Book Review #1

Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne / Usborne / ISBN 9781409590309 / 434 pages / Young Adult

Am i normal yet cover

A unique take on a reoccurring theme that is being written in almost all young adult books at the moment – mental health.

The story follows a teenage girl who has been released from hospital and her journey of going back to school, getting back to her life and being weaned off her medication. Throughout this journey however, Evie, the protagonist, struggles with her self-esteem, her self-image, her condition and most of all what every other teenage girl is going through at 16 years of age – boys and all the confusion that follows.

All Evie wants to be is normal and she believes that by being with a boy she won’t need her medication and her OCD will disappear and through denial and compromise Evie learns the hard way that fate and destiny is in the eye of the beholder, compromising both her health, her mental health all for boys.

Am I Normal Yet? is an interesting read, with excellent story telling by Holly Bourne. With not so subtle subliminal messages throughout the book, Bourne has created a story that should be read by every girl with or without issues.

The Spinster club founded by Evie and her new friends sounds like the kind of group I would like to join.

3.5 out of 5 booky stars!

Stick around…


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