a mother, just like every other mother out there trying to protect her family. One day her bright and bubbly and veracious daughter Hannah is diagnosed with cancer. What follows is the emotional ups and downs of a family going through the devastating journey of trying to battle cancer. It is raw, rawer than a beef steak still walking in its green pastures, emotional and a tear jerker. As Hannah gets sicker and nears her end, her mother tries all that she can to make her comfortable and enjoy every moment she has left of her very short life.

There is a little bit of religion is included in this book because it is what happened Maria get through the tough times. There are community sections in the book that makes you wish you had the same kind of community surrounding you. And the emotional family bits in the book make you question how on earth this family survived everything that was thrown at them.

Heartbreaking, emotional, raw, and very very real is the story that is Hannah’s Gift. Grab a copy of this book today if you want a little bit of great humanity in your life right now or just need some comfort.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 Booky Stars!

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