The Prospects of Finishing University

I am 18 days – 2 weeks away from finishing my degree at university. I am both excited and scared. For the first time in my life I will have nothing to do, other than write. I will have no structured, well loosely structured study to complete and do thought out the week.

For the past 3 and a half years, well almost 4 years I have been studying a Bachelor of Art (Publishing and Professional Writing) though Open University Australia, at home by myself. I was accepted into university straight out of high school from my HSC results to do a Bachelor of Journalism, but after 1 full semester and a week into the second semester of my first year, I knew it was not what I wanted to do. So I applied for a break for a semester to think about what I wanted to do.

In the meantime though, I applied and started university at home and have not looked back since. It has been both a blessing in disguise for my depression and anxiety and hindrance to my social life. I have been able to study when I want, where ever I want. And have also had the time to write alongside, something I never would have been able to do if I was still at university. But I have never gotten the opportunity to hang out at a university pub or make university friends, I have just been able to grow up by myself, constantly reminding my high school friends that I am still here and not in hiding.

But now all of it is coming to an end. And I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a job, my parents have always been with the attitude that education comes first since starting kindergarten all the way until now, so I have never had a job, not a proper real paying job anyway.

So I don’t know where to start because I know people won’t hire me as I have a large lack of experience.

By doing this degree I am qualified to work in publishing, editing, research and writing in both the government and literary sector. So I can be a publisher, an editor, a research assistant or a writer.

I want to be a writer 100% every minute of every day, but I know that I will need a paying job to keep my dreams a loft so I would love to be a copy editor, someone that edits books, more specifically the words and spelling of books for a publishing house.

Have I told you my hate and fear of working in an office?

Does anyone of you, any of my followers know of anywhere that is hiring an inexperienced, hardworking, and willing to learn editor, and not as an internship?

Please help. Send me down the right path please.

Stick around…


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