Book Review – The Call by Peadar O’Guilin

The Call / Peadar O’Guilin / 2016 / David Flickling Book / ISBN 9791910989203 / 332 Pages / Young Adult

On her birthday, Nessa finds out the terrible truth about her homeland, Ireland – the truth that will change her forever. That she and her friends must train for the most dangerous three minutes of their lives: The Call. That any day now, without warning, they will each wake in a terrifying land alone and hunted, with a one in ten chance of returning alive. And it is Nessa, more than anyone, who is going to need every ounce of the guys, wit, and sheer spirit she was born with, if she – and the nation- are to survive.


Review –

This young adult book has to be the funniest and freakiest book I have read this year. So the story goes that a long long time ago these certain type of people where kicked off the island of Ireland. We don’t know for sure what these people did to make this all begin, but now it’s been a long time and they are fighting back. No one can go in or out of Ireland and once you hit a certain age, you are seen as food for them. They take you at random times and before you know it, even if it feels like hours, in the real world it is only 3 minutes, you are either back or dead or back differently.

It’s creepy, it’s weird, it oh so awfully wicked. Set in Ireland, the characters of this book are filled to the brim with Irish wit and charm, unafraid to speak their minds, even if it may confuse the reader, as they try to work out what they have just said. Nessa is the main character, although the story is being told from a lot of different people throughout the story. Nessa is strong, brave and disabled, but that does not stop her from trying to be the strongest person she knows she can be to save herself when she is finally Called.

The concept of ‘The Call’ is played around with throughout the book and if you are like me and try to read the book in only a handful of days, then the concept of ‘The Call’ might get a little bit confusing and a bit redundant if I am being honest with you. It is explained over and over again and then there are the teachers who then explain more if it to the students who are already scared enough that they might not even make it out of ‘The Call’.

A lot happens in this book but there is one thing I didn’t expect from this book. I made me cry out for more when I finished it. From Nessa finding out the truth, to all the training, the students getting Called, dying, living, coming back deformed, finding out the plan of the unhappy captures. There is a lot that happens, and yet there seems to be not enough that is explained or told in the book to bring it to a proper ending. I am hoping that there is more to the story because this could be a great series.

If you like dark, weird and different kind of young adult books, than this is the book for you.

I give this book 4.0 out of 5 booky stars!

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