Book Review for ‘The Easy Way Out’ by Steven Amsterdam

The Easy Way Out / Steven Amsterdam / 2016 / Hachette Australia / ISBN 9780733636271/ 264 Pages / Fiction

Evan is a nurse, a dying assistant. His job is legal…just. He’s the one at the hospital who hands out the last drink to those who ask for it. Evan’s friends don’t know what he does during the day. His mother, Viv, doesn’t know what he’s up to at night. And his supervisor suspects there may be trouble ahead. As he helps one patient after another die, Evan pushes against legality, his own morality and the best intentions of those closest to him, discovering that his own path will be neither quick no painless. He knows what he has to do.



This book is about a young man who has a lot of experience in nursing having worked all over the place in a lot of different situations. But that doesn’t help Evan, the nurse, when he finds himself working as a dying assistant. His jobs is to hand over the drug that the dying asks for and waits for them to pass away. The book also talks about Evan’s mother who is in denial about her own medical problems. As Evan’s mother gets sicker and his whole world changes because of one small action, Evan finds himself searching for answers about his childhood, his father’s mysterious death all whilst looking for his missing mother.

A lot happens in this book and a lot of emotions are played with when reading this book. At one moment I was scared for the dying patient, the next I was laughing at Evan and his friends and the next I was worried about his mother. The writing is great, it is very touching and light hearted even though the subject of the book is very heavy. As I read this book I wondered about dying people and what they go through and how instead of going when they are ready, they have to wait in pain because of laws that won’t be passed to help them. This books makes you ask a lot of questions, it also makes you think about yourself and your loved ones and what and how you would handle yourself in the position that Evan finds himself when trying to help his patients.

This isn’t an easy book to read if you know someone who has died or has committed suicide, but it is a book that should be read by everyone as it is eye opening and life perspective changing as the reader reads a number of situations that pulls on anyone’s heart strings. The writing is great, the content is heavy, and the ending of the story isn’t what I thought it would be, but a very pleasant surprise.

If you like a book with a difference, a book that makes you think and wonder and question the world we live in, than this is the book for you.

I give this book 3.4 out of 5 booky stars!

You can buy a copy of this book from:


Angus & Robertson Book World

The Co-Op Book Shop

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