Movie Review: Z For Zachariah

Z For Zachariah / Released 2015 / Silver Reel / 1h 38 mins / Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Margo Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine star in a 3 person movie which is about a dystopian future where, from what I gathered contaminated water with radiation wiped out the people of the planet and only these 3 people plus a dog were lucky enough to survive, the two men being underground working at the time and the girl, well her divinely interested father lived in a valley that escaped the ruined waters, allowing her to survive off uncontaminated water.

Margo Robbie’s character Ann after losing her family who went in search for other survivors lives and works the lands around her for herself and her friendly dog. Having grown up on a farm with a preacher for a father, not only can she grow plenty of food and fend for herself, she also believes and prayers that things will get better. One day as she is on a hunt she comes across John (Ejiofor) and nurses him back to health before the two of them try to figure out how to survive winter without heat which is coming. As a scientist, John comes up with a few ideas to help the 3 of them survive and as they learn more about each other and spend every given moment together, he no doubly falls in love with her. But then Caleb (Pine) comes and messes everything up for John who has strong feelings for Ann. The 3 of them are stuck in a love triangle so unfortunate that none of them realise how much they all need each other. The ending was a little surprising I will admit.

I loved this movie for a number of reasons. One, there were only 3 people plus a dog in it. Two, the story was dystopian but the story wasn’t told like every other dystopian movie is telling their story. Three, the hurt and pain they all feel is real and aches. And fourth, I hate that John couldn’t see that if Caleb stayed that they could have properly repopulated the world.


Epic scenery, stunning acting, of course Chris Pine is amazing in it and the amount of faith and religion in the movie didn’t turn me away because it was beautifully balanced with a sense of humility that neither of them, the human and faith could survive without each other.

I don’t know why more people don’t know about this movie, it is fantastic. Yes, it is a little slow, but what happens in the movie is so touching and unreal that it has to be seen to believe. I think the work all 3 actors put into this movie should have been recognised with awards.

I give it 3.9 movie stars out of 5.

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