Book Review for ‘Hack In A Flak Jacket’ by Peter Stefanovic

Title – Hack in a Flak Jacket

Author – Peter Stefanovic

2016 / Hachette Australia / ISBN 9780733635687 / 290 Pages / Biography


For almost ten years Peter Stefanovic was Channel Nine’s foreign correspondent in Europe, the US, Africa, and Middle East. During that time he witnessed more than his fair share of death and destruction and carried the burden of those images – all while putting his own personal safety very much in the firing line. From flak jackets to tuxedoes. From the funerals of world leaders and icons, to war zones and natural disasters. This is a thrilling account of a life lived on camera, delivering the news wherever it happens, whatever the risk.


I brought this book to celebrate #NationalBookShopDay. It had just come out a few days earlier and I was eager to get my hands on it. I have been waiting for this book since I knew it was coming out months ago and now I have finally read it and I have to say, I loved it. This book is nothing like I thought it would be like. It was more. I didn’t know what to except from this book, all I knew was the guy I have been watching for years on my television who has travelled the world, has written a book about his time as a report and I wanted to know more.

This book is about more than the author who wrote the book, it is about history and humanity. A lot happens in this book, and I mean a lot. From Michael Jacksons death, to Obama becoming president and the horrible terrorist attacks that happened in France and war in the Middle East. There is a lot that happens and a lot more that I wanted from this book.

Stefanovic is a great writer I will tell you that myself. He knows how to write, he knows how to tell a story and he my gosh he has gone through a lot. There are only two things I want to comment on about this book. One, it should have been written in chronological order. The events that take place in this book happen all over the place. The second part of the book when it moves away from the Middle East, is all in order, but when your reading the first half of the book, the Middle East and Russia and everything that happens is all out of order, and if you are anything like me and try to keep up with the news but are confused by it, this book doesn’t help at all. I think Stefanovic wanted to write a lot and tell the reader a lot and it has been done, it just hasn’t been done so it is easy for the reader to read and understand.

And two, I wanted more about Stefanovic’s life. He talks about how he feels and what he went through, but there isn’t a lot about him in the book at all, most of the time you are reading captured images from his own eyes and his cameraman’s from events all over the world. If more of his opinions, life experiences or even more day to day segments we added to the book, I think it would be more rounded.

If you like real life stories, learning about what has happened in our world’s history and a bit of adrenaline when you read, than this is the book for you. Well written and very alluring to read, this book is a must read for anyone who watches the news on television.

I give this book 4.4 out of 5 booky stars!

You can buy a copy of this book from:


Angus & Robertson Book World

The Co-Op Book Shop

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