On Friday night, I ventured out to Homebush Bay, Sydney to see the one and only Adele, live in concert. What an experience that was. A once in a life time event that will probably place Adele’s concert within my top ten concerts of all time for a really long time.

Waiting, waiting….

I am no stranger to concerts, but Adele’s concert was some kind of wonderful different. After being stuck in traffic for two hours, I knew it was going to be a hectic night. But it wasn’t until I walked out of the car park and into the crowd, that I knew the night was going to be a mess. Oh, and what a mess it was, a good delightful mess filled with people who all wanted the same thing, to hear Adele sing and have a good time.

Let the show begin…



After braving the merchandise stand and getting a concert t-shirt, it was into the stadium and into chaos. Filled with people trying to get the bathroom, or looking for food and drinks., everyone was everywhere and also looking for their seats.

Then the waiting started. 7.30pm came and went and after being told to be there so Adele could start promptly, everyone around me, including myself was getting anxious waiting for her. 8pm came and went and before we knew it the whole stadium was being swept up into a wave, starting at one end and going all the way around, including all stands and everyone on the floor as well. It was a phenomenal sight to see and even though it took a while to get the whole stadium going, by the time they all got the hint, it was loud and awesome.

She even made it rain

As the night sky turned black and the crowd grew restless, the lights went out and the closed eyes that had been staring at us all night blinked open, the crowd went wild. Hello was her opening song and boy did everyone yell and join in with her. Song after song, Adele hit each and every note, skipping a few words here and there and even thanking a girl at the front for singing along and reminding her of the words she had forgotten.

Rumour Has It, and I Miss You were amazing. Then she introduced Skyfall, and a group of male choir singer walked out and took place around the stage. Adele even mentioned that next time they should come out with no shirts on. Together Adele and the boys, with a great clip being played above with her swimming in water, they created a cinema experience on the live stage. Radio favourites Send my Love (to your new lover), Set Fire to The Rain, Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You were all crowd pleasers and got the audience singing along.

Adele was given a crown by an audience member and of course she put it on for a song

But my favourites had to have been, Don’t You Remember, Sweetest Devotion and Chasing Pavements, classics which allowed her fans to see how far she had come.

‘I Miss You’ with an amazing ocean theme

Lots of talking to the audience between the songs, showed us Adele’s funny side and emotional side about her life and her songs. A t-shirt gun was shot off four different times with $20 attached to the shirts, urging the captured to go and have a drink on her. Adele even stopped a song as it was getting started because she knew that there were going to be fireworks and a person at the front was frightened. She apologised to them, and to the audience for spoiling the surprise of the fireworks, then like a boss, carried on and was spectacular. A kiss cam whilst Adele took a quick break towards the end, gave the audience the chance to get some camera time and the rest of us swoon. A 2 and a bit hour set list is a massive feat and couldn’t have been any better. She played old and new songs for everyone to enjoy.

The whole stadium turned red as Adele sang ‘Skyfall’ and the choir of boys around the rim of the stage

A little drama happened during the show, when something happened to an audience member at the front and was rushed away with an ambulance. And closer to where I was sitting, intoxicated audience members were talking throughout the music, leaving others asking security to sort it out.

Adele asked us all to turn our phone torches on as she sang ‘Make You Feel My Love’

But throughout it all, Adele was amazing. She was everything and nothing I was expecting on the night. She sounds just like her cds and slightly better. She holds amazing conversations with 95 thousand people around her which is a feat on its own and knows how to make everyone happy, weather you are a dedicated fan or you just like some of her songs. She’s a queen through and through and I would definitely see her again.

And fireworks to bring the whole show together

If you have had the chance to see Adele sing before, then you will know just how spectacular she is when she is singing and when she is talking. She is a one of a kind music performer and definitely worth the money for the tickets, weather you are right in front of her or all the way up in the nose bleed sections. Her music may not be the brightest of stuff, and she will warn you about that, but the best thing about Adele and her music is that it is raw and relevant to every single listener.

*All photos were taken by me and aren’t all that great, but still, better than nothing. *



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