Buying a house…on the friendship scale

I have a friend, Ms. C, who I have been friends with since I was 10 years old, who has just brought a house. Ms. C lives up the coast, nowhere near me, but she is more of a friend to me than those who live next to me. I am only 5 months older than her, yet we are world apart in a lot of different things.

For instance, Ms. C has had 2 or 3 boyfriends, where as I have never had one.

Ms. C doesn’t come from an ethnic family, her family is as Australian as they come and I love them for that and slightly jealous of her family.

Ms. C hasn’t dealt with a lot of the problems I have had to personally deal with and I haven’t had to deal with any of the problems I know that she has had to deal with.

Ms. C is sexual active, whereas I am not.

Ms. C has a lot more friends than I do, so she is busy hanging out with them having a good time, where I am at home, close to my friends whom are all too busy for me.

Ms. C has been working since she was legally allowed to because it was what her family expected of her, whereas I have never worked, only done 4 work experience jobs and a bit of volunteering.

Ms. C has just brought a house to invest in, has put renters in and is now making money off for her future, whereas I live at home, writing, not making money, mooching off my loving parents.


So they are some of the things that are different between Ms. C and myself, but there are so many things that we are very similar in.

We both get the struggles of long distance friendships, I mean we have had a longer friendship long distance than actually together.

We both want to fall in love, get married and have children.

We both love our families even though they drive us crazy all the time.

We are both hard working and driven, even though Ms. C has a job and I don’t.

We both appreciate the fact that even though we have friends close by, that we would rather be alone and without them than deal with all of their unnecessary drama.

We both love the simple things in life including chocolate and a good midnight chat.

And even though we mostly talk though emails and text messages, neither of us would give up on each other because when we do talk and when we do finally see each other, it is like nothing has happened between the two of us, the world still spins on and we are the closest of friends, it means the world to us and have the best time together.

Ms. C may be world ahead of me, I mean she brought a house and is only 21, but I couldn’t be happier and prouder of her. I just wish that there wasn’t a 7 hour car drive gap between the 2 of us and we could see each other more. Even though we may have a unique friendship, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

We happen to be meeting up in February for the first time in over a year for a girl’s weekend away. I’ll let you know what we have planned and how it goes closer to the date.

Stick around…


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