Currently Reading

So it’s been a while since I did one of these post. I haven’t really been telling you guys what I have been reading, but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or even Goodreads, you will definitely be up to date with which books I have been reading.

Last night after going out with my friends, I finished reading the last 20+ pages of Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. A great young adult book, about a boy who finds himself falling in love with a girl who is still in love with her dead boyfriend. Raw, emotional and breathtakingly good, this is definitely a book to go out and read.

My book review for Our Chemical Hearts will be out shortly so stick around for it.

For my birthday my mother brought me Nicholas Spark’s new book Two by Two. I am going to be starting it today. I can’t wait to get stuck into it. I have read almost all of Nicholas Sparks’ book and I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I will definitely be telling you all how I feel about it sooner rather than later.

What are you guys reading at the moment?

Stick around…


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