Book Review – Thanks For The Trouble

Thanks for the Trouble / Tommy Wallach / 2016 / Simon & Schuster / ISBN 9781471146121 / 276 pages / Young Adult


‘Was this story written about me?’ I shrugged. ‘Yes or no?’ I shrugged again, finally earning a little scowl, which somehow made the girl even more pretty. ‘It’s very rude not to answer simple questions,’ she said. I took out my pen and wrote on my palm ‘I can’t,’ I wrote. Then in time little letters below it: ‘Now don’t you feel like a jerk?’

Parker Sante hasn’t spoken a work in five years. While his classmates plan bright futures, he skips school to hang out in hotels, killing time by watching (and sometimes stealing from) the guests. But when he meets a silver-haired girl names Zelda Toth, who claims to be quite a bit older than she looks, he’ll discover there just might be a few things left worth living for.

This is the first Tommy Wallach book I have read. I have known about Wallach and his rise to fame for a while now, but I can only do as good as my local bookshops bring in and they are kind of slow, but I have now finally read a Tommy Wallach novel.

I was gripped by the first page and then some when I brought the book, making myself car sick for reading it on the way home, not wanting to put it down. But then I did put it down and it took me a while to get back into it really. I think the voice which was used to write the book was annoying and I think it could have all been told by one perspective and from the one person and it could have been better. The writing however is amazing, I haven’t read anything as good as Wallach’s writing for a while and it made me believe in the English language once again.

The story of Parker and Zelda is definitely fresh and new and also what Wallach is trying to do with the voice, so I guess the concept of the whole book is trying to be fresh. Parker is a great character as is Zelda, although I had a hard time believing that what Zelda was telling Parker was the truth. The way the characters are developed in the great writing is almost a complete snap shot of teenagers in the world, as though Wallach took inspiration from people he knows well.

The main story in the book is a bit far fetch, I feel as though I probably missed something as I was reading and not trying to make myself car sick that probably explained what is missing, but I don’t think it was there. I guess the point of the story is that there is a story that is being told not that it is the truth or that stories need to be true to be believed.

I love the stories message, I love the characters, and I love the writing. If you are looking for a far-fetched out of this world kind of teenage real life book than Thanks for the Trouble is the book for you.

I give this book 3.4 out of 5 booky stars!

Stick around…


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