Book Review – The Last Star by Rick Yancey

The Last Star / Rick Yancey / 2016


/ Penguin Books / ISBN 9780141345925 /

338 Pages / Young Adult / Dystopian


They’re down here…they’re up there…they’re nowhere. They want the Earth; they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out; they came to save us. But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer, Zombie, and Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves. In these last days, Earth’s remaining survivors will need to decide what’s more important; saving themselves…or saving what makes us human.




This is the thrilling final book in The 5th Wave trilogy written by Rick Yancey, a book based on live lose, lives ruined and humanity wasted. This is last book, the book you hope will answer all of your dying questions, a book that will sum everything up. But it doesn’t. It answers some questions, but in the end I had a few questions I still needed answering.

If you haven’t read the first or second book in the trilogy, than don’t read this one, you won’t know what is happening. You have to read the first two to read this one it is as simple as that.

When I picked up this book I was really excited for the chance to know what is happening, to find out along with the characters why everything is happening and what is going to happen in the end. The thrill and suspense in the book is still there like in the first two books. The story is still continuing, the multiple story lines also happens from multiple viewpoints. Rick Yancey is a great writer, I have praised his writing before in the other book reviews for the first two books here and here and I will do the same right now again. He knows what he is doing. Yancey knows how to create worlds but also destroy world with the flip of the page.

The trilogy of The 5th Wave is a great dystopian story which I liked in every way shape and form. I loved the depth of all of his characters, I loved the world that is built and destroyed, I loved the meaning of everything. I didn’t like the ending of the story, the trilogy, at all. I wanted it to end differently. I can’t tell you want happens because then that will destroy the whole point and you need to go out there and read it yourself. I think if the ending had gone down the path I wanted it to, then the Other would have won and not humanity. Well done Rick Yancey.

I give this book 4.3 out of 5 booky stars!

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