August 2016 Book Haul & Reading List Wrap Up

This month has been a very weird reading month for me. I haven’t been able to settle on a book long enough to finish it properly. I think I have started three or four different books this month and haven’t started them yet. I hate it when this happens, and it seems to come right when I have the biggest TBR pile to read. It’s like a curse and I’m not a fan of it. I’m sure some of you out there suffer from reading slumps from time to time, I know I do, I think this is the 2nd or 3rd one I have had this year already. I don’t know if there is a proper remedy for it, I usually read comic books when this happens but I haven’t had the time to go out and buy any. I have managed to read a few books this month, but I definitely brought more than I read.

I went to my second ever Life Life Book Fair this month. Last time I brought my mother along, this time it was my sister and she found some great books. I found some good ones too. Admittedly I have started two of them and haven’t gotten back to them yet.

The good thing about owning books, is that it doesn’t matter when you read them, because they are yours and you can read them whenever you feel like reading them.

So here is the list of books I brought and read this month:


Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery:


I got this book for free thanks to many points being saved on my Dymocks card over the last year or so. My sister got the new Harry Potter book when I picked this one up. I liked this book, I’m a huge romance fan and this one was differently great. It was a bit slow to start off with but then it got really great by the end of it. My book review will be coming out in September.

You can buy a copy of this book here:


Angus & Robertson Book World

Hack In a Flak Jacket by Peter Stefanovic:


I brought this book on #NationalBookShopDay at my only local bookshop to celebrate. If you follow me on twitter you will know of my disappointment when my only bookshop didn’t really care for the day and weren’t celebrating, it was awful. I however still got a great book out of the day. I had been hearing about it on morning television because it was coming out and I couldn’t help myself, I had to read it. It was a great read, really informative. The book review will be coming out in September.

You can buy a copy of this book here:


Angus & Robertson Book World

The Co-Op Book Shop


The Diet Starts on Monday by Tamar Chnorhokian:



After attending a book event at Kinokuniya for a Writing Herstory panel with a lot of amazing panellist, I grabbed this book and got it signed by the author herself. It isn’t a large book by any means and the Goodreads reviews on it are awful, but I think it is a great book. It is empowering and yes the message might get lost a bit, but it has well written. The book review will be coming out in September.

You can buy a copy of this book here:


Angus & Robertson Book World

The Co-Op Book Shop

The Boundless Sublime by Lili Wilkinson:


I somehow conned my sister into buying this book a few weeks ago when she was looking for a new book to read. I didn’t think she would be into it, but I really wanted it but didn’t have the funds for it. She still brought it but hasn’t read it. I however have and loved it. It is everything people are bragging about and more. The book review will be coming out in September.

You can buy a copy of this book here:


Angus & Robertson Book World

The Co-Op Book Shop




Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins:


I got this book at a Life Line Book Fair at the beginning of August. I see this book all over my Twitter and thought I should grab the cheap copy that was in front of me before someone else grabbed it. I haven’t read it, it is on my TBR. It will be read eventually, I hope.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins:


This book is the same, all over my twitter and Instagram and I couldn’t help getting it before it was gone before my own eyes. Haven’t read it yet, but it will be, one day.

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon:


So I picked up this book at the same Life Line Book Fair early August. I am a huge Diana Gabaldon and Outlander fan. I couldn’t resist getting this book when I spotted it in the big pile of books. I grabbed it and didn’t look at it properly until I got home and realised it is the third book in the series. My mistake, seeing as I only have the first and need to read the second one before this one. My mission is to find the second one at another book fair before I can read this one.

*Wedding Night by Sophia Kinsella:


This book was also picked up from the Life Line Book Fair earlier this month. There is a little star because I have started this book. But I haven’t finished it yet. I am about 30 pages in but have put it down for the time being. I love a good wedding themed book, that is the only reason I grabbed this book. It will be read, eventually, but for now it is on my ‘Have started but not yet finished’ pile.

After You by Jojo Moyes:


Well I don’t know what to say about this book. I initially grabbed it at the Life Line Book Fair at the beginning of this month because I know my sister loved Me Before You by the same author and I thought she would like it. You can read my review for Me Before You here. I have it sitting on my TBR but I honestly don’t know if I will get to it.

*One Would Think The Deep by Claire Zorn:


This was the second book I brought in order to celebrate #NationalBookShopDay along with Hack in a Flak Jacket. I have started this book, hence the star. I do intend to finish this book, I have just been side-tracked with a few other books in the meantime. Reading from a teenage male’s perspective isn’t that easy for me and I think that is why I haven’t finished it yet.


So this month – August – hasn’t been a great reading month. With only 4 books under my belt and 2 books that I started and haven’t finished yet, I would say that I have a bit of work to do next month to catch up on my reading.

So the statistics for this month = I brought 8 books, read 4 books, and have 11 books sitting on my TBR pile.

A cooking book and a baby name book are also on the brought pile as I have brought them this month too, one for myself and the other for writing research.

This month may have been a bad reading month but it has also been a great writing month. Every time I get stuck into my writing again, my reading time seems to disappear. I haven’t learnt the art of balancing the two of them yet. I also went to a book event this month that was held at a book shop in the city, hosted by Jeann from Happy Indulgence fame and #LoveOzYa and had Kirsty Eager, Gabrielle Torzer, Sarah Ayoub, Tamar Chnorhokian and Erin Gough on the panel talking about girls in books and writing. It was a great day out.

Remember you can follow me here, on my twitter and Instagram page for daily reading progress or some of my ramblings.

Stick around…


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