The disappearing act of high school friendships

I went to an all-girl catholic high school, close to the beach. I know what you must be thinking, but you can wipe those dirty thoughts away, because in all honesty none of that stuff happens and if it did, I never saw it happen. The class of girls I started and ended high school with are some of the most gorgeous and smartest people I have come across. It was even stated when we graduated that our class was very smart compared to some of their other previous graduating classes. It took all of us a while to get to know each other and trust each other and like each other enough to call each other friends, but we got there and by the time high school ended and we went our separate ways, I thought that I had made some friends for life.

God how wrong I had been. For the first year out of high school, I found that we were all still very friendly to each other. Whenever I saw someone at the shops or out and about I would say hi and they would say hi back or vice versa. It was nice, it was comforting to know that we had gone through high school together, high school dramas, tears and tantrums together and that our friendships could last. And I think that I took that for granted. I think that I was naive when I thought that the girls I went to high school with would always been nice to me out in the real world after high school, like they were nice to me during high school.

Most of us still live in the area, most of us still live at home without parents, I mean there are a few of them that I know have moved out or have moved countries, but for the most of us, home will always be home. And because of that, I am hurt about the way things have changed. I see them, not a lot of them, but every so often I see 1 or 2 of them out and about and none of them say hi. I’m not going to go and say hi to them because I am scared that they aren’t going to recognise me or even want to talk to me. I know what they get up to and do because it is all over my Facebook, but then when we run into each other, it is as though we are strangers.

Strangers who happened to share 6 of the most important years of our lives together, which now means absolutely nothing to them.

Stick around…

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