First Movie Review for 2016: We Are Your Friends

Directed and Written by Max Joseph / Released in 2015/ Studio Canal / 92 minutes / Drama

we are your friend

What is better than Zac Efron shirtless and playing with music? Absolutely nothing. So when We Are Your Friends came out I knew I had to watch it for two reasons: one for Zac Efron and two for the music.

You don’t see a lot of movies that are entirely based on music. Sure there are musician biopic and so on, but this movie is different, it is new and innovative. Max Joseph the director and writer of this movie has taken dance music and DJing to the next level and has allowed it to tell its own story.

The movie is about dance music and how DJ’s make music, what inspires them and what the industry can really be like. Combined with struggles of life, friendship, partying and of course drug taking We Are Your Friends isn’t so much a coming of age movie or even a music movie, but more of a ‘if you’re stuck in a rut and need some inspiration’ type of movie.

There is a part in the movie which I loved more than the ending, which in itself was exceptional when you finally hear what everything has been building up to. It was when Zac Efron’s character Cole Carter is DJing at a party of his new found friend and as he is doing his thing, there is a voice over, his voice of course, telling the audience and the girl he is trying to impress (Emily Ratajkowski) what he is trying to do and he reasons behind doing so. I had no idea the level of knowledge and science behind the art of DJing, but when Cole starts talking about it, you can really start to connect with what he is saying whether or not you have gone out to a club and danced before.

I liked the humble beginning trait in all of the characters including Cole and his three friends, but I didn’t like or even appreciate the unexpected death thrown into the movie as I thought it brought a dark element to a movie that I didn’t think was trying to be dark. The unforeseen fallout of betrayal and temporary employment are elements in the movie that I thought were well played out.

Overall We Are Your Friends is a fresh new movie that can get the hearts of the laziest people pumping even if it just for the hour and a half the movie lasts. I think it is smart and the concept for the movie is well timed when all that is really around are the same sort of stories and movies being made. Kudos to Max Joseph for not being scared to think outside the box.

I give it 3.9 movie stars out of 5.

Stick around…


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