Reading rest bite

As a reader there comes a time, every so often where the thought of reading another book seems like too much effort for that very given moment. I have had this very thought and feeling a few times over the years and it usually results in a reading rest bite period. In this time I wouldn’t go into book shops or even pick up a book as the thought of reading would send my head for a spin. I felt horrible about it, of course, because I call myself a reading fanatic, and I mean if you’re not reading all the time, then you’re not really a reading fanatic are you?

Years have come and gone and even though the amount of books I average in a year is climbing, I still find myself in a position sometimes where the thought of books gives me a head ache. I don’t know if it is because I read a lot for a long period of time and it is my body’s way of telling me I need a break or because my eyes that are now completely shot because of built up pressure and they can’t handle me reading all day every day anymore, but when the feeling hits, it hits me like a tonne of bricks. It lasts for a few days due to overwhelming studies that need tending (which are now finished) or weeks which can turn into a month or two if I can’t find anything good enough or exciting enough to read.

Back then when I was still studying at high school and university I would just let it slide, but now with a blog about books and television and food, I worry that I won’t be reading enough to keep people interested. To combat this, over a year ago I found another median of reading that I didn’t think I would enjoy reading – comic books. Yes comic books, those paper thin cartoon drawn stories which are resoundingly stereotypically read by male nerds. I however happen to love them.

To be honest I have never read one before the hit television show Arrow featuring Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow appeared on television, but when I found out the show is based off comic books, I knew I had to find out more about the Green Arrow’s story and the other characters in the shows who are based off comic book characters. If you don’t know about my current obsession with superheros then check out a previous post Dancers, superheroes, firefighter and police officers. Just like books, when I connect with a book, I have to find out more about it. More about the author and what they have previously and currently are doing, where it is set and so on and so forth. I don’t know if other readers do this, but I certainly do. I do it with television shows too.

So comic books are now my reading rest bite tool to give me a break from reading books, but not from reading entirely. Short, easy to read, simply, amusing, interesting, and very inspiration stories can be found in comic books. I currently have 30 comic books, all of them are DC comic books – the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl and Convergence. I also have a handful of Green Arrow comic book volumes with longer stories in my collection. A few figurines and character books too. Although I have been collecting comic books for over a year, I do have to say that comic books in Australia are not cheap, trust me I brought 17 of them for over $100 deceived by the American currency stamped on the front telling me that they were cheaper.

Although they are not cheap if you buy them in bulk like I do because comic book shops aren’t close, they are the best reading rest bite tool to get you back into reading.

Stick around…


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