Self-imposed word limits

I have never had a problem with writing, well sometimes I get stuck with writer’s block, but after sometime you learn how to overcome that. Last year I had to learn to overcome something worse. Carpel Tunnel. Halfway through 2015 I noticed that the more I used my right hand, the worse it would feel, and I am talking like electricity zapping and pinging all the way up and down my arm into my wrist and hand. I didn’t think it was anything serious, just a side effect of the medication I was taking for my migraines, I hoped that it would settle if I just stopped using it so vigorously when I wrote.

Oh how wrong I was. Not only is my carpel tunnel a side effect of the drug that I am taking for my migraines and headaches, the doctors believe that if I hadn’t have started taking the drug I wouldn’t have gotten carpel tunnel for a few more years. So on one hand the doctors are making me take something for my head that aches all the time and on the other hand, that same drug is now rendering my hand literally useless.

I have been writing, both on a computer and by hand, for myself, outside of school and university since I was 14. I am only 22 years old. In 8 years I have not only busted up my right hand and wrist, which is also my writing hand, I have also had to learn how to write faster, more effectively and smarter.

Long gone are the days I can sit in front of my computer and write for hours on end. Long gone are the nights I would sit whilst watching television and write in my notebooks. Long gone is the easy of writing.

Instead now I have to self-impose a 3000 word limit on myself. Anything more and my arm hurts all night long, anything less and I feel like I haven’t done enough for the day.

The doctors say I probably won’t ever need surgery to fix my carpel tunnel that a splint and resting it will help. What the doctors don’t know is my love of writing and that I would rather write through the pain than not write at all.

Does anyone else have carpel tunnel or some tips or tricks that I could use to help me write better?

Stick around…


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