Movie Review: A Royal Night Out


Directed by Julian Jarrold /Released 2015 / Rated PG-13 / 1h 37 minuted / Drama/Romance

A Royal Night Out is not a biographical movie, it is not a retelling of a certain event, it is in fact a made up story about real people, with the hope and presumption that the events that partake within the movie might have or could have taken place.

The movie is set in 1945, more specifically V.E. day which was the 8th May 1945. The movie doesn’t follow the events of what happened that night or what lead up to that particular night, it instead follows the story of the now Queen Elizabeth who at the time was 19 and her sister Princess Margaret who at the time was 14, leaving the Palace for the night and going ‘incognito’ into the crowds to celebrate.


(These are the two actor who play Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth, in that order).

It is your classic drama meets romance type of movie, except that it is already well known that the men both of the Princess’ meet and spend the night with do not turn into their future husbands (which is a bit of a letdown on Princess Elizabeth’s part). As they set off for a once in a life time experience the two sisters get separated and the fun beings. Dancing, call girls, Trafalgar Square, Soho, gambling, the mob and drinking alcohol are just some of the many different places and things that are seen and done throughout the short hour and a half movie that by the time it finishes you wonder how on earth how two girls who have never even run a bath for themselves had done so much in so little time.

As romance movies stipulate, a knight in shining armour has to come to the rescue and it sort of happens in this movie when an air force piolet is out and about for the night seems to keep running into Lizzy or Lilibet as her family likes to call her and has to helps her find her sister. The two girls are thrown into a world that they never knew existed and by the time Princess 1 finds Princess 2 as they refer to each other, they head on home, calling it a night.

But before the movie can end, Princess Elizabeth with every manner and responsibility she had been taught to have and use, cannot help herself but save the young man that helped save her and find her sister. Thus warranting the romantic part.

It’s a made up story ‘apparently’, but as I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but think ‘what would have happened if she had gotten with this boy instead of Phillip?’ and if it was really truly the one and only time she and her sister got to go out on their own.

It’s cute, it’s funny, the accents are adorable and the plot line and dialogue work well together. If you like olden day music or the royals or even just a great movie, this is the one for you.

I give it 4 movie stars out of 5.

Stick around…

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