25 Amazingly Clever Ways To Display Books In Your Home

Last week I gave you all a link to a website that taught you how to de-clutter your desks and get you ready for work. I’ve got to say, your response to the article was great. Thanks for that.

Well this week for a Friday I thought I would share something with a little bit more work involved with it. So, I will understand if you look at the pictures and stare in awe rather than get out your hammer and head to Bunnings.

Here is a list of 25 clever ways to display books in your home.


If you are anything like me, you have more books than you can remember, more books laying around your room and house than anything else, and absolutely no more space for any more books. BUT YOU STILL GO OUT AND GET NEW ONES. Don’t worry, I’m in exactly the same boat as all of you. And that is why I wanted to share this Buzzfeed Article with all of you.

Some of them are going to ask for money and ask for you to build or mantle something, but ohh don’t they look so pretty and some of them will probably spark an idea for your own house and books.

I think the key thing here to remember is, books are important and no matter where you put them, you will never have enough room.



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