Book Review #4

Is this my beautiful life by Jessica Rowe / Allen & Unwin / ISBN 9781743318362 / 228 pages / Memoir


I never intended on picking up this book and reading, but then I kept seeing it everywhere. In every bookshop, department shop and grocery shop I walked into it was there. It was like a sign, one that wasn’t going away. 3 days after Christmas as I walked around Target with my Mother and Sister looking for a bargain to bring home, I spotted Is this my Beautiful Life? again. I was in the middle of another book but I brought it anyway, knowing I would needed something to read after the book I had just started. I am glad that I finally brought this book and have read it.

It took me 1 day. About 10 hours, give or take a few interruptions here and there to complete the book, cover to cover. I stopped reading the book that I had started last week and got stuck into this one. I watch Studio 10 in the morning and have always wondered about the life of Jessica Rowe and how she got to where she is today. All I have ever know about Jessica Rowe is information that my Mother has told me about her and newspaper articles.

I had no idea that Jessica Rowe could write a book that I would sit down and block out the entire world to read. I didn’t even plan on reading it all at once, but then I started in the middle of the shops, and during lunch and when I finally got home I couldn’t put it down until it was completely finished.

The raw emotions, the pure of heart and soul that is felt as you read the book is so unique that it isn’t something that all authors can achieve. I applaud Jessica Rowe for writing such a personal and interesting memoir, that I as a writer know wouldn’t have been easy to do. The structure of the book, the flow of the words, sentence and paragraphs all work so well to construct a memoir that pulls on heart strings.

I haven’t been through any of the things that Jessica Rowe has gone through in her lifetime to know how she feels, but through her generous, well thought out writing and well edited book, it feels as though I know her a lot better than I could have ever known. The scene where Jessica Rowe recounts her experience in Greece when she was a teenager could have been left out of the story as it only took away from the story she is trying to tell in that chapter.

Jessica Rowe is a great journalist, a great human being and I suspect even though she has to remind herself all the time, that she is a great mother to her 2 adorable children. Is this my beautiful life? is a memoir that not only reads as the journal of a woman’s life story, but also as a tool to allow women and girls to accept who they are and what they want to do.

I give it 4.2 out of 5 booky stars.

Stick around…


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