Book Review – The Sidekicks

The Sidekicks / Will Kostakis / Penguin Teen Australia / ISBN 9780143309031 / 256 pages / Young Adult


The Swimmer. The Rebel. The Nerd. All Ryan, Harley and Miles had in common was Isaac. They lived different lives, had different interests and kept different lives. But they shared the same best friend. They were his sidekicks. And now that Isaac’s gone, what does that make them?

I read The Sidekicks in 3 days. I picked it up and read it in a number of hours because it was so easy to read. I loved it. It was my first all-male perspective young adult book that I had read and even though I have no other book to compare it to, I couldn’t get enough of it to be honest. I really wanted the story to continue after the last page, but of course the pages ran out. This is the first book I have read by Will Kostakis and I hadn’t heard of him before seeing this book and then proceeded to research him and his writing career. Now that I have read this book and have had the opportunity to listen to Will Kostakis talk and have him sign my copy of the book, I can say without a doubt that Will Kostakis is a great writer who really knows how to tell a story and what more, he can write about anything and it is great. I mean look at his blog and you will see what I mean.

The Sidekicks revolves around three friends who were never really friends but knew and hung out with the same guy, but then something happens and the only thing that connects them all is out of the picture and the three friends struggle to grasp this new reality of theirs. Through personal issues, triumphs and growth, the three disconnected friends work together to make things right again.

The way the story is written is a little repetitive but is understandable why that writing technique was chosen. The characters in the story are more than 2D, they have actual personalities and problems that any reader male or female can relate to. It is almost impossible to not feel for each of the boys at some point in the epic journey that happens during the book. The way the book ends is very predictable, but there is also the sense that it should have ended differently. What I mean about that is that there should have been more, and a flash forward in the boy’s lives would have been nice, but I supposes the story could have continued on for a lot longer and just rambled, but where it ends is good and makes it final in its entirety.

If you are looking for something different, empowering, heartbreaking, and emotional and all round connectable, then The Sidekicks is the book you need to read.

I give this book 4.0 out of 5 booky stars.

You can pick up this book from any good local book shop. You can also buy it online here:


Angus & Robertson Bookworld

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