10 Obnoxious Thing People Say to Hardcore Readers

I have been a reader all of my life, so has my mother and sister and yes, in the last few years or so my book game has really increased. Sue me, I have found my passion in life. But there are something people say that really annoy the hell out of me when it comes to reading, me and reading and just books in general.

I found this charm of a link from Book Riot the other day and want to share it all with you. I doubt any of you have come away unscathed by one or two of the things on this list, I know people have said some to me before.

10 Obnoxious Things People Say To Hard-Core Readers

There is nothing wrong with reading, weather you do it fast, slow, superfast or what ever, no harm can come out of it. So read and screw everyone else I say.

Stick around…


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