Dancers, superheros, fire fighters and police officers

There is something that all four of these kind of people have in common – my current obsession. At the moment any discussion, television show, movie, article or image that includes one of the above, I turn into mush.

Let me introduce you to the world of television. I’m sure most if not all of you know of the concept of a box that you sit down and watch and what comes out of it can be either boring or life changing. I however look at television as research, a valuable resource of research for my characters, my settings, plot lines, conflicts and so on, so anything I can watch isn’t a waste of my time like some people would like to think, it is in fact a tool.

If you can name it, it is most likely that I have indeed watched it or it is on a long list of things I should and am going to try and watch before I die. Like reading I find that by watching movies and television shows I am able to absorb information and techniques that I can use in my writing, just like other writers do with books.

At the moment if it is about fire fighters, cops, superheros or even ballet dancers, I am hooked. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Arrow, The Flash and Flesh and Bone are not only television shows, they are weekly bouts of excitement and intrigue that makes my pool of knowledge and resources grow larger.

Put a good looking man in a pair of green or red tights or in a firefighting suit and you no doubt have me hooked, line and sinker. I am a sucker for a great leading actor, either male or female, and if they just happen to be good looking men, then hello mamma. I mean I watch it for the story but hello, have you guys seen the face of the Green Arrow, I mean Stephen Amell is one fine specimen of a man. Don’t you agree? If you don’t know who I am talking about look him up of Google or Facebook or Twitter.

But most of all, the thing that I love most about these particular shows and many more that I have seen, is that someone out there has written them. They created them and worked their butts off to create and get it on television for people like me to eat up every other week. Marc Guggenheim is a great script writer who happens to be the creator and writer of Arrow and The Flash and numerous amounts of other television shows and movies, but he is also an inspiration for me and my writing goals. I look up to his as a human and also his writing skills.

Stick around…


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