How my love affair with books

I can’t recall the exact moment I fell in love with books, but what I can remember is that I wasn’t always a fan of them. I recall sitting in my primary school library during library time wondering what the hell we were all meant to be doing in there for the next hour. I read books, I flipped pages, I looked for things to read, but I wasn’t doing it willingly. I wanted out because nothing seemed interesting enough for me, nothing made me want to keep reading.

Then year 4 came and my teacher sat there every afternoon on her lowered brown and black sofa chair under the chalkboard for about 20 minutes, reading to my class. We sat there listening to her reading Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and from that moment, hearing her read the very delicate, well-chosen and specific words to describe the events that happened in the stories captured me. My heart and soul from that moment on was no longer mine. I didn’t know it then but that was the beginning of my love affair with books and words. From that year on I didn’t dread going to library classes, I embraced them and read as much as I could.


Then high school came and that is a completely different story. See, in high school you are made to read certain books, most of the time, boring old books that have been read by your parents whilst they were at school, but now reading them in a time where the books messages are sometimes out of date. Luckily for me, only once, when I was in year 11 did I struggle with reading a compulsory book. It was Wild Swans by Jung Chang, mind you it was well over 500 hundred pages I think, and I read by far the most out of all of my friends who all had to read it too as they were in the Advanced English class with me. To be honest though, I never got to the end of the book, as the HSC drew closer and needed to read other books for it too.

Besides that, I continued to read and haven’t stopped since, unless I had suffered from a bout of seriously needed reading bite. I have a bookshelf that no longer holds all of the books that I own and have had to pick a selection of books that I haven’t read and placed them in my mother bookshelf because she has more room, and so I can go out and buy myself more books to read.

Have you guys always been fan of books?

Stick around…


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