A Holiday with the Best Friend (part 2)

This is part 2 of 2 of my adventure away that I had with my best friend just over 2 months ago. You can catch up on what happen in the first post here.

The next morning, after the concert, we had a big breakfast of pancakes and then headed out to more wineries, that was of course after a great night’s sleep and sleep in. Cockfighter’s Ghost Wines was our first stop where we hit the dessert wines and brought a bottle or two.

Then it was to the Hunter Distillery where we tasted this weird coffee vodka and chocolate vodka, before moving on to a choc-mint liqueur and mango liqueur. Neither of which we knew what to serve with, but the girl behind the counter was a genius and managed to convince us to buy a bottle of mango liqueur – great with pineapple juice apparently.


We headed to the Hunter Valley Gardens and brought massive biscuits, The Full Monty flavoured ones of course and lollies, some strawberries and creams and Irish cream chocolates from this man who was letting us taste them for free. We had lunch at The Deck Café Lovedale where we had beer battered snapper with Asian salad and ham/capsicum and brie toasted sandwich.

Tasted so good, and a chocolate milkshake too!

Then we did the biggest mistake of the entire trip, we went to a dessert bar after a large lunch. We thought it was further away hoping that distance would allow us to digest some of our lunch, oh how wrong we were. We went to Sabor in the Hunter Valley Dessert Bar. Even though we were full to the brim we still headed there and enjoyed a mini Oreo cheesecake and a chocolate volcano up until the point of almost vomiting, then we got the cheesecake boxed up for later. They were by far the best things we had eaten the whole time though. We headed back to our place after that and got stuck on the couch talking. What was funny was that less than three hours later we were putting another cheese platter together to eat. After a quick sausage sizzle we headed to bed after what was a long few days.

Oreo Cheesecake (closest), Chocolate Volcano (furthest away)

The last day went by the fastest which sucked. We had breakfast and then started packing up and by the time we threw the rubbish away, packed our cars with iced coolers for the cheeses we had brought, it was time to check out. It was still early and neither of us wanted to leave quiet yet so we went for another drive. This time it was harder to find places to go to because a lot was closed or weren’t opened for lunch on Monday’s. We did however pull into the Roache Estate and had ice-cream from The Smelly Cheese Shop – Kinder and Coffee flavour were our picks and we ate them in the stunning sun outside overlooking sprinklers watering beautiful manicured fields of grass and vineyards.

Kinder (left), Coffee (right)

We drove back to Hope Estate to grab a picture of the area of where the concert had been as we didn’t on the night of the concert, there were just too many people and we watched as trucks and men started to bring the massive stage down.

The stage, empty, and completely zoomed in on camera from carpark

It was getting close to lunch and even though we had just eaten we need something to sustain us in our drives back home. So we drove around for a while looking for a place to have lunch. Do you know how hard it is to find somewhere to eat lunch on a Monday in the Hunter Valley? It is almost impossible. We finally found a place, Ziah’s on a road, it looked like a house, but as we drove in you could see that it was a house that had been turned into a restaurant. It was cool, filled with mismatched furniture and a family with a small baby to look after us. We shared a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella panni and chips which tasted amazing. Then we couldn’t hold off any longer. We drove back to where my car was parked and said our teary goodbyes before parting and driving our long ways home.

It was a great four days away, the best in fact. Great company, great music, like seriously listen to some Pete Murry and Rob Thomas and all will be good, well for a little while anyway. It’s amazing to see how much two people can talk even though we live two completely different lives. It was exactly what we both needed and if nothing else, we finally got to go to a concert together, something I have dreamt of doing with my best friend for a very long time. It was proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of time with your friends but that the time that you do spend together has to be worthwhile and there is nothing more in the world I would wish for than more time with my best friend Ms. C!

Hunter Valley Holiday Loot!

My trip to the Hunter Valley was amazing and don’t worry, there is another holiday in the works for us, maybe even a trip up the coast for a little while.

P.S. I have added links to the wineries and artists I visited and listened to on the post just in case you are interested in more information on anything I did or just ask.

Stick around…

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