If you go to my ‘Extract‘ page you will find the beginning and more of this story that I am writing…

And they did. Everyone except for Michael hugged me and Matt and by the end of all of the hugs I wanted to go home, exhausted from telling them all the same thing, that no one could say anything about any of this to anyone that wasn’t standing with us right now. I then introduced Matt to everyone so he could know their names.

“Matt this is Michael, Phoebe’s boyfriend” I said, hoping deep down inside that the two of them would get along and this would work out for everyone.

“Hi” Matt said shaking Michael’s hand.

“Hey mate, welcome to nuttiest group of girls you could ever meet” Michael replied with a large smile.

I laughed knowing that Michael was one hundred percent right about what he had just told Matt.

“It’s okay, I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Let’s go inside and buy our tickets” I said taking Matt’s hand into mine.

Everyone followed as we headed inside. They already had our tickets so they didn’t have to wait in line with Matt and me. As I turned around to see where they all were, they were all gone, Michael and Phoebe were the only ones waiting for us.

Where did they all go?

“They went in to get seats” Phoebe said yelling from the back of the room as though she had read my mind and had heard what I was thinking.

Matt and I stood in the long line filled with other couples and teenagers and for once I wasn’t jealous of the girls who were holding their boyfriends hand because I was standing there holding my boyfriend hand as well.

“They all liked you by the way”

“Did they?” Matt asked looking down at me.

I nodded my head because of course they liked him, what wasn’t there to like. Matt kissed the top of my head gently in return.

Then it was our turn to buy tickets. I asked the girl behind the counter for the tickets to the movie that had been decided on outside before we came in and as I went to get my wallet Matt stopped me.

“I’ve got this” he said smoothly like he had a handle on everything.

I watched as he handle himself and took the tickets from the girl once she printed them and I could see the satisfaction in his eyes of what he had just done for me and him.

As we walked back over to Phoebe and Michael, I could see Phoebe smiling at me and I didn’t know why.

“Phoebe stop smiling, you’re freaking me out” I said when we reached them.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy for you guys. I’m so happy for you Anna” Phoebe said pulling me in for another quick embrace.

“Okay Phoebe. If you don’t let go we will miss the beginning of the movie” I heard Michael say from next to me as I tried to pull myself away from her.

I could see Phoebes face drop into a frown as soon as he said it and I knew something was off.

“Is everything okay between you and Michael?” I asked Phoebe as we walked into the cinema we were allocated to.

“Yeah, he’s just in one of his moods. I refused to have sex with him before we came here tonight so now he is pissed” she replied.

Matt let go of my hand as she spoke.

“I can’t believe that he still does that to you and thinks it’s going to work” I had to ask knowing that this has been going on for a while.

“Yeah, I guess he is set in his ways now. Does it work between the two of you?” Phoebe asked putting her arm around my shoulder.

What? Excuse me.

I couldn’t believe what Phoebe had said, that she would even think like that and worse say it so loudly in front of Matt.

“Sorry, it’s just that Michael and I had sex the second day I knew him, and you said that you guys have known each other for a week, so for all I could know you guys could have done it a hundred times already”

She went there didn’t she? Of course she did, she’s Phoebe, no filter at all.

“I can’t believe that you just said that first of all and second of all it’s not really any of your business if Matt and I are having sex, even though you know I would have told you anyway” it had to be said, I had to put her in line, not just for herself but also for Matt who had now distanced himself from the two of us.

Matt and I hadn’t even talked about sex and I am definitely not ready to talk about it with him yet let alone have it with him right now.

When we finally reached the door to the cinema room, I could sense Matt behind me. Phoebe walked in with Michael without us.

“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to?” I heard Matt say as he slipped his arms under my arms around my stomach.

His warm embrace was comforting, I gave his arms a quick squeeze.

“I’m sorry if you heard what Phoebe and I were talking about”

“Don’t be. I said I would never pressure you, so don’t let your friends tell you otherwise” Matt said turning me around to face him “Can I kiss you now seeing as everyone here knows about us?”

I smiled softly to say yes, embarrassed that he still thought he had to ask me.

We took our seats next to Phoebe and Michael as the ads started. There are many certain things I like to partake in before and during a movie. I usually go to the movies before the movie starts, I always have come sort of snack and bottle of water in my bag and I hate talking through movies. I don’t get the point of spending money to see a movie and then talk all the way through it, if you’re going to do that you may as well just stay home.

As the ads rolled on and on Phoebe decided to start asking questions, questions she obviously knew she had the wrong answers to.

“So, I’m guessing you two didn’t meet at a university gathering then?” was her first question and I had no choice but to answer her.

“No we didn’t. Do you remember that storm on Tuesday? Well I had to go to the shops and Matt served me. I was freaking out about the storm as usual and Matt followed me to my car to make sure I was okay. He gave me his number and well, here we are today” I quickly ran through before the curtains covering half of the screen pulled open and the lights completely turned off, signalling the beginning of the movie.

The movie started and everything was perfect. It wasn’t a movie that I particularly wanted to see, but I tried to follow it as best as I could. The arm rests can be moved between the seats, and moments into the beginning of the movie Matt pulled it up and I leaned against his chest, with my hand on his leg and his on top of mine. It was everything I ever thought going to the movies with a boy would be like and more. I was comfortable, we were comfortable.

The movie was near the end when I felt something vibrate. I knew it wasn’t my phone because it doesn’t vibrate that loudly and it was obvious that no one else could feel it. I looked at Matt as I sat up properly and he pulled his phone out.

“I have to get this, it’s David. I’ll be right back” he said getting up and almost running out of the cinema.

I wanted to follow Matt out and see what was wrong but Phoebe told me to wait for him to come back. But not being out there with him was hard.

It had to have only been a few minutes, but felt like forever when Matt returned, sitting back in his seat right next to me.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, David’s not a massive fan of storms either and wanted to know how long I was going to be, but he’s okay” Matt replied tucking his hand over mine.

“Are you sure because if you want to leave we can go right now?” I offered knowing that storms can be scary and frightening for young kids.

“He should be fine, but do you think we can skip dinner?”

“Not even a question, I can take you home as soon as the movie is finished” I replied leaning up to give him a quick kiss.

Matt kissed the top of my head and we got back to watching the end of the movie. As the lights faded on and the silence grew from the screen all that could be heard was the rustling of people getting their things to leave and the rain pouring onto the roof, forcefully. We headed out of the cinema together and I could hear them all talking about where they wanted to go for dinner.

“Hey guys, I and Matt have to go. His brother needs him so we are going to head off” I said as we stepped outside under the large canopy that was sheltering us from the rain.

“Next time though Anna?” quiet Lexie asked.

“Of course, next time we can meet up we will go out for a big dinner together, I promise” I said hugging everyone to say good bye.

They all understood and I love all of my friends for that and I couldn’t wait to meet up with them for a proper dinner, we haven’t had one in a while.

“Phoebe do you still need a ride?” the chill in the air was definitely noticeable now.

“Only if it’s okay still? It’s just that Michael has to get home and finish off an assignment that is due tomorrow, I don’t want to impose” there was never a time when Phoebe didn’t like to impose.

“I can still take you home, we just have to go right now” I pointed out hoping she would realise that now meant right now.

There was a final goodbye and then the three of us walked back to the car. We weren’t going to be covered all the way to the car so as soon as we stepped out from under the canopy we had to run. But that didn’t really do anything. The rain was coming down hard and fast and by the time we got to the car and got in, the three of us were all wet.

“Far out I am cold” I shivered turning the car on to start heating it up and then flicked the heat on so then we could heat up.

It was dark and raining and as the car started to warm up, I put my lights on and pulled my seatbelt on. It wasn’t the first time I had driven in such bad weather but it was the first time that I was in a car with Matt and Phoebe at the same time, something I never really thought was going to happen.

“Are you guys warming up?” I asked as we left the shopping centre car park.

“Yep” Matt replied verbally as he placed his hand on my leg and Phoebe nodded to me in the mirror.

For a brief moment Phoebe and I were looking at each other in the rear view mirror and just smiled. I knew she was happy for me and I was happy that she was happy.

“Am I taking you to your Mum or Dad’s place Phoebe?” I asked needing to know which way I had to head.

“To Dad’s please” she replied nicely leaning forward out of her seat.

At least it is closer to Matt’s house too.

“So Matt, what do you do other than make this one smile from ear to ear?” Phoebe asked out of the blue as I drove her home.

Phoebe, seriously.

I shot her a look in the mirror knowing she would look.

“Other than make this one smile, I work 2 jobs, study and look after my mother and brother” Matt graciously replied.

“So you guys don’t spend each day making out with each other?” she had to add.

“Phoebe, really?”

“Okay I’m sorry, it’s your business and you’ll tell me when you’re ready. I’m just so happy for you” she finished as I pulled into her street.

The rain was easing as I pulled into her driveway making it easier for me to see her head inside, safe.

“Well tonight was interesting. We will have to do it again sometime. Anna, talk to you soon and Matt it was really nice meeting you tonight”

“It was nice meeting you to Phoebe” Matt said as she unbuckled and I pulled up the break.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow” I called out as she opened the door.

I waited until Phoebe was inside before I pulled out of her drive way and headed for Matt house. Matt was quiet.

“Are you okay?” I asked at a set of lights.

“I am now that it is just the two of us”

I know what you mean.

“I know Phoebe is a lot to handle but you’ll get used to her. It just takes some time. Are you really working two jobs and studying?” I was worried that he hadn’t mentioned any of this to me yet.

“Well there is my job at the supermarket, where we met and I work construction sometimes. I am studying architecture part time at university too”

Really? How does he have time to be here with me then?

“Why haven’t you told me any of this?”

“Because I would rather spend my time kissing you and have fun with you, rather than tell you all the boring bits” he replied moving in his seat to face me as I continued to drive.

“I love kissing you too, but it’s important that I know all about you, I want to know everything about you, every little detail there is to know, good and bad, everything that makes you, you” I said finally pulling into his driveway.

We were sitting there as the rain grew harder staring at each other. There was so much we didn’t know about each other and yet so much that we already did, but this felt different, I could feel it in my soul.

I wanted to say something, but all I could get in was his name before he cut me off with a kiss.

“We’re okay. I still love you and I am not hiding things from you, I’m just taking my time telling you. And I will tell you everything, just not right now. I promise” he said taking my head in his hands before kissing me again.

“Let me know when you get home and drive really safe, for me” he said with a quick kiss and then was gone.

I watched as he sprinted to the front door and wanted to follow him, but I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, not now after all of that. It was really late by the time I got home and for once Mum had listened to me and wasn’t waiting up for me like she usually is. I got ready for bed and sat there a moment thinking before I texted Matt.

OUTGOING SMS: In bed in one piece. I’m so glad you have met my friends and for a great night. Is David okay?

INCOMING SMS: I like picturing you in bed. You’re going to have to meet some of my friends some time now. I had a great night too. Love you. Good night.

Goodnight handsome.


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