Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne

Am i normal yet coverI received this book for my birthday from my sister. I wonder if she was trying to ask me something or if she was trying to tell me something when she saw this in the shops and brought it for me? I didn’t take offence when I unwrapped the book, because I know that I’m not 100% normal, but who is and who wants to be?

I’m only five chapters in and can’t wait to finish the rest of it. It is an original, somewhat unique take on an issue that is the hot topic for all young adult books at the moment – mental health issues.

The blurb reads:

All Evie wants is to be normal. And now that she’s almost off her meds and at a new college where no one knows her as the-girl-who-went-nuts, there’s only one thing left to tick off her list…
But relationships can mess with anyone’s head – something’s Evie’s new friends Amber and Lottie know only too well. The trouble is, if Evie won’t tell them her secrets, how can they stop her making a huge mistake?

The book is set in England, so the slang used in the book can be a little hard to decipher if you are not familiar with English slang. The main protagonist in the book, like the blurb states, is recovering after what seems to be something of a traumatic event (I haven’t read all of it, so I don’t know exactly what has happened to Evie). But she is trying to get her life back together, the best way she knows how and with the help of her therapist who has gotten her back to the stage of re-entering her world, she takes it a day at a time, exploring the world and school with her new found friends.

A recovery diary at the beginning of chapters, bad thoughts and good thoughts littered throughout the book and flashback titles break chapters up into smaller chapters. The author of the book has used all of these mini chapters to travel back and forth in the story to explain why things are the way they are and how everything has gotten to the point it is now.

Am I Normal Yet?

Well, I’m not sure.

The start has a lot of promise and a lot to make me want to keep reading, as long as the back and forth doesn’t distract me from the real story the author is trying to tell, then I might make it to the end.

I’ll let you know if I finish the book and what I think of it when I flip the last page.

Stick around…


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