Book Review #1 for 2016

Food Whore / Jessica Tom / William Marrow / ISBN 9780062387004 / 342 pages / Fiction – Foodie

food whore

I stumbled across Food Whore by Jessica Tom by complete accident. When I saw this book I couldn’t help but buy it. The title of the book is so different to anything I have seen so that I knew that it was going to be a good book, the picture of the half cut pomegranate also looked enticing. I had no idea until I read the book why it was called Food Whore as the blurb didn’t reveal too much.

Let me paint you a picture so set up this book – take a blank canvas, throw of some food, some fashion, some drama, family, friends and bit of self-discovery and what you end up with is Food Whore. A well-constructed book that is about a girl called Tia who is passionate about food, not about making and cooking food but reading and writing about food and her journey of learning about food and how the real world is different to school. I personally loved the concept of this book because of my love for food and writing and thought that the author of the book did an exceptional job of adding a layer of reality and honesty to the book that made it so real and believable.

Once I finished reading this book, I wondered whether calling it Food Whore was a bit too much. I understand what the author was trying to do, suck people in to get them to read the book under the presumption that something food like and sexual was going on, which isn’t really at all what happened, but once you read it and see what Tia has gone through, you don’t feel like calling her a whore, instead you feel sorry for her and the situation she was placed in. Perhaps another title with a less connotative word could have worked better.

The book, beside its slightly flawed title has great flow and character to it. The atmosphere that the author ties to create in every restaurant, shop, class and home comes across as realistic and the description of the food mentioned in the book is perhaps the best descriptiveness I have ever read. To take a food lover like myself and introduce me to new and better terminology within a book that is laced with food that oozes sex all at the same time, is amazing. The day to day struggles of keeping secrets for Tia gets a bit mundane and the name dropping and over use of words brings an exciting book to a halt.

If you like food or fashion even the two combined, I suggest picking up Food Whore by Jessica Tom for this is a book that will surely get your taste buds salivating.

I give it 3.8 out of 5 booky stars.

Stick around…


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