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A moment later I pulled away, I didn’t want to, but I had to.

“I’m sorry” I said looking down away from Matt.

“For what?”

“I don’t know what I am doing. I have been wishing to be kissed since I can remember, but now that I am finally doing it, I have no idea what I am doing and if what I am doing is right. I’m sorry”

“How did that feel?” Matt asked after kissing me again.

“Good. I could feel it in my toes” I replied with a shy smile on my face, embarrassed.

“Then you are doing it just right”

“Okay” I replied with a smile.

I think I am in love with this perfect Scottish man called Matt, who just told me he would never rush me into doing anything I don’t want to do.

“Do you have any other questions?” Matt asked looking at me.

“Of course I have more questions but I would rather kiss you”

Matt replied pulling me in for a kiss. I sat there craning my neck as we continued to kiss.


Are you serious? Who the hell can that be?

“Are you expecting someone?” Matt asked pulling away also hearing the knock at the front door too.

“I’m not excepting anyone” I replied slowly getting off Matt’s lap.

“Maybe it is one of your neighbours checking in on you” Matt said as I pulled myself together.

I was cursing in my mind the whole way to the front door. I wanted to throw something at the person who was interrupting my very first make out session. I wanted them gone. I unlocked the front door hastily and my heart sank.

What the hell are you doing here?

Standing on the other side of the gate was the last person on earth I wanted to see. We haven’t spoken to each other for over a year and I had intended on keeping it that way. There was nothing left for us to say to each other. No now, not every. When you leave your date at her formal with another girl for all to see, you’re not supposed to just rock up at their house unannounced and for no good reason.

“Daniel what are you doing here?” I asked with my hand on the gate handle, the only thing keeping us apart.

“I remembered how much you hate thunderstorms, so I thought I would come and check in on you. Do you mind if I come in, I’m soaking wet?” that smile I fell in love with creeped up onto his face.

“Let me get you a towel” I replied unlocking the gate and opening it.

Why is he here? What does he want? Where is Alex? Does Alex know he is here?

“Thanks” he said as I handed him a towel as he dripped onto my clean floor.

I stood there nervously without speaking as he dried himself off. I thought about Matt and what he was doing in my room all by himself. I kept looking into my room to see what he was doing, but knowing he was on my bed, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see him from where I was standing.

“Am I interrupting something?” Daniel asked as I kept looking into my room.

“Yeah sort of. Where is Alex today?” I asked as I stepped in front of my bedroom door not wanting Daniel to look in.

“I don’t know. I’ve interrupted you, I’ll leave. Sorry”

“No don’t be stupid it’s pouring outside, you’ll get sick if you get wet. Stay”

No don’t stay, go I don’t want you here, leave before Matt makes you leave.

“Hey who’s this?” Matt said walking up behind me.

“Matt this is Daniel, the guy I was telling you about before. Daniel this is Matt”

“Her boyfriend” Matt added as I finished the sentence.

Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?

“Oh umm I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. How long have you guys been together?” Daniel asked after taking his hand back from an unreturned hand shake.

“Long enough” Matt returned sternly.

“Right, I should go” Daniel said holding the wet towel out to me.

“No let me get you something to eat or drink first, it’s warmer in here than it is out there” I replied taking the towel and dumping it in the wash basket.

“Water would be great” he replied.

Matt just called us boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a boyfriend.

“So how do you and Anna know each other?” I heard Daniel ask as I walked to the kitchen.

They were in the middle of something and Matt was about to speak when I walked back in.

“We haven’t really gotten around to telling people quiet yet. Here you go” I said interrupting before Matt could say anything else, handing Daniel a glass of water.

I sat on the arm of the couch Matt was sitting on and watched as Daniel took a sip of water.

“So Daniel how is university going?” I asked before either one of them could say something stupid.

“I have exams in a couple of weeks and then after that I only have one more semester to go. Time really has flown by, I can’t believe I am about to finish my degree” he replied without even asking how my studying is going.

Typical Daniel only ever thinks about himself and never talks about anyone but himself.

“And how’s Alex?” I curiously asked.

“I don’t know. I imagine pretty bad. We broke up two days ago” Daniel replied placing the empty glass onto the coffee table.


“Sorry that’s my phone. I have to get that” Matt said before racing to my bedroom.

“I’m sorry to hear that” I said replying to Daniel.

“I’m not. The night I left the formal with Alex was the biggest mistake of my life and staying with her all of this time has made me realise just how much I screwed up. Anna I’m sorry for the way I treated you. I never meant to hurt you and I am sorry that I did. But I’m here now and I want us to have a go at this” Daniel said walking over to me.


“Anna say something please” Daniel said taking my hand in his.

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do. I could no longer hear Matt talking on his phone; he was definitely waiting to see what I was going to say to Daniel.

“Daniel you have to know what I am about to say isn’t supposed to hurt you, but I am going to say it. I have waited too long and well now seems like the perfect time to say it” I said letting go of his hand.

“The night of the formal when you hugged me goodbye in front of all of my friends, you took my heart with you, but you didn’t know that because I was too scared to tell you. I thought that that night was going to be the beginning of us, but you had other plans. Then you broke my heart when you put it on Facebook that you and Alex were together. But you didn’t just break it in half so that one day I could love again; you broke it into a million tiny pieces. I am not the same girl I was when I walked into my formal holding your hand. That girl is long gone and dead, she has worked her arse off to put her heart back together” I continued standing up pushing Daniel away from me.


“No I haven’t finished. For the last year and a half I have worked so hard so that one day I can fall in love with someone that loves me back, not like you. If you had of came to my front door a year ago or even a month ago I would have considered forgiving you, but no not now, not ever. I have loved you more than you could ever know and that love is never going to go away, but it is time that someone loves me. I am worthy of that. I deserve that and I think I have found that now. After everything you have put me through, you and I can never be together. You need to leave” I finished walking towards the front door.

Daniel didn’t say anything, no one was saying anything. It was quiet. Then lightning struck causing me to jump. Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and before I knew it his lips were on top of mine.

“NO!” I yelled pushing him as hard as I could.

NO, no, no way. You can’t do that to me. No not after all of this time, not after I finally got over you and my want to kiss you. No.

“Anna, please” Daniel said trying to hold my hand again.

“You need to leave” was all I could say.

“Not until you forgive me”

You want my forgiveness, I don’t think so.

“No I can’t, not now. Please go” I said looking towards the front door which I was standing in front of.


“Hey, Anna said leave. Go before I make you go” Matt said loudly coming to stand next to me.

“And who the hell are you to tell me what to do?” Daniel said getting cross.

“The guy that is going to treat Anna better than you ever could, now go unless you want a broken nose” Matt replied opening the gate and almost throwing Daniel out.

Matt closed the gate with Daniel on the other side, standing in the rain. It was cold and wet and even though I didn’t want him to get sick, I didn’t want him in my house. I just wanted him gone.

“Matt was it? She is never going to love you as much as she loved me” Daniel said making me grab the door and slamming it shut.

I stood there for a moment keeping my hand on the door handle as though I couldn’t move it. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do or say or think.

Why is this happening to me?


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